Ch 30 – Special Assignment

Inside a villa within Dragon Group. When Lei Yu and Nuo Hu arrived, the villa’s lobby was already filled with the elites of Dragon Team.

As the Deputy Commander, Nuo Yi Feng came to the first floor and to the right of the stairs was a small door. Inside was a conference room. Although the door was small, the inside of the room was extremely spacious; able to accommodate twenty to thirty people was not a problem at all.

Everyone was sitting around a circular conference table. At this time, the door opened and two people came in from the outside. The first one everyone was familiar with, the Dragon Group’s commander Nuo Yi Long; the other was slightly older, although a head full of gray hair, his whole body gave off a majestic aura along with eyes filled with dominance, this was not something one could learn to imitate.

They two sat themselves at the front of the table. “Let me introduce this person to all of you, a senior official of Martial Sect, Chief Shangguan Rong.”

“Greetings to the chief!” A unified loud shout showed Dragons Team’s elite were full of energy; their imposing manner was like the waves of the Yangtze River.

“Today’s task is very special; it’s completely different from the past.” Shangguan Rong then said, “we received from the superior’s, that in a distance of about two hundred kilometers or so, an emergency has emerged in that area. We do not know where it came from, but an unknown wild beast that’s extremely destructive has emerged. Fortunately, the place the beast appeared at was not populated so there weren’t any casualties. But we can’t guarantee what may happen in the future.”

“Chief, this mission’s objective is the beast?” Lei Yu had never received an assignment before, so he naturally did not know the rules and procedures of speaking out in a conference, thus he cluelessly blurted out the question. But when he heard the two words wild beast, he suddenly remembered that he had encountered one before, but it was still a cub.

“What is your name?” asked the Chief.

“Lei Yu!”

“Interrupting the Chief during a conference is considered extremely rude!”

“Sorry Chief!”

Frowning and looking at Lei Yu a few times, Shangguan Rong continued saying: “Your task is to pick out two elite of the elites, coordinate with two elites from Eagle Group, then capture this wild beast. Unless it comes to a last resort, capturing it alive is the preferred outcome.


Inside the conference room, discussions abound suddenly erupted. Everyone was discussing who were to be picked.

“Everyone quiet down!” Nuo Yi Long waved his hands and all the elites instantly stopped their loud discussion. “Last night we had already met and discussed this – a helicopter on routine patrol discovered it; since this is the first time an unknown wild beast has appeared in the country of Tenglong, we have to capture it alive for research. Unless it’s at a life or death situation, do not kill the beast, is that understood?”


Nuo Yi Feng then said: “Is there anyone amongst you that are willing to volunteer for this mission? There are only two spots available.”

Although the elites did not say anything, inevitably everyone had their own thoughts. At least no one was willing to blindly volunteer to charge ahead first since nobody knows exactly how strong this wild beast was. Why would one offer to voluntarily undertake such an arduous mission?

Ming Sect’s Shangguan family were obviously using Dragon Team as cannon fodder, this was most evident to Nuo Yi Long and Nuo Yi Feng. There were so many experts inside the Shangguan family, why would they not use their own personal strength to complete the mission but instead, send their heavyweight military regiment Dragon Group and Eagle Group? Their purpose was obviously to preserve their own personal power.

The Shangguan family were in charge of Martial Sect, which meant they were in charge of all of Tenglong country’s military forces. This prideful family is not going to care about anyone complaining and give up their current strategy because in their hearts, the lives of Shangguan family members were more valuable.

The conference room was filled with silence, the atmosphere felt like a slow death, no one wanted to become the wild beast’s lunch.

Shangguan Rong’s eyebrows had gradually begun to lock up, the enthusiasm or lack thereof from the Dragon Team members made him disappointed.

“I’ll go!” Lei Yu suddenly stood up, he had been worried whether that wild beast was the cub or not. He had already killed its mother, if something was to happen to the cub, then his heart would not be able to bear with the guilt.

“Good, very good!” Shangguan Rong originally was still blaming Lei Yu for being rude, but was now laughing.

“I would like to know what unique characteristics does this wild beast have?” asked Lei Yu.

Nuo Yi Feng naturally had some concerns for Lei Yu’s safety, but because a member of the Shangguan family was present, she did not want to open her mouth to say anything. She replied: “Based on the report of intelligence personnel on scene, the whole body of the wild beast is black, there are multiple spikes on its back, and it looks extremely ferocious!”

Nuo Yi Feng wanted used the term “extremely ferocious” hoping to shatter Lei Yu’s thoughts of going. Lei Yu’s life story and encounters is well known to Nuo Yi Feng, a child that has suffered a pitiful life, yet his background and lack of experience was of no use to them yet. But the next words that came out of Lei Yu almost made everyone fall out of their seats.

“For this mission, is it okay for me to complete it alone?

“No!” Nuo Yi Long and Nuo Yi Feng both stood up at the same time. Originally wanting to speak up, Nuo Hu was actually surprised by them. He would have never thought that his father and his aunt would have such a big reaction.

“Commander, I think in this situation, having too many people go would make the wild beast more oppressive, so having a lot of people is not necessarily a good thing.” Lei Yu was worried the little wild beast may be killed by other people.

“I will go with you then!” Nuo Hu stood up.

The most worrisome situation has happened; the two that wanted to bravely participate were exactly the two that Nuo Yi Long and his sister did not want them to go. Yet it happens that the two would volunteer.

“He is indeed the son of Dragon Group’s commander, such courage!” At this time, Shangguan Rong also stood up. “I think this decision is final, Eagle Group should have results pretty quickly as well. Combining your strengths, your success rate should be quite high.”

“But…” Lei Yu did not want to let the Eagle Group participate, but a small soldier like him could not make too many demands. Without waiting for anyone else to say anything, Shangguan Rong was the first to leave the conference room.

But this situation cannot be all blamed on the Shangguan family, Eagle Group and Dragon Group were the two military regiments closest to the appearance of the wild beast, there would be no reason to look for another military group that’s further away right?

“All of you withdraw; Lei Yu and Nuo Hu stay behind.” Nuo Yi Long heavily sat down, waving his hands to imply for everyone to leave.

The only people left in the conference room were Nuo Yi Long, Nuo Yi Feng, Lei Yu, and Nuo Hu.

“You guys are really too impulsive! It is impossible to estimate a safety factor for this kind of mission, what should we do if an accident occurs? Do you guys not understand what exactly the Shangguan family was expecting from this mission?” Asked Nuo Yi Feng while frowning.

Lei Yu will never forget the people that have treated him well. Regardless of the reason why these two were so concerned for their safety, either to ensure the strength of Dragon Group or for the sake of their personal safety, Lei Yu will remember it with his heart.

“Just let me go alone, this will be considered training to me.”

“No, how can I be assured if you go alone? I’m going with you!” Said Nuo Hu.

“I don’t know how to deal with you two anymore.” Said Nuo Yi Long in a powerless manner. “We will be unable to accompany you two on the mission so you will have to count on yourselves.”

“Don’t worry, we will be careful!” Nuo Hu and Lei Yu both said.

Nuo Yi Feng took off a bracelet from her wrist and gave it to Nuo Hu, “this thing you should know what uses it has, when in a dangerous situation, it can at least protect the two of you.” As the aunt, how could she not take care of her nephew?

After a series of instructions, Lei Yu and Nuo Hu were both ready to go.

“How confident are you?” Asked Nuo Hu while driving the car with Lei Yu.

“I’m not sure.” Lei Yu tapping his legs: “But I don’t think we’ll have too much of a problem.”

“The Shangguan family are like this, letting others do the manual task while they sit in their office. Once the task is accomplished, they will run to the leaders and ask for credit and rewards, we’ve grown accustomed to it now” said Nuo Hu with indifference. “Anyway, since this situation has become the burden of Dragon Group and Eagle Group, the success of capturing the beast will be credited to them, failure in capturing or accidently killing the wild beast, the responsibility will be on our heads, this is fcuking bullshit!”

“Come on, you and I are still a long way from the destination. Once we arrive, we still have to join up with Eagle Group members.”

This incident is not considered too big since it has not disturbed that many people yet. Only assigning Tenglong country’s two elite groups – Dragon Group and Eagle Group; and then dispatching select elite troops of each group. If they were unable to ascertain the level of danger in this mission, then the safety factor could not be predicted, then normally Lei Yu and them would not be sent out. In case the wild beast were to enter a populated city, then the consequences would be disastrous.

The two drove to the edge of a forest about two hundred kilometers or more away from the city. With Nuo Hu’s driving skills, the time spent driving was about two hours; it would be impossible for Lei Yu to do this if he were to drive.

“Should be in the front, we should arrive once we pass this forest.” Lei Yu pointed to the forest in front and the car slowly stops at the edge.

“Greeting you two, I am a member of Eagle Group, called Hui Wei Tao” came a voice not too far away. Lei Yu and Nuo Hu turned around to look; a soldier dressed in a camouflage uniform then came over.

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