Ch 13 – Super Strong Endurance

Dragon Team’s members were a bit surprised when hearing the third event but did not say anything. With the highest ranking officer in front of them, how would they have the right to speak?

“Let the tests begin.”

The test to enter Dragon Team could be considered extremely challenging, even Nuo Hu on the side who did not say anything this whole time immediately came forward to cheer for Lei Yu.

Fan Hong Chang led Lei Yu to an open area, then a seemingly transparent overhead glass cover slowly came down, enclosing around Lei Yu. Although he did not understand what was going on, Lei Yu did not speak up to ask.

The glass completely isolated Lei Yu, without any gaps. There were only two pipes at the top attached to the enclosed glass. Fan Hong Chang standing outside speaking could still be heard by Lei Yu.

“This is a gravity type machine. While inside, you’ll feel the atmosphere weigh ten times the gravity we normally experience, and this will be shown on a panel with numerical data on it. If you can endure for more than five minutes under ten times the gravity, the machine will automatically increase the gravity from ten to eleven times. Five minutes later, it will increase again. The regulation requirements are that you endure it for at least ten minutes in order to pass the test.” Fan Hong Chang looked at Lei Yu and asked: “Are you ready?”

Lei Yu heavily nodded his head, then took a deep breath.

Fan Hong Chang had a remote in his hands, he then pressed the red button. The numbers on the equipment changed very quickly, jumping from one to ten.

Lei Yu who was standing inside suddenly felt his whole body sink down, almost making him sit on the ground. Clenching his teeth, he concentrated all his strength in his legs, standing back up. Although it was ten times the pressure, it was not only testing one’s ability to bear with a heavy weight, but it also had great impact on one’s internal organs. If an ordinary person was subject to such pressure, their internal organs may rupture causing them death in a short time. But how can an ordinary person be compared to Lei Yu and the rest of the elites that exist here?

The current time just passed one minute and one second, Lei Yu’s body was already drenched in sweat. Under such gravity conditions, both his legs were constantly trembling. Although it was simply ten times, it was similar to ten people with the same weight as yourself, hanging off your neck. And supporting this weight is just your own pair of legs.

Lei Yu clenched his teeth. Sweat dripped past his eyes yet he did not have time to wipe it. His fists tightly clenched together, the veins in his forearm popping out, Lei Yu then forced his head to tilt back up.

This test had a certain degree of risk. If one was to give up against the pressure, they would need to lie down fully on the ground. And the body had to become a balanced equipment, because if one was to instantly give up, then their head would have a high chance of being snapped by the gravity. Therefore having a strong spine and back muscle was an important requirement.

Lei Yu’s sweat had already drenched the ground, he could still see out his eyes due to his own perseverance. Fan Hong Chang, Nuo Yi Long, and Nuo Yi Feng all three nodded their head from the side. Nuo Hu was forcefully clenching his fist at the side since he too had experienced this pressure before. If one was not careful, this unbearable pressure would prove fatal.

During this time, Lei Yu began to realize what “passing the day was like a year” meant. In the past, his loaded running could not be compared to the same level of pressure he was experiencing right now. Fortunately for Lei Yu, he had pass through the [Body Refining] stage, not only was his musculoskeletal system stronger than a normal person, his internal organs and meridians exceeded most typical people.

“Four minutes fifty-five seconds, four minutes fifty-six seconds… four minutes fifty-nine, five minutes!” Fan Hong Chang watched the time on the machine while at the same time glancing at Lei Yu. He did not have any intentions of giving up, that meant he wanted to continue to endure the increase in gravity.

The present elite soldiers on scene had also tested and endured the added increase in gravity in the past. Even if it was only adding the additional 100% of the base gravity, the pressure was something they would remember for a lifetime. Out of the whole team, only one person insisted on enduring past the required time, but because the pressure of the gravity was too much, this lead to injuries and resting in the hospital for two months before fully recuperating.

Once the gravity increased, Lei Yu’s leg buckled forward, but quickly recovered and stabilized his body. His legs were shaking even more now. And one could see within his clenched fists, nails were embedded into his flesh. Yet the current Lei Yu could not worry about that, he had to endure, he wasn’t being conceited at all, Lei Yu just felt he could handle it. He welcomed this pressure that ordinary people could not handle because this was the only way to make himself become more powerful. Lei Yu also wanted to know how strong he currently was.

As if time was passing by at a slow pace, Lei Yu’s breathing became more rapid, the chest rising with each breath became more evident, and the bones in his entire body gave off a continuous “pak pak” sound. Fan Hong Chang looked at the time on the remote in his hands, it was already nine minutes and a half, only thirty more seconds to reach ten minutes. If Lei Yu did not give up after that, he will continue to endure gravity with an additional 100% of base value. At this time, not only did the elite soldiers feel surprised, even Nuo Yi Long and his twin sister opened their eyes wide in surprise, this kid was really strong. He was able to endure such a powerful gravity pressure to the present.

“Nine minutes and fifty-seven, nine minutes and fifty-eight, nine minutes and fifty-nine, ten minutes!”

“Oh heavens!”

“He was able to endure it!” The soldiers one by one could not help but exclaim out loud.

Once again, the gravity inside was increased. Both of Lei Yu’s legs were pressed down to a curve shape, then to a kneeling position. When Fan Hong Chang was about to the press the green button to stop the gravity’s pressure, Lei Yu pressed both hands onto the ground, clenched his teeth and looked up, all the veins in his neck had burst out, an “aggh!” cry came out. All eyes were suddenly wide with disbelief because Lei Yu had stood up once again.

“Strong, way too strong!” Nuo Yi Feng gasped and said: “A person who is not using any internal energy as support, but only relying on their own endurance to see how much weight they can support, it seems this kid Lei Yu is really quite good! It’s Lei family’s big loss!”

Nuo Yi Long also nodded. This meant he agreed with his sister’s opinion. Nuo Hu was already so excited that he couldn’t speak, both hands continuously rubbing together in anxiety.

Once the machine’s panel showed fifteen minutes on it, Lei Yu finally but unwillingly, opened his mouth and said: “I give up!”

Fan Hong Chang quickly pressed the green button, “twelve times the gravity, he has passed the gravity test!” From his voice, one could tell it revealed a tone of excitement.

The machine instantly decompressed the pressure. Lei Yu felt like he finally regained control of his body. Also at this time, his internal energy started surging like a raging storm. Quickly closing his eyes, Lei Yu felt his entire body as a whole seemed to have become more powerful.

Applause. Everyone was clapping their hands loudly, “not bad, this kid is really not bad.” Nuo Yi Long clapped his hands as he walked forward.

“Thank you.” Although Lei Yu’s entire body increased in power a bit, he pretty much used up all his strength and then some more. Twelve times the gravity, no one present was able to endure it when they were in his place. Though by using one’s strength along with their internal energy they could last just as long, but Lei Yu did not use any internal energy.

“The next phase will be testing of the mind, take a break, we’ll continue in the afternoon” said Fan Hong Chang.

Lei Yu followed Nuo Hu to a bedroom on the first floor, he indeed needed time to rest.

Taking off his clothes, Lei Yu quickly rinsed the sweat off his body, then went out wrapped in a towel. Nuo Yi Long and Nuo Hu were both sitting on the bed when he came out.

“Uncle Nuo, how come you’re here?” laughed Lei Yu.

“Child, little Hu’s referral of you was quite good, you have great potential.” When Nuo Yi Long eyes landed on Lei Yu’s right arm imprinted with a lightning brand, his eyes suddenly opened wide, “what is that on your arm?”

Lei Yu looked at his right arm and said: “This is the Lei family household’s family brand.”

“Family brand!” Nuo Yi Long suddenly stood up, “weren’t you kicked out of the family because you didn’t have the family’s brand? How come…”

Lei Yu smiled, “the family abandoned me, I am no longer of the Lei family, even if I currently do have the brand, I will not go back, I will never forgive the humiliation I’ve endured there!” All the anger he had in his heart was awoken by Nuo Yi Long, Lei Yu’s words were filled with hatred.

“But as far as I know, the Lei family’s brand should be the shape of a flame right? Why is yours a lightning?” asked Nuo Yi Long extremely puzzled.

“Why is the Lei family’s last name Lei?” (thunder) With this simple response, it was sufficient to make Nuo Yi Long completely understand.

“The surprises you keep giving me is really unimaginable, previously was your endurance, and now it’s your brand, child, do you have anything else to shock me with?”

Lei Yu laughed, “uncle Nuo, can you keep this a secret for me? I don’t want the members of the Lei family to know about this.”

“Don’t worry, I will keep this a secret” said Nuo Yi Long, “you have a good rest, I have some things I need to take care of.”


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