Ch 121 – Xiao Fei’s Sneak Attack

If it were an ordinary person, this scene in front of them would scare them witless or cause them to wet their pants. But who was Lei Yu? The ten plus people were all just ordinary people while the bald guy was a Fourth Rank Mutant. With the strength of these people here, even there were more of them; they would still be not worth a dog’s fart. In Lei Yu’s eyes, he did not even acknowledge them.

Lei Yu shook his shoulder with force and the two pairs of hands holding onto him were thrown off. He stamped onto the ground firmly with his foot causing a loud sound. The ground suddenly exploded with Lei Yu’s foot entrenched inside. With Lei Yu’s position as the center, cracks started extending outwards until reaching the lower parts of the wall. Because the nightclub’s music was playing really loudly, no one on the outside heard the loud commotion inside the private room.

Lei Yu’s move was very straightforward; he wasn’t someone an ordinary person could provoke. Everyone had cold sweat on their foreheads and obediently sat still on the sofa, afraid to say a word. The bald guy squinted his eyes before getting up from the sofa. He understood that the reason for this person appearing was most likely due to him.

“My friend, is there anything you need us to do for you?” The bald guy knew Lei Yu’s strength was extraordinary so he politely but cautiously asked.

“Everyone unrelated to this, get out. Remember, don’t mention anything unnecessary!” Lei Yu did not bother with the bald guy’s question and only swept his gaze at the other ten plus people in the room. After that, all you can hear is the rustling and rumbling of people cautiously filing out the door. No one dared to meddle in this and went out like they were busy with their own business.

Lei Yu sat down in a carefree attitude. “I have a few questions for you and I hope you can answer them.”

“What kind of questions?”

“For instance, do you know where mutagens that mutants use come from? Those large pharmaceutical companies must get it from some type of source.”

The bald guy was shocked; he never thought this youth would ask such questions. And naturally, he wouldn’t make a statement on this subject. “I don’t know.”

“Refusing to talk? Just don’t regret your decision after you suffer the consequences!” Lei Yu’s gaze instantly turned sharp as he stared daggers at the bald guy.

“Humph, what a joke!” The bald guy frowned as he walked around the table. He was ready to leave and didn’t want to get involved with Lei Yu anymore.

How would Lei Yu agree to let him leave? Suddenly standing up and blocking the bald guy’s path, Lei Yu’s hands were formed into a claw shape before sending it forth intending to grasp his shoulders. Even though the bald guy had a large and wide body, his speed wasn’t slow at all. He quickly reacted by taking a step backward avoiding Lei Yu’s attack. The bald guy then pushed off forward with a reverse momentum, intending to rely on his strong muscles to tackle Lei Yu and knock him aside.

In the eyes of ordinary people, Lei Yu’s attack was probably terrifying. But the bald guy with the strength of a Fourth Rank Mutant could do the same thing, so he naturally thought Lei Yu’s strength was evenly matched with his.

How would he know that Lei Yu’s previous move was just to get rid of the ordinary people that were peering in from the outside, to avoid their future meddlesome behavior.

Condensing his internal energy, Lei Yu’s hands were already wrapped with a lightning net. When the bald guy didn’t have the time to react, Lei Yu changed his palms to fists: “You came at the right time!” With a shout, he smashed his fist towards the bald guy’s chest area.

Being blown backwards a few steps, the bald guy could only feel his entrails and internal organs trembling. Although Lei Yu did not use a lot of strength in his punch, the lightning force combined with it caused the bald guy to feel a paralysis spreading through his body which caused him to be unable to fight back. Having experienced a lot in his life, he didn’t bother holding back and clenched his teeth. The genes in his body started changing and a short stubby horn emerged on top of his head.

“A rhinoceros?” Lei Yu smiled. “No wonder he could ignore my attack. You rough skinned and thick fleshed thing, I refuse to believe you won’t open your mouth and talk!”

Jumping to the side wall and used it as leverage to jump off, Lei Yu’s body flew forward at a rapid speed towards the bald guy.

“Break for me!” What attributes did Lei Yu’s bone structure contain? It contained metallic properties in it. No matter how strong the defensive properties a rhinoceros had, it was impossible to compare it with metals. The instant the bald guy raised his arms to block, a “crack” sound of bones breaking could be heard. The bald guy started screaming in pain as he clutched his arm squatting on the ground. The once high and mighty bald guy now had a forehead drenched with sweat, and the horn on top of his head also started receding.

“Have you suffered enough? Can you answer my questions now?” Not caring for the bald guy’s pain, Lei Yu stepped forward and patted the guy’s shoulder as he asked.

“You really want to know? Impossible!”

Who would have thought the bald guy still had strength to resist. Fighting the pain in his broken arm and clenching his teeth to get up, he smashed his head against the nearest wall. After a loud crash, a large hole was made in the wall. Outside the wall, a random guy was walking by was suddenly crushed to death by the rubbles.

The bald guy quickly squirmed through the hole. The sounds of screams and cries suddenly created chaos inside the nightclub. Pushing through the crowd, the bald guy wanted to get away as soon as possible. Seeing that he was about to reach the main entrance, he was suddenly pushed back a few steps by a strong energy aura. Surprised, he recovered and stood there looking at a burly youth with a short haircut blocking his path.

“You want to leave? Don’t even dream about it!” The one blocking the path was none other than Hu Jiong who had been sitting near the entrance the entire time.

“Step aside!” The bald guy hysterically screamed.

“Step aside? You’re my mission objective so why would I do that?” Hu Jiong coldly sneered as he stared at the bald guy.

“You’re a bounty hunter?” The bald guy was shocked. Cold sweat started dripping down the bald guy’s back, it seems like he will be buried here today! And amongst the chaotic crowd, Lei Yu leisurely walked towards the two.

With both sides blocked, the bald guy suddenly had an idea. He reached into the crowd and grabbed a girl, wrapping his arms around her. It was possible that he was losing his mind; taking a hostage would most likely work when dealing with the police but would this work when dealing with a bounty hunter?

But what he couldn’t believe was the girl in his arms started getting hotter and hotter, and his clothes were instantly burnt to ashes. Immediately releasing his arms, he noticed his body was already burnt at several places as well.

“Bianca, you’re pretty powerful!” Lei Yu grinned as he arrived next to them.

First of all, we must mention that Bianca indeed possessed a great strength. Even though she was at the rank of a Third Order Warrior, she was able to face a Fourth Rank Mutant and cause him to back off. With a justified smile: “That’s of course!”

The bald guy couldn’t help but clutch his ears and face, he was really unlucky. “What to do? What to do?”

Impatient for this to last longer, Lei Yu made his move. His body like a ghost, he instantly reached the side of the bald guy. Lei Yu raised his palm and a purple electric light gave off a buzzing sound. Hearing this gave the bald guy the chills.

Was Lei Yu’s speed something the bald guy could comprehend? With no time to react, his only good left hand was then destroyed by Lei Yu.

At the same time without any warning, Lei Yu felt a blast of cold aura behind him. Immediately turning around, a familiar yet annoying face appeared in front of him as a hand like eagle claws approached Lei Yu.

“Imperial Eagle Break!” Cried Xiao Fei as he rushed at Lei Yu.

Lei Yu wasn’t able to always have his spiritual awareness spread about looking for people with special abilities. He never thought that Xiao Fei would exploit this situation to attack him.

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