Ch 66 – Clues Appear

“Why did you choose me?” Although Nami was extremely happy, she still had to ask this out of curiosity.

“You are the only one I know in the Kou country. Although I don’t easily trust people, but at least in the Kou country, I feel like I can trust you. And another thing, I really need an interpreter.” Replied Lei Yu.

Seeing Nami resting her hands on her chin, she looked really cute in that pose. She seemed to be considering something, but Lei Yu wasn’t in a rush, gently sipping his cup of tea. After three to four minutes passed by, Lei Yu smiled and asked again: “Do you agree? It’s fine if you don’t think you can do it, I’ll look for someone else, I don’t want to force you into anything.”

“No, I agree!” Nami replied in a hurry.

In fact, Nami had already decided what her response would be without much consideration. The first time she laid eyes on Lei Yu, she was already attracted to him by his tough looks and deep profound eyes. Naturally, she would be willing to continue to be by his side when given a chance. And when you add the $200,000 U.S. dollars as a compensation, which would definitely take many years for her to save up. The only reason why she seemed to take a long time to consider this proposal was because she thought she was dreaming, she just couldn’t believe what her ears had just heard.

“That’s good. Go to your hotel management and take care of your business, I’ll be waiting for you here. Once you’re done, we will leave right away.”

“Okay.” Nami stood up; her footsteps were light as if she was skipping out of the room.

Lei Yu faintly smiled, while in the Kou country, having an interpreter with him was indeed important. Moreover, Nami was extremely attractive so it added a certain flair to his stay here.

A little over an hour had passed yet Nami had still not returned. Lei Yu looked at his watch and stood up.

Inside the Customer Service Manager’s Office, Nami lowered her head to a middle-aged man with a full beard, conversing with him in the Kou language.

The middle-aged man shifted his legs apart; one of his legs was constantly shaking while he looked at Nami with lustful eyes.

“Why are you quitting?”

“Manager, I… I… I have a new boss now.” Replied Nami with a stutter.

The middle-aged man sat up straight from his chair, “you have a new boss? Don’t you know that you’ve signed a contract with the hotel? You can’t just leave whenever you want. Your contract is in my hands, if you dare to leave, then I’ll take you to court.” It was actually just a simple labor contract; the situation was not serious enough for the courts to handle. It was only because this middle-aged person known as the manager did not want Nami to leave, thus he used this tactic. He has not gotten his hands on this beautiful and charming girl yet, but he has tried a few times in the past and did not get his wish fulfilled due to some hindrance.

This middle-aged man has been with the hotel for at least ten plus years. Inside the guest rooms department, he has played with every girl on the job that was remotely pretty. And the exception was Nami in front of his eyes, who was the most prettiest of them all. She had just arrived for a year, and coincidentally, this past year he had been accompanying the president in dealing with some important figures, there was no time for him to get close to her. Now that Nami wanted to leave, how could he agree with it?

“I could let you leave on one condition.” Seeing Nami nibble her lips with a miserable face, the middle-aged man narrowed his eyes, giving off a lewd look.

“Manager, what’s the condition? As long as I am capable of it, I will agree to it.” Nami replied without hesitation. Right now, she only wanted to return to Lei Yu’s side as soon as possible. Only by Lei Yu’s side would she feel a sense of security. This sense of security is her knowing that Lei Yu would never intentionally harm her.

The middle-aged man rubbed his chin, slowly emphasizing each word, “take off your clothes.”

“No! I can’t do that!” Nami had tears in her eyes while shaking her head. She knew what the manager meant, but also understood she may not be able to escape her doom today.

“This is my office, without my permission no one would come in. As long as you promise to sleep with me, then I will let you go, and will not hold you responsible for breaking the contract.” The middle-aged man stood up, like a demon looking at its prey, he walked one step at a time towards Nami.

“Don’t come over!” Nami started backing up, but the speed of the middle-aged man was a bit quicker than hers.

Saliva was almost dripping from the middle-aged man’s mouth, with just a few steps and he had rushed to the front of Nami. Grabbing onto her shirt, he forcefully pulled down. But he was obstructed by Nami tightly clutching onto her shirt who was struggling with all her strength. She didn’t want to be sullied by this man in front of her, so Nami started hysterically screaming, hoping someone would hear her and come in to assist. But everyone knew the behavior of the guest room department’s manager, even if someone had heard the screams, they would not go in to interfere.

Outside the door, a figure stood still. Although he didn’t understand what they were talking about, hearing the cries coming from inside the office, it was simple to deduce what was going on from the tone of the voices.

His palms started vibrating, placing his fingers against the door, he used the one inch punch on it. A “BANG” was heard while the door flew wide open. The one inch punch caused the door lock to break off and smash into a bookcase on the back wall.

When he saw how much Nami was struggling and how crazy and relentless this middle-aged man was becoming, Lei Yu said in English, “let her go!”

“Who are you? Who allowed you to enter my office without permission? Get out!” The middle-aged man saw someone interfering with his play time and didn’t care who the other party was. A surge of anger rushed to his head, he then pulled back his hands from grasping onto Nami’s shirt.

Nami ran behind Lei Yu while crying and forcefully holding onto her clothes. That scene made Lei Yu think of little Ke’s encounter, the smoldering anger in his heart began rising up again.

“One of the things I hate most in life is people like you. Nami is already mine; you will have to pay for your actions!” After blurting this out, Lei Yu suddenly felt his words were somewhat inappropriate, and even a little awkward. But since he already said this out loud, he could no longer change it. Even though her face was filled with tears, but when those words entered Nami’s ears, she could not help blush red from the neck up.

“You are her new boss?” The middle-aged man coldly “hmph’d” while looking at Lei Yu with eyes filled with vicious thoughts.

“That’s right, since you dare to bully my people, then you must suffer the consequences.” Lei Yu gently cracked the joints in his fingers, making a “pak pak” sound.

“What are you doing?” The middle-aged man then frowned and said: “Do you know who I am?”

“You? You aren’t even a human being, at most, you can be considered as a son of a bitch.” Lei Yu’s voice was cold; hating people like this manager had become a norm for him.

The middle-aged man did not see any hints of fear from Lei Yu and hurriedly said: “I am a member of the Yamaguchi-gumi, do you dare to mess with me? I’m telling you now; I’ve reached the Elementary Ninja stage. Inside the Kou country, no one would dare to disrespect the Yamaguchi-gumi. Even though you are a foreigner, I still will won’t be lenient towards you.”

“Oh?” Lei Yu’s heart was suddenly overjoyed. He had pretty much come to a dead-end looking for clues, yet out comes a person claiming to be part of the Yamaguchi-gumi. This will really save him a lot of trouble.

“Now that you’re afraid, get the f*ck out immediately and leave Nami behind, or else today, you will be leaving horizontally!” The middle-aged man saw that Lei Yu was surprised and hesitated a bit so his heart was suddenly overjoyed.

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  1. Candycoal says:

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    Lei Yu says with an evil smile, “Heh… I was looking for one of you guys. This is perfect, two birds with one stone. You give me information and I beat a bitch like you up!”

    *screams of pain are heard, but no one dares enter the room after hearing the noises inside*


  4. agila0212 says:

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