Ch 16 – Bastard Of The Lei Family

The competition rules state that you are not allowed to use any internal energy because a large portion of the audience were just ordinary people. If the ability used is too astonishing, it will cause a severe disturbance amongst the ordinary folks. Therefore, participants are competing on their moves, their power, and their endurance to withstand hits.

After the “start” command was issued, the two young men began to approach each other, watching each other and trying to find any flaws. With his fastest speed, one of the young men sped towards his opponent. As the two briefly clashed, one of them lacked endurance and admitted defeat. The winner stood below the stage, waiting for other participants to continue the competition.

Nuo Hu was the son of Dragon Group’s commander, naturally his strength was not weak so he was deliberately placed in the last position to participate.

The competition on the stage was extremely fierce, those government officials and aristocrats spectating began to disregard their own image, openly screaming. These hysterical cries they emitted were as if they were watching a fierce underground cage fighting match.

The first five pairs of participants had already concluded their match, therefore there were five winners. At this time, the whole hall suddenly became quiet. The next participant was considered somewhat of a big shot, a teenager wearing a brilliant white clothing jumped up onto the stage from behind. Lei Yu and Ai Er took a closer look, wasn’t this the teenager that just greeted Ai Er not too long ago?

From what the referee said, this was the son of the Eagle Group’s commander, named Xiao Fei, no wonder he dared to speak to Ai Er previously in such a manner. But his opponent was not weak either, was a descendant of one of the ancient martial families, naturally someone that’s not easy to deal with, but still not considered much in Xiao Fei’s eyes.

After they both clasped their hands in greeting, the fight began. Xiao Fei was very calm, and his facial expressions did not give away any hint of emotions, he was just quietly standing still. While his opponent was unable to bear with the situation, raised his hands and began to attack.

“Pak! Pak! Pak!”

Those three sounds went off. Xiao Fei still stood proudly, his deep eyes full of disdain, while his opponent was lying on the ground, body constantly twitching.

The audience suddenly went into an uproar, shouting and cheering for Xiao Fei. The entire hall was filled with boiling emotions and Xiao Fei just faintly smiled, clasped his hands and bowed to the audience before turning around and stepping off the stage. At the same time, his eyes drifted to where Ai Er was sitting, then stared daggers at Lei Yu before silently leaving.

“Coming up to the stage is Nuo Hu!”



Nuo Hu’s popularity was quite impressive, it seems that many people know of him. That is needless to say since he was the son of Dragon Group’s commander. Nuo Hu naturally was the object that everyone paid close attention to. Although Xiao Fei is not weak, he did after all live abroad for a few years while Nuo Hu’s name inside the country continued to gain fame.

Bursts of shouts came one after another. Following the crowd’s shouting, Nuo Hu appeared on the stage. His whole body covered in explosive-like muscle, and inside every muscle contained earth shattering strength, giving people a mesmerizing feeling.

“Sorry everyone!” The host suddenly said: “As Nuo Hu’s opponent had a sudden emergency and cannot participate in the competition, therefore Nuo Hu automatically wins!”

“Tsk! What a disappointment!”

“Coward, I bet he was just too scared to fight against Nuo Hu!”

“That’s right! I think so as well!”

Inside the hall, no one was blaming Nuo Hu, putting all the responsibility onto the participant that did not show up. Nuo Hu helplessly threw his hands up, walked down the stage, and stood around with the other six winners.

The host raised his hands, trying to maintain order in the chaotic scene. Once the noise gradually quieted down, he then said: “Although we did not get to see an exciting fight, but we will not disappoint you with the next round.” The host’s voice suddenly grew louder, “the following appearance will be from the Lei family, Lei Tian!”


“A member of the Lei family is making a move?”

“Oh heavens!”

Something that has never happened before is now happening. Everyone knew the Lei family was powerful, but they had never seen their fighting techniques before. Today they were finally able to witness this scene so a large amount of people were extremely excited.

Without waiting for the cheers to stop, the next words that came out of the host’s mouth caused the atmosphere to gain a new level of frenzy.

“Lei Tian’s opponent will be Governor Liu’s son, Liu Hao!”

At this time, Liu Hao was only wearing a pair of black shorts, his upper body was bare, revealing the results of this past year. His entire body filled with exquisitely sculpted muscles caused many girls to stare hard and do double takes.

Lei Yu could not stay calm, from Ai Er’s side, he ran towards the edge of the stage, “wait! You cannot fight with him!”

The audience fell completely silent, all eyes were watching this person that opened his mouth to stop the fight. They had no idea who he was, but at this moment, there were two people that recognized him and both of them happened to be on the stage.

“Master?” Liu Hao did not think Lei Yu would actually appear here. Originally he wanted to let Lei Yu know about today’s competition, but then he held back, wanting to give Lei Yu a surprise, but definitely did not expect to see him here.

“I said you definitely cannot fight with him, come down immediately!” Lei Yu once again lashed out.

“Lei Yu?” While standing on the stage, Lei Tian’s face was filled with surprise.

The entire audience began to get worked up, who was this person? Why would he suddenly appear and cause trouble? Originally someone wanted to openly curse out at this person, but when he heard the words “master” coming out of Liu Hao’s mouth, he immediately shut up.

Lei Yu with an emotionless face stared at Liu Hao, he did not even acknowledge Lei Tian’s existence. Liu Hao really had no other choice, he could not ignore the commands of his master right? Moreover, everything he had now (abilities wise) was given to him by Lei Yu.

“Okay then.” Liu Hao jumped off the stage slightly depressed, then went next to Lei Yu. At this time, Liu Hao’s father Governor Liu, with surprise on his face looked at this teenager who was younger than his own son. He would have never thought that the drastic changes his son went through was caused by this teenager, this whole situation has made him feel utter shock.

Lei Tian noticed Lei Yu did not even acknowledge him, suddenly said angrily: “Lei Yu, you coward, did not expect you to come here to accept disciples under fraudulent circumstances! Didn’t you jump off a cliff that day to commit suicide?”

The entire audience once again became riled up, everyone began to talk about this situation, discussing the relationship between the two. But more focused on the jumping off a cliff topic that Lei Tian mentioned.

“Shut your dog mouth!” Lei Yu cursed, unable to tolerate it any longer.

“What? Afraid of letting people know about it? The more afraid you are of people knowing it, the more I want them to know about it!” Lei Tian did not care about Lei Yu’s anger. Pushing the host aside and grabbing the microphone in his hands, facing the entire audience and said: “This person is called Lei Yu, the leader of Lei family’s second son. But unfortunately, after our verification proved he was a bastard. He wasn’t even a member of the Lei family and did not have our family’s distinguished brand. Therefore he was kicked out of the family by our leader and he couldn’t handle it anymore so he jumped off a cliff to commit suicide. I did not think this coward would actually be so lucky to survive!”


“Such a scandal!”

“This is too incredible!”

The entire audience became chaotic, in an instant, Lei Yu became the center of ridiculing jokes.

Ai Er ran up to the side of Lei Yu while Nuo Hu also hurriedly came over. They both looked up the stage at the asshole who was unceasingly spouting stuff out.

“Such a person teaching a disciple, I’m guessing this disciple is also a weak trash!”

“Ha ha…” The entire audience erupted in laughter.

“Shut your mouth fcuker!” Liu Hao jumped up, landing on the stage once again. At this moment, all the people remembered this coward’s disciple was the governor’s son. The entire audience suddenly became quiet again. What kind of person is the governor? How would he allow his son be the object of ridicule? One by one, people started regretting a bit.

“Oh, my apologies, I dragged you into this.” Lei Tian said off-handedly.

Governor Liu’s fist were tightly clenched together, the meat on his face was constantly twitching, appearing to be angry to the extreme, this was equivalent to not give him any face at all.

“Liu Hao, come down” said Lei Yu in a cold tone.

“Master, this asshole dared to…”

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