Ch 50 – Kou country’s Nagasaka

(T/N: The Kou country is the old name the Chinese gave Japan, Kou means “Pirate.” In the Ming dynasty 1368-1644, Japanese pirates repeatedly harassed the Chinese on the coast and even along the Yangtze River.)

“Sect Leader, Mr. Nagasaka has arrived.” An underling in a black suit respectfully bowed and said this to the skinny middle-aged man.

“Ask him to come in, everyone else stay outside.”


The Ming Sect Leader’s name was Du Zhang Hai. Although he looked really thin, he was a master that had reached the strength of a Sixth Order rank. He studied the Ming Sect’s unique devil cultivating methods, already reaching the Sixth Devilish Realm. He was one of the handful of Sixth Order masters inside the country of Tenglong, in charge of all matters relating to the Ming Sect.

The murders his underlings committed were countless, but no one dared to do anything about it. Within the country of Tenglong, whatever his Sect did was pretty much untouchable. The forces of the underworld were extremely strong, so whatever business they were into, no one else would dare to meddle in it. Today was the day another business transaction had to be discussed.

A middle-aged man with a dwarf-like head with a fat body came in. “Boss Du, haven’t seen you in a long time!” The words that came out of his mouth showed his Tenglong language was merely adequate.

“Mr. Nagasaka, you came from the distant Kou Country, you must be very tired, come, please take a seat!”They both shook hands and then sat opposite each other.

“Boss Du, I’ve brought over a model, please look it over.” Mr. Nagasaka opened his briefcase, taking out a small bottle containing some clear water-like liquid.

“Ah, let’s talk about its efficacy and the price.” Du Zhang Hai lightly stated as he scrutinized the drug in his hands.

“This is a bacterium, after invading into the human body; it only needs a short one day’s time to infect the entire body without anyone’s knowledge, causing the host to fester into blistering sores resulting in their mysterious death. Even if the host had some powerful assistance, it would still be useless. And in order to use this is actually quite simple, you can add it into water or tea, onto food etc, it’s colorless, odorless and tasteless. As for the price…” Mr. Nagasaka deliberately let his words hang, looking at Du Zhang Hai’s expression. Indeed, after hearing the effects, Du Zhang Hai’s eyebrows were raised, he did not expect this little bottle of bacterium could be so powerful.

“Well, can this thing hurt the masters of Tenglong country with the strength of a Sixth Order Warrior?” Asked Du Zhang Hai.

“Please don’t worry!” Mr. Nagasaka said confidently, “my Kou country’s Ultimate Ninjas are the same strength rank as your country’s Sixth Order Warrior, even they could not resist the invasion of these bacteria.

Du Zhang Hai’s eyes suddenly shone, if this thing could be used against his rivals, then wouldn’t that mean he could stand at the top of this country?

“What is the price that you want for this?” Asked Du Zhang Hai.

“The cost of this drug’s agent is really high, and it’s also considered a contraband, if Mr. Du has intentions of purchasing this… $1.5 million per bottle, what do you say?

“Damn, that high?! What contraband drugs have I never played with?” This was what Du Zhang Hai was thinking in his heart but of course he did not say it out loud. Still smiling, “isn’t the price a little too expensive? After all, these things are considered nothing more than poison to us.”

“Poison?” Mr. Nagasaka took the drug back, “ordinary people have ordinary drugs, rat poison is just as useful and can poison someone to death. But what is this? This is a pharmaceutical researched drug that is designed specifically for use against those super strong individuals. Since you don’t seem to appreciate these goods, then there’s really nothing else for us to talk about.” After saying this, he got up and was about to leave.

“Wait!” Du Zhang Hai quickly thought through everything in his mind. Indeed, it was not easy to deal with a Sixth Order Warrior, so using this colorless and odorless drug was a good choice. But the price of this product was indeed too high.

“What? Mr. Du wants to think about it some more?” Mr. Nagasaka laughed, “if you are really interested in, I can do you a personal favor, and we’ll call it a deal at $1.2 million.”

Clenching his teeth, “we have a deal!” Even though Du Zhang Hai did not care about the money, he still felt like using this amount of money for such a small bottle of poison made his heart ache.

“This was just a sample, how many of these do you want Mr. Du? I will send for someone to bring it over later.” Stated Mr. Nagasaka.

“Five bottles. Once the goods arrive, the $6 million will be deposited into Mr. Nagasaka’s account.”

“Boss Du is really an easygoing person to do business with, good, very good.” Nagasaka negotiated a large business deal, the upper management had set the price of each bottle at $1 million, but since he has negotiated it to $1.2 million, five bottles of potions meant that he would be pocketing $1 million personally, how could he not be happy?

“Everything has been arranged, inside your hotel room are three of Tenglong country’s finest beauties waiting for you to enjoy” laughed Du Zhang Hai.

“Oh?” Nagasaka eyes shone bright. “Then I sincerely thank Boss Du’s warm hospitality, hahaha…”


Fully satisfied, Lei Yu and the rest left this barbecue city restaurant. Before they left, the boss knew that Lei Yu and company weren’t normal people so he deliberately gave them a 20% discount off their bill. Even though Lei Yu and them did not care about such discounts yet they were still grateful to him.

Nuo Hu and Ai Er drove Lei Yu home while Liu Hao left on his own in a Mercedes. Cui Ying Ying was responsible for taking little Ke home, and consequently, Cui Ying Ying’s driving ability made her quite fearful of her life that night.

Shaking his head, Lei Yu finished taking his comfortable bath and began preparing to cultivate.

He appeared to be very urgent, having just reached the [Discharge] stage; he wanted to see what huge changes his body had undergone. After all, this newly gained strength of Lei Yu was still an unfamiliar power, so he had to get familiar with its ability as soon as possible.

Lei Yu did not dare to slack off. Even though the duel was already over, he was not a fool. The four major forces were able to clearly see his strength, not saying he had suddenly become a valued commodity, but these major forces would more or less start making some moves. In addition, there was still the most important factor…

His enemy. Who were mother’s enemies? Grandpa had already died, and the doctor said that the black chip inside grandpa’s brain was not there for just one or two days. If it was inside there for a long time, then why would it suddenly activate?

Inside Lei Yu’s mind, this was all still a mystery to him. Since my grandpa and Nuo Yi Long both said his strength had not reached the point capable of going against this opponent, then he would just have to strive harder to improve. Lei Yu will not beg Nuo Yi Long to tell him who the murderer was because doing this would not do him any good. Although this hatred for an unknown enemy was more challenging than a known enemy, Lei Yu also wanted to push aside all interfering thoughts and focus on cultivating. If he really knew who his enemy was, then he might be focused on getting revenge instead of focusing on increasing his strength.

Layers of internal energy were circulating in his body. His calm internal body was suddenly surging around like endless waves. The purple energy inside his dantian’s Sea of Energy contained lines of lightning, and every time he circulated it, it gave Lei Yu many surprises.

According to the methods inside his mind, Lei Yu controlled his internal energy to slowly push through his meridians. Since the energy contained traces of lightning in it, every time it passed through a meridian, it will formlessly stimulate it, playing a certain role in improving it. In the past, he had to focus and deliberately control the energy in order to achieve some results, but now he did not have to worry and strain too hard. His meridians, bone structure, skin, and even every minute hair were being formlessly refined. It was inevitable for Lei Yu’s heart to be ecstatic.

Relying on his strong spiritual force, within a very short time, Lei Yu’s internal energy was fully under his control. Without spending too much time, he was able to grasp all the benefits [Discharge] stage brought with it. His whole body was formlessly improved while the power of his lightning had become stronger.

What Lei Yu was unclear on were what effects his power would have after discharging it outside his body. Currently, there weren’t any chances for him to try it out since he was inside his own house.

The sky started getting lighter; Lei Yu began to come back to his senses from cultivating. Seeing the dawn’s early light was usually when Lei Yu would be the most excited because he would feel the slight improvements he had made cultivating the previous night. Even though at times, his improvement would be so slight that he could not detect it, but maintaining a positive attitude about it was the most important thing.

After washing up, he put on some clean clothes. “I haven’t been back to Dragon Group for a long time; I should go back and take a look.”

Gently swiping through his not yet completely dried hair to get rid of some water, he then put on his backpack. Out of habit, Lei Yu began jogging in the direction of Dragon Group Headquarters.

“Little Yu!” A familiar voice was heard behind him. Looking back, Lei Yu’s brow turned into a frown.

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