Ch 130 – Divine Revelation

“It looks like we’ll need to split up. As long as we find the holy object, all the junctions will close off by itself leaving only the path to the exit. Then, we can easily leave this place.” Said the old woman.

“That sounds like a plan, but what does the holy object look like?” Asked Lei Yu.

“It’s a piece of memory, a revelation. To be precise, it’s a divine revelation.”

The old woman’s words made Lei Yu at a loss; it looks like she doesn’t know exactly what it was either. At least how Lei Yu understands the situation, as long as it’s not the walls or the torches, then it has to be the holy object.

The old woman separated with Lei Yu and Ai Er at the nearest junction; there’s no way Lei Yu will allow Ai Er to separate from him. With their ten fingers intertwined and grasping firmly to each other, they cautiously followed the path in front of them.


In another part of the country, just three days after Lei Yu left, Black Panther located the home of a New York government official. In the middle of the night, he and Gray Bear gave him a “visit” and discussed in detail about their “cooperation.”

Black Panther learned these tactics during the time when he was with the Yamaguchi-gumi. As long as the government officials didn’t interfere, then many things will be carried out in a smooth manner.

Things were progressing very well. With the temptation and coercion of money, this senior government official could only agree with Black Panther’s requests. And everything will be in accordance to proper paperwork and procedures.

In the meantime, Hu Jiong and Bianca bought a nightclub. The nightclub had two levels, and each level was about two thousand five hundred square meters (27,000 sqft). The cost was huge; they spent a full $30 million U.S. dollars on it.

There was no need to remodel the first level so it will maintain its original look. As for the second level, they knocked down everything except for the load-bearing walls so they could completely remodel it.

Once everyone completed their tasks, work commenced on the nightclub. Hu Jiong recruited five bounty hunters who also helped out. The nightclub was renamed to “RAY”, which had the similar sound of Lei.

The stairs in the corner leading to the second floor was slightly altered. The original staircase was sealed off and the private room at the end of the corridor had the ceiling opened up as the staircase. And in front of the new staircase was privacy barrier so that in the dimly lit room, you couldn’t really notice the stairs.

Everything else on the second floor was ready and just waiting for Lei Yu to return. As for the nightclub on the first floor, the business and its employees remained the same and functioned like before.


Inside the labyrinth by the cliff’s edge, no one could tell whether it was day or night. One could only look at the watch on their wrists to figure out the time.

“Brother Yu, I’m really tired. It’s been three days now, how come will still can’t find it? We can’t even find an exit so what should we do?” Ai Er and Lei Yu had been trying out different paths non-stop, but whichever way they went, they couldn’t get out of this bizarre labyrinth.

“We can’t give up; we have to keep looking until we find it.” Lei Yu looked at Ai Er with heart ache. “I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have brought you here.”

“Don’t say things like that!” Ai Er forcefully shook her head and even tried to force a smile. “It doesn’t matter where we are, I’m content as long as I can be together with brother Yu!”

Sweetness oozed out of Lei Yu’s heart, he then held Ai Er in a fierce embrace. At this moment, Lei Yu caught a glimpse of something and was suddenly overjoyed. “Ai Er, look over there!”

At the end of the passage they were in, Lei Yu saw something flashing. Even though it was far away and the light was so faint that could easily be missed, but them two still noticed it and ran excitedly forward with their hands still clasped together.

As they got near, Lei Yu suddenly felt a powerful force emitting at the end of the passage that created a resistant pressure and required tremendous effort if one wanted to continue forward.

“Ai Er, wait for me here!”

Lei Yu clenched his teeth as he moved his feet forward step by step. The feeling of this powerful force was like a pressure that came from all directions, making Lei Yu feel like back then when he first went through Dragon Group’s testing with the gravity machine. This pressure caused Lei Yu to use all the muscles in his body to resist, and even his bones were making “crack crack” sounds. Even in this situation, Lei Yu was still able to have his thoughts stray. “Did the old woman say anything about how to get this object?”

Lei Yu’s body was shaking as sweat was constantly dripping down his body. Ai Er could only watch this with heartache since she couldn’t help with anything.

Walking one step at a time, the distance was now at five meters, four meters, three meters…

Each and every step was unbearable for Lei Yu, but he insisted on moving forward as he clenched his teeth. Whether it was all for the so called holy object, or for Ai Er to safely leave this place, Lei Yu had to persist. He couldn’t allow his most beloved to be stuck in here.

The enemy of pressure was driving force, and driving force was born from faith. Faith was always in Lei Yu’s heart which allowed him to survive to this day.

But where did this powerful force come from? It was capable of making Lei Yu, a Sixth Order Warrior suffer this much pressure? Lei Yu can confidently say: He could use his fists and punch a big hole into these stone walls, but Lei Yu couldn’t understand how these walls were able to withstand such pressure.

Sweat had soaked through all his clothes, and even his shoes were filled with it. Each step he took would leave a shoe print due to his sweat.

Getting closer and closer, Lei Yu was finally able to see what the thing was – a golden bowl that contained some type of liquid. The liquid was transparent but exuded white light that looked like stars. What on earth was this?

When Lei Yu with his teeth clenched had arrived at the final last meter, all the pressure suddenly disappeared. Inertia caused him to suddenly fly forward and almost knocking over the bowl of liquid.

After gasping for air and somewhat recuperated, Lei Yu carefully got near the golden bowl. The strange thing was the small bowl was suspended in the air with nothing supporting it underneath. Lei Yu even swept his hands underneath the bowl a few times and confirmed there was nothing there.

Gently touching the golden bowl with his hand, nothing happened. Lei Yu then directly held onto the bowl and brought it up to his nose for a sniff.

There weren’t any smells either. It was at this moment a white gas like air with little white stars rushed into Lei Yu’s nostrils like crazy. There was no way to stop it from happening and even when Lei Yu tried to stop breathing, it didn’t work.

While panicking, Lei Yu even threw down the golden bowl but it was of no use. The liquid in the bowl did not pour out but had completely turned into a gas stream connecting to Lei Yu’s nostrils.

Standing at a distance, Ai Er couldn’t help stamp her feet in anxiety as she watched Lei Yu trying to get rid of the gas stream. But no matter what he did, all the gas eventually entered into his body.

“I don’t feel any discomfort! What’s going on? Could this be the holy object the old woman was talking about? Some sort of divine revelation? But what does it mean?” Lei Yu sat down cross-legged and examined his internals but didn’t find anything wrong.

Right at this moment, Lei Yu felt his mind possess an extra memory. This memory was very noisy and some type of footage had quickly flashed by. Different sounds appeared in Lei Yu’s mind; there were sounds of horses, the sound of metals colliding together, painful screams and laughter, and even women moaning along with the cries of a baby.

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