Ch 181 – The Death Of


A sudden scream came from the hole in the ceiling. The three looked up at the same time… “Bianca?!”

“Are you even my father?” Bianca’s eyes were filled with tears. She didn’t dare to believe what she was seeing, her own father had transformed into such an appearance.

“Bianca, you should know that I’ve injected myself with a mutagen!”

“Yes, I know. But… but there’s no way I can accept it!” Bianca’s eyes were filled with fear. If it were someone else, they may not care. But this pair of father and daughter have depended on each other for twenty something years so how could she accept this so easily?

Dr. Tony didn’t want to explain anymore. The only thing he wanted to do right now was to kill Lei Yu who had made him lose his pack of wolves and many of his super experts.

Even though Lei Yu had exhausted his internal energy, he still had a trace amount left over by habit from the early years of training. With that trace amount, he was able to detect how powerful Dr. Tony had become after transforming. The degree of power he gained was almost to the point of being unimaginable.

The current Dr. Tony could be considered as super strong peak Sixth Order Warrior. With just one step, he would be able to exceed the Sixth Order and enter a new terrifying realm.

With such a powerful presence, Lei Yu had no more thoughts of resisting. He understood that the previous lucky chance he had with Bear would not happen again.

Dr. Tony no longer bothered with his crying daughter as he approached Lei Yu and Cui Ying Ying one step at a time.

Rhinoceros followed behind as he clutched his chest with flood flowing out. It looks like even if Lei Yu had wings, it wouldn’t be possible for him to escape this situation any longer.

“Go!” Dr. Tony gave the order and despite the pain, Rhinoceros pointed the huge horn on his forehead forward and charged at Lei Yu. Because of his heavy body, every step Rhinoceros took shook the ground. No matter how weak this attack was, he was still an Ultimate Rank Mutant. Dealing with Lei Yu who had no more internal energy, Rhinoceros’s horn was a similar to a daoist’s seal that hastened one’s death.

Lei Yu didn’t bother escaping and just coldly stared at the large monster charging at him.

Eight meters, five meters, three meters, two meters, one meter!

Lei Yu closed his eyes, he wasn’t dodging out of the way and he didn’t feel like it. With Cui Ying Ying unconscious in his arms, wanting to doge had become an impossible thing.

At this time, a “crack” sound was heard followed by a female’s cry of pain. “Aghh!”

Lei Yu hadn’t died yet and immediately opened his eyes. Only then did he realize in front of him were a pair of slender legs. Raising his head to look, “Bi… Bianca?!”

Lei Yu’s mind went blank. Standing in front of him was Dr. Tony’s own daughter Bianca, who was previously standing at the edge of the hole in the ceiling.

Her back was directly pierced by Rhinoceros’s sharp horn, and Lei Yu could clearly see the sharpness of the horn from his angle.

Fresh blood was dripping, and dripping and dripping… Lei Yu was staring with big round eyes while Dr. Tony was also just standing there. Rhinoceros was so shocked that he forgot his horn was inside Bianca’s stomach.

It was silent for a while until Dr. Tony cried out: “Bianca! My daughter!”

Pushing Rhinoceros aside, the horn was also removed from the body. Lei Yu was behind Bianca and could see everything in the front through the hole in her body. This was truly a wound with a complete hole.

Bianca’s body trembled from the horn being removed and cried out in pain once again. She fell backwards and Lei Yu unconsciously stretched out his free arm to catch her.

“Why? Why did you do that?” Lei Yu shook Bianca. He couldn’t understand how this could’ve happened; he should be the one that’s dying right now.

Bianca frowned; her expressions showed that she was suffering from extreme pain. A wave of flame then rose from her slender palm before she clenched her teeth and clutched her stomach with it. This caused the blood spilling out of her stomach to temporary coagulate. Although this will slow down the time until her death, it still won’t change the eventual outcome.

Only after completing this did her lips tremble as she tried to speak. “I… I’ve already… done some… something that has hurt you. I don’t want you to hate me… hate me for the rest of your life!”

“Poof!” A mouthful of blood sprayed out that stained the white skin on her chest and the skirt she was wearing. She then continued: “In fact… in fact you should know that I have… have always liked you, but… but cannot be together with you. Lei… Lei Yu! I’m sorry, I hope… I hope that you will forgive me!”

When someone is about to die, they would usually want to forget their suffering and the evil they’ve done in life. This way, they can look for a sense of purity in the afterworld. Lei Yu had always been a kind-hearted person. He furiously nodded his head, “I forgive you, I forgive you!”

Bianca struggled to force out a smile. She then turned to Dr. Tony who didn’t look like her father anymore. “Even though… even though I don’t like… they way… you look right now, but you… are still my fa… father. Before… before I die… I request… request that you don’t harm… harm Lei Yu. I really… love… him!”

“No! No way! No way! I have to kill him! I have to kill him!” Dr. Tony’s vertical pupil suddenly grew round as he shook his crocodile head.

“Why?! It has… it has always been you that schemed against him!” Bianca struggled to ask.

For a brief moment, Tony didn’t know how to respond. Lei Yu then interrupted: “Don’t think about this anymore, you should stop speaking!” Lei Yu tightened his grasp on Bianca while the latter closed her eyes to enjoy this feeling. This was her first time at being in direct close contact with Lei Yu. Even though it was under such circumstances, Bianca still felt quite content.

Lei Yu didn’t want Bianca to die with regrets so he stopped her from conversing with Dr. Tony. He then heard a weak whisper: “Being able to die… in your arms… I am content!” Bianca’s arm that was resting on Lei Yu’s shoulder fell down. Her body stiffened up and her mouth no longer breathed but exhaled her last breath.

“Bianca! Bianca!” Lei Yu cried out twice realizing she had passed away. Lei Yu didn’t know why but when facing this girl that had deceived him before, the moment of her death gave him a sharp pain in the heart.

“It’s you! It’s you that caused the death of my daughter! She betrayed me because you stole her heart! That’s good! That’s good you died! Traitor!” Dr. Tony started screaming like he went crazy.

Lei Yu gently laid Bianca on the ground before struggling to stand up. “I never imagined your ambition would be more important than your daughter!”

“It’s all your fault, you caused all of this!” Dr. Tony had become a bit hysterical; his years of effort had been destroyed by Lei Yu. Wanting to achieve his ambitions had all been for naught. The death of his daughter was too great of a stimulus making Dr. Tony completely lose his mind. Somehow his current psychotic mind frame matched perfectly with his current appearance.

“You still refuse to see your errors!” Even though Lei Yu said this, there wasn’t anything he could do against Dr. Tony.

“Kill him for me!” Dr. Tony pointed at Lei Yu as he commanded Rhinoceros.

Rhinoceros thought that he would be blamed but instead heard the command, so he pointed his horns at Lei Yu and crazily rushed at him.

The current Lei Yu had no more strength to dodge. Finishing off Bear and then rushing up to catch Cui Ying Ying had already taken away his ability to do anything else. Reaching out his arms to catch Bianca was an unconscious reaction and now, he could barely control his own body.



~~Ch 181 – The Death Of Bianca~~

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