Ch 184 – Town Of The Dead

“Master, what happened?” Liu Hao didn’t hear what Black Panther said but realized something was wrong after seeing Lei Yu’s expression and tone of voice.

“The Dark Council found out I had left the estate so they’ve surrounded it with a lot of people. Ai Er, Black Panther, Hu Jiong and the others are all still inside so I have to immediately rush back. My injuries have mostly healed so I can’t delay any longer. I’m afraid the Vatican can’t resist for too long since the Pope is the only one there with the strength of a Sixth Order Warrior.” Lei Yu quickly explained to Liu Hao a short summary of the situation.

“Do you need me to help as well?” Liu Hao asked.

Lei Yu waved his hand, “Their main assault force should be comprised of mostly Vampire and Werewolf Lords, all with the strength of a Fifth Order, so you going wouldn’t be of much help. Cui Ying Ying still hasn’t fully recovered yet and no one knows you guys are here, so protecting her safety is your responsibility. If anything new comes up at the estate, I will let you know right away. Okay, time’s running out so I’ll be leaving immediately.”

Liu Hao didn’t raise any other questions and only silently prayed for his master’s safety. He could only wish that his master can emerge safely from this crisis.

Lei Yu didn’t bother driving a car because it couldn’t compare to his maximum running speed. Not caring about energy consumption, he increased his speed to the limit. The support function of the Ares boots also played its role to the maximum. The only way to describe Lei Yu’s current speed was “lightning fast.”

While Lei Yu was running, he was wondering whether the super strong expert hidden in the shadows of the Dark Council would appear or not. If that super expert did appear, the Pope said the secret hidden inside the storage ring required two people to be present in order for it to execute its strongest attack. The extremely anxious Lei Yu somehow increased his speed once again.

Five hours. Driving a car would originally take about twelve hours for the same distance but Lei Yu only used five hours. After briefly absorbing energy to recover, Lei Yu carefully observed the town’s surrounding while hidden. He had to observe what was going on in the town before advancing further.

Exactly as Black Panther had said, Lei Yu couldn’t detect any signs of life from a human. There were even barely any animals alive in the town. Lei Yu suddenly felt he was the biggest sinner under the heavens. He felt like he was the one that brought this disaster on the town by coming here. But thinking these thought at this time was of no help, it was best to figure how to deal with the situation.

Detecting that many humans had been contaminated by their blood being sucked out by Vampires, Lei Yu realized a lot of them had transformed into Vampires themselves. Even though they were all merely at the strength of a Viscount, similar to a First Order Warrior, they are still considered a force to be reckoned with. After all, the number of them added up cannot be overlooked and ignored.

In addition, the way these Werewolves killed was reflected in the town looking like a city of death. The whole place was filled with the smell of death while the blood on the ground flowed like a river. Bodies were piled up like small mountains and a lot of them showed signs of being partially devoured, showing this was indeed the act of a Werewolf.

If he rashly rushed into the town, he would definitely be discovered. Lei Yu went around in a big circle before nearing the grounds of the estate from another direction. At lightning speeds, Lei Yu successfully escaped the attention of the eyes and ears of several Vampires and jumped over the wall.

But the estate grounds were considered fully guarded and alert. Near every portion of the estate walls would be at least two people standing guard, most likely arranged by the Pope. A group was about to attack Lei Yu but one of them recognized him and was immediately overjoyed. With Lei Yu’s return, it looks like this battle would soon be over.

Lei Yu followed behind the guard and went towards the castle manor. He started frowning as he saw bodies all over the ground. Lei Yu saw some of their own people but also bodies belonging to Vampires and Werewolves. The number of bodies were countless so it was clear that a massive battle and recently happened.

The estate once lively and filled with vitality had now become a large cemetery. This gave Lei Yu an inexplicable sense of depression.

Getting close to the front door of the castle, the Holy Knights guarding immediately discovered Lei Yu. One of them swiftly went in to notify the Pope and the latter rushed out before Lei Yu even got to the steps. The previous calm and steady aura of the Pope no longer appeared.

“Lei Yu! You’re finally back!” Seeing Lei Yu, the Pope looked like he was seeing his own parents with extreme affection. But Lei Yu merely asked a few things about the situation before hurrying around him. He still hadn’t seen the person he was most concerned about so he wasn’t in the mood to bother with any in-depth questions.

After seeing his men and the figure of Ai Er, Lei Yu finally sighed in relief. “Ai Er, I’m back!”

Although the time they’ve been separated wasn’t that long, Ai Er’s eyes still turned red. She sprinted forth like an arrow and tightly hugged onto Lei Yu’s strong body. After stroking Ai Er’s back, Lei Yu knew that if it weren’t for the unknown occurrence in Dr. Tony’s headquarters, he wouldn’t be able to come back here. Lei Yu’s heart was filled with emotion as he thought about not being able to see his most beloved ever again.

“Young master, you’re back!” Black Panther, Gray Bear, Hu Jiong and the others all stood up and bowed respectfully to Lei Yu.

The Pope was the backbone of the Vatican. As for these men, only after seeing Lei Yu present did they feel that they’ve found their pillar of strength. Since their pillar of strength had returned, anything can happen now because in their eyes, Lei Yu was person that could create miracles.

After chatting a bit with his friends and fellow brothers, he finally sat down across the Pope and began discussing what had happened these past few days.

“I don’t know how and where the Dark Council received the new that you had left but once you did, they initiated a large-scale invasion. If it weren’t for the eighteen Holy Knights I had brought with me, most likely this place would have been already compromised.” The words of the Pope still tried to show how important their Vatican was.

At this point, Lei Yu didn’t bother with these subtle hints and didn’t want to engage in any verbal disputes. “You should remember that my friend was captured right?”

The Pope nodded so Lei Yu continued. “It wasn’t the Dark Council that did this but Dr. Tony. I secretly followed Bianca before finding out that everything was instigated by him. His goal was to make the Dark Council and the Vatican come to blows, and once both the eagle and tiger were injured, he was planning to be the hunter who becomes the final victor.” The Pope’s eyes revealed a look of surprise.

“This Tony person deserves to die!”

“Things are far more than that. Whether his plan of capturing my friend succeeded or not, there is one thing I have realized: He was the one that revealed to the Dark Council that I had left the estate or else things would not have developed this quickly. Also after meeting Dr. Tony did I realize how fearsome he was. If he really wanted to fulfill his ambitions, the Vatican and the Dark Council joining forces would still not be able to stop him. Counting him as well, they have a total of five Ultimate Rank Mutants who are super experts no more different than you and me!”

“Wha… what? No… that’s not possible!” It was apparent that the Pope didn’t believe Lei Yu’s words. If five Ultimate Rank Mutants had appeared, would Lei Yu be sitting here safe and sound chatting with him?

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