Ch 54 – Dragon Chanting Method

Lei Yu took this opportunity, the instant Nuo Yi Long pulled back his fist, he did not stop his own attack. A powerful force mixed with “pak pak” sounds of lightning colliding together that made people’s heart shudder, could be heard. Then, a sudden “ROAR!” of a dragon was heard next. Looking at Nuo Yi Long, Lei Yu’s attack had not reached him yet, but behind his back, a 2 meter long yellow dragon rose up. The image of the dragon was slightly blurry, and it suddenly dragged Nuo Yi Long’s body back a few steps, avoiding Lei Yu’s strong attack.


“This is amazing! What just happened?”

“I have no clue! I only saw a flash of purple lightning; I simply couldn’t see anything clearly!”

Soldiers sitting at the edge of the training field were applauding and cheering. Everyone looked like they were excited to their limit. If it weren’t for Lei Yu taking the initiative to challenge the Commander, these soldiers that have never studied any cultivating methods would never be able to see such a fight.

“Uncle Nuo, you are really very strong!” Lei Yu’s attack missed, so he stood there and said this.

“Little Yu, the surprises you give me are way too much, I really want to know what stage have you actually reached?” Nuo Yi Long slightly exhaled some turbid air, the yellow dragon behind him then disappeared without a trace.

“The martial methods I cultivate in also has six stages, and I’ve just entered the early fifth stage.”



Not only was Nuo Yi Long shocked, even Shangguan Xi Hong sitting in the building had his mouth agape and his eyes wide in shock, grabbing the railing in front of him. But these words were only heard by the two of them, one was close by, while the other was a super strong master with uncanny hearing ability.

“Fifth… Fifth Order…!? How is this possible? How long have you been cultivating? How old are you right now? How could you already reach the Fifth rank?” Asked Nuo Yi Long filled with shock.

“I don’t really know so I can only let uncle Nuo test it out and check if I’ve really reached the Fifth Order rank. Uncle Nuo, be careful now!” Once he said this, Lei Yu stepped off and burst forward, “swish!” His body instantly flew through mid-air towards Nuo Yi Long.

As one of the top masters in the late-stage Fifth Order rank, how could his reactions not be quick?

Changing his hands into a claw form, this was what Nuo Yi Long cultivated, the Dragon Chanting Method’s primary means of attack. His dragon claws’ strength was comparable to an artillery bombardment. Lei Yu’s body was like a flying bolt of lightning, the heavy punch landed on his chest area without much resistance. Nuo Yi Long’s body trembled from the power of paralysis, that power travelling all the way to his left shoulder. This paralysis feeling was really hard to resist, fortunately he was not seriously injured by it.

His left arm was slightly paralyzed but his right arm was still able to move freely. Bringing forth the howling winds, his dragon claws swept in front of him towards Lei Yu’s body.

“Thump, Thump!”

Eyes with an unbelieving gaze at Lei Yu, Nuo Yi Long’s chest were hit at the same time he struck at Lei Yu. Nuo Yi Long could not believe, with his impenetrable defense, Lei Yu was able to find an unprotected spot and exploit it. Using his right leg, he used the ground as a leveraging point, spun his body around performing a perfect dragon kick. His left leg was like a python striking at the front of Lei Yu.

The length of his leg of course exceeds his arm, but Lei Yu did not show any signs of fearing Nuo Yi Long’s dragon kick. Lei Yu’s mouth actually curved into a smile.

The instant Nuo Yi Long’s heavy leg was about to land, Lei Yu suddenly squatted down, with one hand on the ground for support, he kicked up both feet into the air, aiming for Nuo Yi Long’s right leg that was standing on the ground supporting his body.



These two different sounds went off simultaneously. Both of Lei Yu’s feet collided into Nuo Yi Long’s right leg, which the latter flipped beautifully into the air before standing firmly on the ground. The goal of his left leg did not change, it still being Lei Yu, but his attack just changed its trajectory going downwards.

Lei Yu’s body was suddenly smashed down into the ground. A heavy *cough cough* sound could be heard, and a mouthful of blood was spit out. Lei Yu was clutching onto his chest that suffered the attack.

Just then, Nuo Yi Long’s dragon kick cracked Lei Yu’s sternum and the shock wave damaged his internal organs. At this point in time, Lei Yu could barely tolerate the pain. With his strong defense and his special bone structure, his sternum was actually fractured by raw power. This shows how powerful Nuo Yi Long’s blow was.

“Little Yu, are you okay?” Nuo Yi Long immediately stopped attacking and was ready to rush forward to support him.

“No! Don’t come over! We continue the fight!” Lei Yu forcefully spit out a bloody phlegm and stood up again, but this terrible pain caused him to be breathless.

“You’re already hurt, we shouldn’t keep fighting.” Nuo Yi Long was advising Lei Yu to stop the fight out of the worry for his health.

“No. If I give up this match just because of my injury, then if one day I was really in danger, then I will be giving up my life, this cannot be allowed!” Lei Yu’s eyes were filled with an explosive look of determination, as if all his fighting energy had returned to his person.


One of the soldiers suddenly opened his mouth and cried out. From his angle, he was able to see a net of purple lightning intertwining on Lei Yu’s back, slowly fluctuating.

Indeed, after Lei Yu reached the [Discharge] stage, he was able to materialize the power of lightning to appear on the outside of his body. This allowed his attacks to be extended a short distance away from his body. Not only that, but it could also be used as a defensive net. As long as his opponent doesn’t use a weapon to attack him, then Lei Yu would be advantageous in unarmed fights.

“You still haven’t used your full strength for this fight?” Nuo Yi Long’s shocked appearance was more obvious now.

“The real battle has only now started!” Lei Yu’s body slightly trembled, the surface of his body manifested numerous lightning nets wrapping around itself. Lei Yu looked like he was clothed in a suit of lightning.

“I really have to keep my eyes on you!” Standing against the railings’ edge of the building, Shangguan Xi Hong eyes revealed a trace of determination in it. No one knows what he was thinking, but at least for now he would not hurt Lei Yu who was considered a genius class person.

Sensing Lei Yu was fighting for real now, Nuo Yi Long did not dare to be careless. His internal energy once again rose up and a yellow dragon appeared behind him. The Dragon Chanting Method’s ultimate move was to form an illusory dragon with internal energy, then making the illusion become a real entity. It looks like Nuo Yi Long’s current level; he could only form the illusory dragon. He was still a long way off in making that illusory dragon become a real entity and attacking with it.

But for now, he could use his internal energy to form an illusory dragon, thereby making his attacks more powerful and violent.

Lei Yu moved his body here and there, then stretched a bit, it looked like his previous injury didn’t exist. His feet constantly shifted in a footwork pattern (like boxing), and the lightning net surrounding his body began pulsing in a stronger fashion. With “pak pak” sounds, Lei Yu rushed towards Nuo Yi Long.

“ROAR!” Once again, the voice of a dragon resounded through the sky, causing the hearts of ordinary soldiers to quiver in fear, this domineering pressure was enough to suppress the masses.

Both his claw-like hands raised up high, the illusory dragon behind him began to blur, condensing into his hands. With his claw-like hands, they both came down at the same time, smashing into the ground in front of him. This attack was capable of turning rocks and boulders into pieces of rubble.

Lei Yu was getting closer, and closer…

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