Ch 70 – Impressive Scene

“Ying Ying, will this cause any controversy amongst people? If this kind of information was announced with such fanfare, will it be difficult for us to deal with it in the end?” Asked Lei Yu filled with concern.

“Don’t worry, I’ve already leaked some information all over the Internet, no one will know who you really are. With your fluency in English, especially when it comes to your American accent, nobody will think you were a citizen of Tenglong. Furthermore, you have to believe in the power of the media. Before, I had completed a series of publicity, if I had not secretly leaked some of your information, people would not be so focused on you now. Don’t worry, the response was not bad, they are all looking forward to meet this mysterious young master.” Cui Ying Ying’s confident face made Lei Yu speechless.

In fact, the release of the leaked information was not a surprising move; the praiseworthy thing was that Cui Ying Ying was able to help Lei Yu realize this grand plan. Although initially they will spend a lot of money, but it will quickly come back soon. For the remarkable economic major Cui Ying Ying, this whole plan of hers was actually quite simple for her to formulate.

Sure enough – half an hour later, a black stretch Hummer parked in front of the hotel. A group of people had instantly surrounded the roadway, their eyes focused on the hotel entrance. At the rear of the Hummer, four black Mercedes S500 sedans pulled up behind it. And from each car, four people ran out, a total of sixteen people. One of them opened the door of the Hummer while the rest lined up, each side with eight people. They were all respectfully waiting for something to happen.

The General Manager of the hotel heard from his staff about such an impressive scene was suddenly shocked; he did not know a VIP was actually staying at his hotel. Rushing down to the lobby with sixteen people following behind him, they were all various department heads of the hotel.

For the hotel management to show up as well, this was not deliberately planned. But for such an impressive scene to occur, the hotel probably did not dare to neglect their duty so this was all under Cui Ying Ying’s expectation.

People started gossiping on the main road, “who could it be to cause such a big scene?”

“That’s for sure; could it be some high ranking official?”

“Impossible, officials that dare to be this showy? Not mentioning the Hummer, they would not dare to so blatantly drive their Mercedes-Benz around.”

“That sounds logical, then who could it be?”

“My guess is some wealthy person, I am so envious!”

Everyone was discussing their opinions, but it seems they forgot one thing: The headline all over the newspapers the past two days.

Ten minutes later, no one was seen coming out. The sixteen men in black suits stayed silent, quietly waiting. The hotel’s General Manager and various department heads did not dare to show impatience, their eyes occasionally glancing inside to see if anyone was approaching.

“Ding ding.”

The elevator’s light came on indicating it had stopped at the first floor. The elevator doors opened and three people came out from the inside. The one in the lead was a youth that was twenty something years old with slightly messy hair; deep profound eyes that revealed a kind of mystery that could not be imitated; his handsome face showed maturity and one where he had experienced a lot in life; dressed in a tucked in black shirt with dark jeans and black boots; he came out into the lobby one step at a time.

Following behind his left and right were beautiful girls in professional attire. One of them had a pair of feminine eyes that could seduce and hook the very soul of a man; and the other was a young girl that had a body of a goddess who looked shy, but her gaze never left the body of the young man leading them.

Inside the hotel lobby, everyone suddenly became still, all eyes were focused on this emerging trio. Apart from their eyes revealing a look of shock, it also revealed a look of infatuation.

When the trio exited the main entrance, all the good looking men and women on the main road suddenly couldn’t contain themselves; you could even hear their shrill cries. All the girls could not help staring at the mysterious man; and some of the men were fiercely catcalling, their target was precisely the two stunning beauties behind the guy.

The three did not seem to care about what was going on, they just faintly smiled.

The sixteen men in black suits bowed in unison before saying: “Young master.”

Lei Yu lightly nodded, then got into the car. The two beautiful girls also followed behind, getting into the stretch Hummer. The sixteen people hurriedly ran to the rear and got into the Mercedes-Benz. The five cars slowly left the crowd’s sight, while people could not help but stare unblinkingly at the disappearing cars. It was a long time before they woke up from this scene.

In the midst of the crowd, a voice was heard shouting: “That guy was the young master!”

Suddenly the buzz of discussions started. “That guy was the young master that has caused an uproar these past two days? He’s so handsome!”

“Such an impressive style!”

The hotel’s upper management was also secretly surprised. The General Manager then scolded several of his underlings, “such an important person staying in our hotel and you guys didn’t even know? What use are you guys?”

“Boss, what’s the background of this young master?” Asked a staff member.

“Seeing the discussion by the media, they say he is a mysterious figure that just returned from abroad. And tonight, he will be holding a banquet at an upscale hotel to announce some important message.” The General Manager shook his head, “he did not select our hotel for the banquet, which means it’s negligence from you guys! I’m deducting your wages!”

Inside the stretched Hummer. Lei Yu and Cui Ying Ying were conversing in a whisper with the Tenglong language. “I say Ying Ying, wasn’t that scene you planned a bit too exaggerated?”

Cui Ying Ying smiled mysteriously, “this is just the beginning, you must continue maintaining your mysteriousness. It’s not the time for you to make a public appearance yet.”

“Well, didn’t you say we were going to announce a piece of news tonight? How am I supposed to announce it if I don’t make an appearance? Asked the confused Lei Yu.

Cui Ying Ying shook her head, “today’s arrangement was deliberate. Making a high-profile departure, the purpose was to attract those tabloid reporters. I will take care of the banquet later on while you’ll be taking this and getting off halfway.”

Lei Yu took a car key and some type of keycard, “what are these?”

“A little later, you will get off at a nearby parking lot. A car for you is already prepared there. Take this door keycard, and once you find the new hotel I’ve arranged for you, stay in the room and wait for my message.”

“This car… the car you’ve prepared for me, where did it come from?”

“You don’t need to bother with the details.”

The line of vehicles drove for about twenty minutes more, and wherever they passed, bystanders would get excited from the unusual scene. Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Lei Yu and Nami got out of the Hummer. At the parking lot, Lei Yu pressed the buttons on the key fob in order to search for their car and quickly found it. He and Nami then watched the five cars slowly leave. Lei Yu had no clue what Cui Ying Ying was planning next.

Driving the convertible sports car prepared for him, he and Nami followed the hotel’s location on the provided door keycard.

At the front entrance of a luxurious 5-star hotel, a stretch Hummer and four Mercedes-Benz stopped there. Right after that, the people started crowding around like a swarm of ants, completely blocking the entire roadway to the hotel. These people were all reporters from either newspapers or small radio media companies. They did not receive an invitation but hastily came anyway after hearing the news. They were hoping to get any first hand news on the mysterious young master, but the only person getting out of the car was only Cui Ying Ying.

“Can you tell us the background of the young master?”

“Can you tell us the real name of the young master?”

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