Ch 178 – Lunar Star’s Second Form

People would never believe that not only has Dr. Tony reached the strength of a Sixth Order equivalent Ultimate Rank Mutant, he had four underlings that had the same rank as well. With so many experts, even in Tenglong country, you would be considered as one of the strongest forces let alone the United States. But why has he never revealed his powers and actually joined forces with the Pope? This question was something Lei Yu couldn’t understand at all.

With the strength Dr. Tony possessed, he could easily take over all the different forces and organizations in the entire U.S.!

“Are you shocked?” Dr. Tony sneered. Those previous three Ultimate Rank Mutants that had burst out from the walls went over to Henry and also stood behind Dr. Tony.

“Unexpected… I truly did not expect this.” Lei Yu knew that today was probably the day he would be buried here. Wanting to escape this scenario had become a dream.

“Then prepare for your death!” Dr. Tony suddenly exerted strength into his feet before flipping up into the air and through the large hole in the ceiling.

Lei Yu took a deep breath. Four experts… super experts… what should he do? There’s no way he can take them all on!

Lei Yu’s fears were confirmed. Amongst these four mutants, the weakest one was actually the one-eyed gorilla Henry. This was because his attack power was the weakest amongst the four but his defense wasn’t too bad. When it came to speed, he was also the slowest and could only be considered a meat shield.

As for the remaining three mutants, their appearance showed they were respectively a bear; a panther; and a rhinoceros.

Black Panther, Gray Bear, and the rest of their mutant team under Lei Yu were all considered failed goods. Only after finding a solution at the Yamaguchi-gumi headquarters and being injected with a new batch of mutagen did it upgrade them. It is very clear that these mutants present have achieved their ultimate and best mutation effects based on their tough appearance. Based on Lei Yu’s observation, the bear and panther in front of him were much stronger than Black Panther and Gray Bear.

With the addition of the original one-eyed gorilla, these four Ultimate Rank Mutants all lined up loosely in front. Lei Yu frowned, it was useless to say any crap and easier to just duke it out!

Lei Yu shot forward like an arrow, planning on testing the waters with these new mutants. Even if he can’t gain any advantages, he could at least understand the abilities of his opponents.

Lei Yu’s attack hadn’t even arrived yet before Bear’s body flashed forward as well; his speed and the size of his body didn’t match at all. A powerful force was condensed in his fist before it smashed down into the ground. Lei Yu abruptly stopped before dodging backwards. His previous position had now become a large hole that was smashed open by Bear. No matter how strong Lei Yu’s defense was, he didn’t dare to take the punch head on because the power behind it was just too terrifying.

Lei Yu gasped. Even though the surface area of the damage wasn’t particularly large, he was able to feel that the power was all concentrated into one point. Its explosive power wasn’t something that can easily be withstood.

What were Lei Yu’s special abilities? Speed and the power of lightning. Right now his brains were on overdrive trying to figure things out. Even if his probability of winning was little to possibly none, he still wasn’t going to give up!

Since the one-eyed gorilla was already injured, then Lei Yu’s first target will start with him!

Lei Yu once again started dodging left and right around the area. Panther’s speed was quite fast, twice Lei Yu was almost hit by him but he still managed to avoid it.

Lei Yu was currently trapped in the middle while the mutants surrounded him in triangular shape. Panther was in one corner, Bear in another, and Rhinoceros along with the one-eyed gorilla was guarding the last corner. If Lei Yu wanted to attack a single opponent in this situation, the other two corners would definitely attack him from the rear within a blink of an eye.

“Let me see how you’re going to survive this day!” Dr. Tony coldly laughed as he stood at the top of the hole in the ceiling.

Without the power of the green energy and no longer having the Spiritual Bead of Longevity, the current Lei Yu was way more cautious than before. He didn’t want to take risks but that was clearly impossible now, he had no other choice when stuck in this situation.

The powerful internal energy started fluctuating and wrapping around Lei Yu’s hands. He had decided on releasing the second form of the Thirty-six Lunar Stars technique, and had chosen to use both hands in order to carry out a two-way attack. Although this method would weaken the attack, at least it would change his current situation of being surrounded.

Making up his mind, Lei Yu firmly clenched his fists about to release the second form’s attack. But it looked like the Panther understood what Lei Yu wanted to do and immediately made a move the moment before Lei Yu was about to form his attack. Panther rushed towards the middle at Lei Yu, who was similar to a caged beast. The other three mutants coordinated with Panther’s movement and shrunk the triangular shape by rushing towards the center together.

Lei Yu’s reflex was agile, but even so, his extraordinary dexterity didn’t allow him to fly into the air to escape. He didn’t have wings, nor did he have the Pope’s ability to float in midair. Could it be that he was going to be cornered just like that?

“You’re fast but I’m faster!”

The biggest advantage Lei Yu had was his speed, so he upped it to the maximum of his ability. With the supporting effects of the Ares boots, his feet suddenly shone a golden light. Lei Yu’s body was like a cannonball as it shot forth and collided head-on with Panther.

On the matter of speed, there was no one present that could match Lei Yu’s. Regarding defense, it was apparent the one-eyed gorilla and Rhinoceros was the most powerful. And when it came to attack power, Bear’s strength was the most shocking out of everyone. Since Panther’s speed couldn’t be compared to Lei Yu; his attack power wasn’t as good as Bear; and his defense wasn’t as strong as the one-eyed gorilla nor Rhinoceros; Lei Yu abandoned his previous thoughts and decided to make Panther his target.




After several collisions, one could see the attack speed of those two were extremely quick as if they were barraging each other with bullets. Each collision would cause bright bursts of light. Panther angrily screamed before suddenly retreating backwards. Since all of Lei Yu’s attacks contained the power of lightning, it gave Panther a type of pressure that was difficult to resist, causing him to retreat. This gave Lei Yu the ideal opportunity so with a flash step, he rushed off to the side and stomped on the ground. With a jump, Lei Yu flew over three meters before doing a somersault in the air and landing over ten meters away past the three other mutants.

Creating an advantage of distance, Lei Yu quickly displayed the second form’s technique that he hadn’t released previously. Everyone present could only hear him shout: “Lunar Star’s second form!”

With Lei Yu as the center, a meteor-like light burst out through the air with a hissing noise – its target was the one-eyed gorilla standing off in a distance. To say it more accurately, the target was the horrifying chest wound the one-eyed gorilla had already been injured with.

The distance of over ten meters was traversed by Lei Yu’s attack in an instant. One didn’t even have time to blink before the attack had arrived at its goal. At this time, no one could save him. Previously the one-eyed gorilla didn’t die, but that doesn’t mean his fate would be permanently changed.




(T/N: Yes, the author actually went lazy mode and just named the mutants Bear, Panther, and Rhinoceros.)

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