Ch 56 – A Generous Gift

*Boom boom boom*

“Mother f*cker! Who is it?!” Cursed a middle-aged man in the language of the Kou country.

Pushing away the girl at his crotch, the middle-aged man wrapped himself in a towel and walked towards the door. He took a looked through the peep-hole before hastily opening the door for the person.

“Lord Otsuka!” Cried the middle-aged man in the towel, looking quite nervous.



The man outside rushed in but when he saw the two girls on the bed, his brow wrinkled, and cursed at them with a less than fluent Tenglong language, “get out!”

“So annoying, making us come and now screaming for us to get out, what is the meaning of this?!” Complained the two girls getting dressed before leaving hastily.

Waiting until the girls were gone, Otsuka slowly sat down, his hands playing with a golden chain on his neck. His looks were normal, one would guess his age to be in the forties, medium build. But Nagasaka treated this person called Otsuka with extreme respect.

“There’s a directive from up top, so you better pay attention. The next few days, I don’t want to see what I just saw happening.” Otsuka lightly said.


“According to the original plan, we were aiming to gradually spread our influence in Tenglong starting at the central area of the country, but it looks like it won’t be that easy now. The conflicts inside this country are too intense between the four major forces, so it looks like we can only start by getting Ming Sect’s assistance. Let’s see if we can get some benefits out of the chaos. As long as our products are circulated in the market, we won’t be afraid of not making any money.” Otsuka coldly sneered.

“Sounds good, I’ll go discuss this matter with boss Du again. Lord Otsuka, don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of everything!”

“Good, but no need to be in such a rush. The latest development of our new prototype bacterial agent still needs some time so before this drug gets delivered to us, it’s best not to mention this matter for now.


Early morning, Lei Yu breathed in a deep mouthful of fresh air, he was finally leaving the hospital. This past year, a third of the time was spent in the hospital causing him a headache, he had wasted so much time that could be used for cultivating instead.

Shangguan Xi Hong was true to his words, although this match could be considered as both parties mutually suffering losses, Lei Yu did fall while Nuo Yi Long continued standing, thus Lei Yu was made a Deputy Commander of Dragon Group.

The halo of glory. After the conclusion of Lei Yu and Nuo Yi Long’s match, everything was focused on this youngster that was only in his early twenties, how many people have actually dreamed of bathing in this glory? For a super existences such as Shangguan Xi Hong, there’s only about five people in the whole country. And for the existence of people like Nuo Yi Long, there would be no more than twenty. And now Lei Yu had entered those ranks while being the youngest of them all, this was definitely an unprecedented event.

To celebrate Lei Yu leaving the hospital, the previous group once again met up at the downtown’s street market barbeque place, Long Hua’s Barbeque City.

Seeing this group of people again, the boss was extremely delighted. Of course, not daring to slight them, he brought out only the freshest meat and the most expensive beer in accordance to their taste.

“Little Yu, that Spiritual Energy Bead of yours, I’ll bring it back tomorrow to Dragon Group and return it to you. These days that you’ve been staying in the hospital, I’ve kept it in my home.” Nuo Hu said this while taking a bite of the delicious lamb meat.

“Eh?” Lei Yu blinked, “I had forgotten about that thing already.”

“Forgotten?” Liu Hao wrinkled his nose, “master, you are really hard to decipher. That day, didn’t that Shangguan something make it very clear? The role of this Spiritual Energy Bead is very important for assisting cultivators, it could at least save you half the cultivating time. If it weren’t for the fact that their cultivating methods being incompatible with it, they would never have given it to you.”

“What about it? Do you like it? If you like it, I’ll give it to you since I don’t really need it.” Said Lei Yu in a carefree attitude.

*Clatter* Two beer glasses fell on the table, splashing onto Liu Hao and Nuo Hu. The three girls showed a confused expression while Liu Hao and Nuo Hu had no reaction afterwards, their eyes about to pop out of their heads.

A short while later, Liu Hao asked while stammering, “ma… master, you… you aren’t joking with me right?”

“Right, little Yu, you cannot joke around with this. This item is something that all cultivators in Tenglong dream of having, how can you say that you don’t need it?” Nuo Hu had to forcefully swallow the lamb meat before asking.

“It’s a secret.” Lei Yu smiled, drank a mouthful of beer and then said: “Anyway, this thing is not much use to me so how about this, since you and Liu Hao both like it so much, then you guys take turn using it.”

“Master!” Liu Hao forcefully sniffed in his snot, “my admiration for you is like the Yangtze River…”

“Enough, enough! Don’t make my hair stand on end, it’s decided then.”

Liu Hao and Nuo Hu’s excitement made them reach for their glass of beer, even their hands were constantly shaking, thus toasting Lei Yu and draining their glass.

Such a bead in the eyes of ordinary people were similar to a decoration, but for cultivators, it was a priceless treasure. Able to purify the energy in their air for their absorption, this was equal to taking a shortcut. You don’t need to waste your own internal energy to do this time-consuming and labor-intensive work, so how can Liu Hao and Nuo Hu not feel excited about it?

But this thing for Lei Yu was really not much use, the Spiritual Energy Bead could only attain a basic purification level, still requiring one’s body to remove some the remaining small amount of impurities. As for the Spiritual Bead of Longevity inside his brain, it could easily purify all the impurities before it entered his body. Just this one effect of the Longevity Bead exceeded the ability of the Spiritual Energy Bead.

This group of people were happily enjoying their food and drinks, the most invigorated being Liu Hao and Nuo Hu. As for the three beautiful women, though they did not know what the guys were talking about, but at least they knew that Lei Yu gave them something precious causing the two to be so excited.

“It’s getting late, it’s past midnight already.” Lei Yu stretched his neck, “it’s time for me to go home and cultivate.”

They paid their bill and began to leave. The boss was generous like before, giving them a 20% discount. This group of people weren’t ordinary people so the boss wanted to curry their favor so they would return again.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you home.” Nuo Hu patted Lei Yu’s shoulder.

“No need, you go home with Ai Er, I’m going to walk.” Laughed Lei Yu.

“It’s so late already, don’t go off for a one man tour, just come with us.”

“It’s fine, I haven’t exercised at all due to this past three months spent in the hospital. I will feel more comfortable moving around a bit. So just go home first, when you get home, give me a call.” The last sentence was said to Ai Er.

“Fine, then be careful. This place is pretty far from your home, if you don’t feel like walking anymore, get a taxi to go home, don’t stay out too late, okay?” Ai Er said this with concern out of love. In reality, Ai Er was not worried Lei Yu would encounter any danger, rest assured that such a powerful man could take care of himself.

“Then we’re leaving first!” Liu Hao, Cui Ying Ying, and Fang Yi Ke those three were the first to leave. Lei Yu walked in the direction those three left in, while Nuo Hu and Ai Er drove away in the opposite direction.

Lei Yu looked up to the sky and didn’t see any stars. He noticed the street had become empty, only a few night market stalls still had some customers left sitting there.

“Enemies, my enemies, I must become stronger!” There was nothing in Lei Yu’s mind except for these two things. He wanted to know who his enemy was. Until now, the death of his grandfather was still a mystery, and the only way to solve this mystery was to become stronger.

As he was walking, his mind was constantly thinking about all his past memories: there were bitterness; there were resentment; but there were also happy events. But all of these were in the past, the most important thing was to look towards the future.

Walking for about half an hour, he walked by a small dark alley. Lei Yu suddenly heard some screaming noise and some shouts. Narrowing his eyes, he peered inside.

“Agh! Go away! I’m begging you, let me go!” A girl’s voice was screaming hysterically, and the next thing you could hear was a man’s excited laughter.

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