Ch 12 – Added Extra Event

“My dad is the governor!”

“Governor?” Lei Yu was surprised, does this person even look like the son of a governor?

“That’s right master, you don’t need to believe me, but what I say is true. I am so awesome out there, surrounded by a bunch of underlings all the time. (T/N: author uses little brothers which basically means underlings)

“You’re the eldest son of the governor yet how can you be so dedicated in wanting to be my disciple? One can hardly figure out what was going on here.”

“Because you are stylish, because you are strong, think about it, if I follow you and attain martial enlightenment, in front of my underlings I would gain so much face! If I met a strong opponent, raising my hand *ka cha* and solve the issue, the feeling of being admired and the subject of attention would be way too cool!” As Liu Hao said this, he displayed an arrogant appearance.

“I really applaud you, you have underlings?

“That’s right, I don’t like to go home so I live on campus. My father is too strict at home while at school, I would have a group of underlings following me.”

Seeing Liu Hao’s eager to study martial arts face, and then thinking about the small town mayor’s son, the one called Luo Yong, even his henchmen had such overbearing and arrogant looks. Lei Yu was flabbergasted, the difference between the two’s attitude was way too big.

“Learning from me is not an issue, as long as you can endure hardship. And right now, I don’t have the ability to open up your meridians or help you build your foundation, so you’ll have to rely on the daily accumulation of practice, do you understand?”

Although he did not quite know what Lei Yu was talking about, Liu Hao just kept on nodding.

The current city is the capital city and the economy is flourishing. But most of the businesses are a controlled monopoly in the hands of the Lei family. South of the city is an important military base where a group of elite soldiers are stationed there, this is the location of Dragon Group.

On typical days, Nuo Hu would be in the military base standing by and also undergoing special training. This training for the average person might be a bit unimaginable, but for someone like Nuo Hu, who was trained since childhood would be able to finish it quite easily. Ancient martial clans would naturally have some profound cultivating techniques passed onto their descendants.

Cultivators are considered a minority in the population. The country of Tenglong’s population has reached around 1.5 – 2 billion people. Within a few hundred thousand people, there would be two or three people that were martial cultivators. Cultivators could be divided into several types and stages. The ancient martial clan’s cultivating levels were separated accordingly to detailed ranks, from First Order Warrior to Sixth Order Warrior, the most powerful naturally being a Sixth Order Warrior. Perhaps in the Martial Sect, there’s only one or two people who has reached such power. And similarly, Celestial Court cultivators separated their levels of cultivation into stages as well, First Grade Celestial to Sixth Grade Celestial. Same as Martial Sect, someone who had attained the rank of Sixth Grade Celestial would be so strong that it will exceed an ordinary person’s imagination.

Whether it be Ming Sect’s evil cultivating methods or Celestial Court’s unique cultivating methods, or Martial Sect’s various martial practitioners, when their strength reaches a certain power, their ranks will naturally increase. As for the Lei family being a unique existence, they might be the only exception here since they were considered very enigmatic.

The test in one month’s time arrived very quickly. Lei Yu was filled with confidence and was fully prepared. Nuo Hu drove Lei Yu, and the vehicle went into the military base located south of the city. This base only allowed a few private cars to enter it and of course Nuo Hu’s car was considered one of them.

Inside an extremely large office.

“Today, that Lei Yu kid will be partaking in the test to enter Dragon Team” said Fan Hong Chang while sitting on a couch.

“It is something I would not have thought possible, the trash that was thrown out of the Lei family household in the past, today is able to stand in the midst of Tenglong country’s proudest military army, moreover it being the most powerful Dragon Team.” The person who said this was a physically strong looking middle-aged person, dressed in a military uniform, with an upright face giving people an invisible sense of dignity. This middle-aged person is the country’s greatest army Dragon Group’s commander.

Although the total number of people in Dragon Group added up was only about two thousand plus, each one of them were an elite. This military brigade focuses mainly on the performance of individual ability, and not entirely focused on firearms training. Entering Dragon group’s most powerful Dragon Team, the threat of firearms towards these people weren’t that significant.

“Elder brother, what do you think the chances are for him to get into Dragon Team?” This woman was someone with the same age as Nuo Yi Long. Although already considered middle-aged and perhaps she maintained herself very well – her skin was very delicate looking and her features gave out a mature woman’s special attractive charm. If one only considered her looks, they would not believe that she was one of Tenglong country’s top ranked masters. This person was indeed Nuo Yi Long’s twin (younger sister), Nuo Yi Feng. But when comparing their looks, only a few minor details were similar.

“I heard old Fan say this kid was not too bad, I hope he doesn’t let us down. There’s one thing you all have to pay attention to – the Lei family members possess a mysterious brand. The reason this kid Lei Yu was driven out of the family was because he did not have the family’s unique brand. The Lei family discarded him, but that does not mean we will reject him as well because of that. Even if he does not have the brand, if he is able to transcend the abilities of ordinary people, he too can become the elite of the elite and work for our country.” This was Nuo Yi Long’s analysis of Lei Yu.

“What elder brother said is right. So is today’s exam according to our normal way?” asked Fan Hong Chang.

“Nope!” Nuo Yi Long smiled while shaking his head: “The reason Lei Yu possesses power beyond an ordinary person at his age, is depended on his family giving up on him. This child’s disposition should be more tough and powerful when compared to other people. Today’s test, little Feng and I will also participate in.”

Nuo Hu parked his car to the side and a soldier came forward, “little master Nuo Hu, the commander is waiting for you two in the office.”

“Okay, I got it.” Bringing Lei Yu across several buildings, the came to the entrance of a building that looked like a villa. Two soldiers saw people approaching and hurriedly opened the door. Nuo Hu and Lei Yu then went inside.

“Uncle Nuo, aunty Nuo.” Lei Yu greeted the two with manners. Seeing Fan Hong Chang at the side, he smiled and said: “Senior officer, you are here as well.”

The three smiled and nodded their heads. Nuo Yi Long said: “Are you prepared? The three of us will be participating in today’s test. Consider this a hurdle since it will require a firm determination and patience exceeding an ordinary person.”

Lei Yu exhaled heavily, “uncle Nuo, regarding my situation I think you should already know. I was driven out of the family because I was identified as the useless trash of the family, but I had never given up on myself. Even though others had given up on me, I still have confidence in myself. This tenacity is not something everyone can achieve so please be assured.” Lei Yu did not speak a word of the lightning brand he possessed.

“Very good, I’m glad you have that self-confidence.” Nuo Yi Long went forward, patted Lei Yu on the shoulder, “come with me.”

Going with Nuo Yi Long, they climbed up the stairs to the second floor. The others also followed up. Lei Yu was wondering if the test was going to be taken here.

On the second floor facing the stairs was a door. Nuo Yi Long opened the door and inside was a large room furnished with a variety of equipments. A dozen or so young people were struggling to exercise, everyone drenched in sweat. Together with Nuo Yi Long, everyone went inside.

“Commander!” Seeing people arrive, all the young people put down the equipment in their hands, and with the utmost speed neaten themselves and shouted in unison.

Lei Yu could feel the imposing manner of these people. Although few in number, their imposing manner was overwhelming.

“Very good, today there’s a high possibility that a new teammate will be joining your team.” Nuo Yi Long faced these young people, revealing an irresistible domineering and majestic presence. Everyone that saw Nuo Yi Long instantly exposed the look of worship on their faces. This shows how much command and respect this commander gets in front of these elite soldiers.

Hearing Nuo Yi Long’s words, everyone looked at each other. At this time, Fan Hong Chang came out, “the test is ready to begin, Lei Yu, today’s event is relatively complicated, there are three of them: First part, the gravity test, you have to bear with the weight that ordinary people cannot handle, it will put high stress on your body but this part I have confidence in you. The second part, testing of the mind, you will be injected with a drug that will test your mental capacity. And the third part, the selection of one of the elite members of Dragon Team for a fight.

“Drug? What type of drug?” asked Lei Yu.

Nuo Yi Feng said from the side: “This drug came from abroad, after injecting into the body, it will cause the person to become unconscious. During this time, your brain will continuously show a series of pictures, some sad or dangerous pictures, the normal time to pass the test is half an hour which was determined according to the average disposition. Of course, the longer you tolerate this means your mental strength far exceeds the minds of an ordinary person.

Lei Yu nodded his head to show he understood.

In fact, in order to enter Dragon Team only required two tests: the first was the gravity test. Just this test alone, in the entire country only a few dozen people are able to withstand it. This test is completed by using a certain special equipment. And the second test was the mind test that often can eliminate the majority of people, even if a few dozen individuals were able to pass the first round of testing, they will be cut in this round. This shows how demanding Dragon Group are of their elite soldiers.

As for the third test, Lei Yu had to challenge a member of Dragon Team to a fight, this was the added on extra test event.


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