Ch 7 – Restaurant Conflict


Everyone held their breath, they all wanted to see this exciting fight. The #1 strongest in the Lion Team’s fighting ability was something everyone wanted to see. But the conclusion made everyone’s jaws drop. Lei Yu continued to stand at the same spot only defending his head area. He allowed the soldier’s most powerful attacks to land on the rest of his body, yet those attacks could not even force Lei Yu back half a step.

“Is… is he even human?”

“Isn’t he too overpowered?”

“I bet he can definitely enter Dragon Team! Dragon Team, my dream place!”

This challenge was extremely quick, just a mere 10 seconds. The soldier stopped his attacks and said “you are very strong, there’s no way I can defeat you.”

Lei Yu’s powerful defensive capability garnered everyone’s applause. And no one dared to imagine this person’s attack power.

“Lei Yu, you really have caught me off guard!” Fan Hong Chang had already abandoned  yesterday’s cold expression and look of disdain, instead was really excited. “Today’s test is over, 1 month later, you can choose to participate in the exam for Dragon Group’s strongest team, Dragon Team.”

“Oh heavens!”

Shouting came from everywhere, losing their soldier’s demeanor. But no one had encountered this outcome before. Only entering Dragon Group for 2 days and was qualified to participate in advancing to Dragon Team, which was the soul of Dragon Group. Was this something a human is capable of?

After a day of bustling, to show his gratitude of receiving the unknown fruit from Lei Yu, and for Lei Yu’s outstanding performance today, Nuo Hu generously treated Lei Yu to a big feast. Inside a high-class restaurant, Nuo Hu reserved a VIP room. And this meal was Lei Yu’s most sumptuous meal he has eaten this past year.

Two people were at their height of enjoyment eating when a loud commotion could be heard outside the door.

“Who allowed you to let people occupy my young master’s private room?”

“Sorry sir, it… it was the manager” answered a staff member with a quivering voice.

Lei Yu and Nuo Hu glanced at each other, the noise outside did not stop. “Get your manager here now, I want to see who has the panache (the ability), there’s only a few people who are eligible to be like our young master capable of using the VIP room!” (T/N: young master as in the son of house’s owner)

Lei Yu actually did not care, but Nuo Hu was already frowning. As the son of Dragon Group’s commander, his identity automatically gained respect from others. Yet there was someone bold enough to bluster those comments, especially coming from a henchman, this made Nuo Hu very angry.

Without waiting for Nuo Hu to get up, the room’s door was forcibly opened. Three twenty-something year olds came inside. One of them in the lead pointed at Nuo Hu and Lei Yu, seeing that both of them looked like young teenagers, opened his mouth and said: “You two rascals, before I get angry, get out of here immediately. Oh right, I can pay for the meal that you 2 ate, consider that your leaving fee, what do you say?”

Insult, such a big insult. For Nuo Hu, besides his father, no one has ever dared to speak to him in such a manner.

“You dog-like fcukers really dare to speak like that!” Nuo Hu cursed.

The lead guy in a black suit said: “Oh? Mouthing off like that! Fellow brothers, let’s go teach this rascal a lesson on the difference between heaven and earth.

The three people rubbed their fists, cracking their joints with a “pak pak” sound, then approached Nuo Hu and Lei Yu.

Nuo Hu’s eyes gleamed with anger, he wanted to get up and take care of those guys. Lei Yu gently patted Nuo Hu’s shoulder and at the same time, the other hand gently smacked on the table top. Lei Yu’s force could be described as terrifying. This was gained by training hard for the past year. One side of the table received pressure so the other side sprung up. Because it was a round table, just when the three guys neared, they were all struck in the chin at the same time. Those three people all sat on the ground clutching their mouths with “ow ow” sounds coming from them. The lead guy in the black suit then spit out a tooth. Lei Yu thought that this scene seemed very familiar to him.

“You rascals wait here, I’m going to bring my young master here, then you will know the meaning of death!” Because a tooth came out, dog fcuker said this with a lisp.

The three people rushed out of the room, heading towards the main entrance.

A white BMW vehicle arrived and out came a well-dressed young man in his twenties, sporting slicked back hair.

“Young master! Someone has taken over your room and attacked us!” said one of the three holding his chin in distress.

“Mutherfcuker! Who dares to do that? Lets go, take me there!” said the young man with a sneer. Screaming and cursing, those 3 arrived at the VIP room with the young master.

This was the year that the young man known as the young master arrived at the VIP room and saw Nuo Hu, his face suddenly became pale and even trembled a bit. He knew who Nuo Hu was, while he himself was just the son of the mayor. While in front of him was the country’s most prominent military force “Dragon Group” commander’s son. One cannot even compare their status on the same level. The mayor’s son in the eyes of others was just a local official’s child. When facing Nuo Hu, one could only stand down and back away.


“Who are you?” asked Nuo Hu while casually sipping a cup of juice without bothering to look up.

“Open your dog eyes and look clearly, this is the son of our mayor, Luo Yong young master!” said one of the beaten up henchmen while holding his chin.

After his own attendant said that, this Luo Yong suddenly panicked. Grabbing the attendant that mentioned his name, he then slapped his big mouth with a “pak pak” sound, causing the man to become confused.

Then with his head lowered, ran to the round table and bowed, “master Nuo, s… sorry! sorry! I did not teach them well, sorry for disturbing your dinner!”

“Skinny dipping? Such a good name! Go home and carefully teach your henchmen, they really lack discipline, disturbing our dinner and all!” said Nuo Hu smirking. (T/N: Luo Yong can be written other ways and sounds like skinny dipping in Chinese)

“Thank you! Thank you! I understand, I … I’ll go back and discipline them properly!”

Those several henchman saw their own family’s young master treating the two young teenagers before their eyes with such courtesy, became completely blindsided. Their own bodies began to quiver, unsure how bad they would be beaten up when they get home.

After those people left, the room resumed its peacefulness. Lei Yu said: “wow, there really are many types of people in the world.”

“Ignore them, come, let us continue to eat!”

After leaving the restaurant, it was already past 9PM. Nuo Hu took Lei Yu back to the military housing before driving home himself.

Returning home, Lei Yu could not wait to take off his clothes. He was sitting on the floor naked because he was afraid that while cultivating, it would dirty his clothes again.

According to the records in his mind, Lei Yu was at the peak of the first stage of [Integration].”  At this stage, he only needed to control the internal energy, merge it into his body, allowing his attacks to contain elements of lightning in it. Although at this high level, he could not stop, he had to continue improving to higher levels. Even though he could currently control his internal energy with ease, it was still not enough. His internal energy was continuously growing stronger so he needed sufficient capability to control it.

The unknown cultivation technique to this day did not have a name yet. Lei Yu thought for a while and laughed: “How about I call it Lei Yu Divine Arts!” Settling down with a smile, he then closed his eyes and continued experiencing this miraculous feeling.

Controlling his internal energy and causing them to constantly circulate, Lei Yu pushed the energy through the meridian’s predetermined path. Carefully moving step by step since he was afraid of making mistakes.

Inside his body, the two pieces of fruit he ate in the morning, one of the fruit’s spiritual energy had not completely dissipated yet. So this allowed Lei Yu to completely use it up now. Additionally, he was absorbing the necessary components in the air, his internal energy slowly grew stronger. This slow growth cannot be detected right away, but would only show its results over time. Lei Yu could also feel that his internal energy had become more profound and free of impurities. This contribution was thanks to the yellow bead inside his brain.

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