Ch 72 – Project Collaboration

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am the young master’s Executive Assistant. For today’s announcement, I will only say it once; I hope everyone present can carefully listen to my words.” Cui Ying Ying’s tone had changed to being firm now but no one dared to voice any doubt. Being able to take over Tenglong country’s Cui Ying Corporation who had a monopoly of the jewelry industry, what type of status would one need to have in order to do this? Moreover, these people were willing to let the media confirm this information; in the presence of such a large dragon, even if the present people could cling onto this dragon as a worm at its beck and call, they could be proud of their position.

Everyone held their breath, waiting for this beautiful young lady Cui Ying Ying to announce the news.

Gently clearing her throat, Cui Ying Ying then said: “Our young master intends to leave his presence within the Kou country. Those that have been invited to attend this banquet include the entertainment industry’s A-list stars, business tycoons, as well as senior government officials. To summarize this, our young master is looking for a partner because he does not have a lot of time to deal with things here.”

Upon hearing this, the meaning of Cui Ying Ying’s statement was expressed quite clearly. This mysterious young master wishes to invest in the Kou country and needs to find a business partner.

Cui Ying Ying saw the crowd beginning to discuss in whispers, and all of them looked excited. It looks like her desired effect has been achieved. Cui Ying Ying then said: “Since we have invited everyone here, we don’t intend to hide anything. The young master intends to present some opportunities before all of you today: The first, finding partners to co-find a talent agency firm. All the stars and actors present should take notice, if you are interested in joining our new firm, then once your contract expires with your existing company, we will happily welcome you. Of course, you do not have to worry about your compensation; we will surpass your old contract and help you attain more magnificent achievements in the future.”

After her statement, many people had their hearts moved. Not only were the management level people who were already involved in the film industry moved, those absolute beauties of the industry were tempted as well. Cui Ying Ying did her homework, in a short amount of time; she was able to ascertain the contract expiration date of these stars present. This did take a lot of money to handle but for this princess of Cui Ying Corporation, it wasn’t even worth mentioning.

“In addition, there is a project collaboration opportunity: Our young master wishes to enter Kou country’s real estate industry. To all the bosses here, this is a golden opportunity so I hope some of you will be able to grasp it.”

Suddenly, the entire audience in the banquet hall was in a commotion. The waiters that poured wine and filled drinks, along with the waitress staff, all had eyes wide in surprise. These people were all pivotal figures inside the Kou country, how could they be so loud and rowdy today? These people here weren’t acting like their usual high society self demeanor that they were used to seeing.

Within a lot of discussions, they were debating the credibility of these joint ventures. But when they thought about it, being able to gather most of the dominant people of society here just to play a joke with them? And in order to ensure the credibility of Cui Ying Ying’s words, she announced the acquisition of Cui Ying Corporation first. So no matter how much they debated, everything was airtight and there weren’t any flaws to doubt Cui Ying Ying’s words.

Cui Ying Ying stood still for almost three minutes and the sounds of discussion continued. Gently patting the microphone, a “pomp pomp” sound was heard and the voices gradually quieted down.

“I’ve already prepared contracts for artists or actors who wish to cooperate with our new agency and are ready to sign on. Therefore, this means there are only two collaboration projects. As for the artists and actors, there are only ten places available for now, what we need are four men and six women. Now, if you are interested in partnering with us, then our young master will welcome it with open arms. The day after tomorrow, our young master has scheduled another banquet at noon, at this same place here.” When she finished, Cui Ying Ying smiled while revealing a charming look. The men present could not help ogling at her beauty. The most charming thing about Cui Ying Ying was her curvaceous body and her angelic like face, but her strongest point were her pair of eyes that could seduce the hearts of every man in this world.

“Excuse me.” In the midst of the reporters came a voice. Everyone’s eyes looked over at a twenty something year old female reporter who asked: “Can you tell us the young master’s identity from the United States?”

“I’m sorry; the young master is unwilling to disclose this for his own privacy so I hope you can all forgive me.” Cui Ying Ying said apologetically with a smile.

“Then what credentials do we have to ensure that the young master has indeed acquired Tenglong country’s Cui Ying Corporation?” The reporter asked again.

“This young miss reporter, I’ve already said it before, anyone can go verify this information’s validity themselves. It doesn’t matter if you think our young master’s credibility is zero; with our young master’s ability, he could dispatch any upper management personnel into the Kou country from the United States. With their strength in management, do you think it will be any lower than the people present?” Pausing, Cui Ying Ying then said: “Of course, in order for everyone present to feel more at ease, today I have especially invited a multinational lawyer. And with perfect timing, we will have a video conference with Cui Ying Corporation’s Board of Directors.

At this time, a forty something year old middle-aged man came in through the banquet hall’s main entrance; with his blonde hair and white skin, it confirmed his bloodline as a foreigner.

After being bombarded with a series of questions from the reporters, they learned the middle-aged American was named Bruce Reid. Bruce had presented a series of documents to prove his identity.

Sure enough, the crucial time had arrived. At the front of the hall, a white screen slowly came down. In front of Cui Ying Ying’s eyes, familiar faces appeared on the screen, among them was her own father Cui Zhong Hao.

After the multinational Attorney Reid’s authentication, and a real-time video conference to discuss questions from the people present, no one had any doubt left of the young master and his plans.

After everything was over, Cui Ying Ying smiled again, “the day after tomorrow, I will go into more detail about the collaboration contracts. I hope today everyone can enjoy themselves, and because I have some business to tend to, I will be leaving first. Please feel free to do your own thing.”

The previous dozen or so men in black suits that had followed Cui Ying Ying to the banquet all came forward surrounding her. Regardless of the reporter’s questions; the business tycoons request for more detailed information on contracts; or questions from the artists; Cui Ying Ying would just smile at them before hurriedly leaving the place.

Cui Ying Ying did not bring any attention to the government officials attending this event because she knew they could not be in the spotlight of the media. She wanted them present so they would know of Lei Yu’s intentions, and that there would be benefits for them. And these government officials would probably come to the next banquet uninvited since without their help, things would not progress that smoothly. The hidden meaning Cui Ying Ying gave them should have been very clear.

Returning to the hotel where Lei Yu was staying, she made a some phone calls before heavily exhaling. She looked at the confused Lei Yu with his mouth agape and Nami just had no clue what was going on.

“Do you really need to have that facial expression?” Laughed Cui Ying Ying.

“How are you going to end this? Real estate, talent agency, how come you never mentioned these in your plan before?” Asked Lei Yu after coming back to his senses.

“Originally, I planned this strategy knowing that I didn’t have faith in its execution, but Bruce Reid was able to fly over in time, so I executed my original superior plan. You said you wanted to become well-known in a short amount of time, so apart from getting you into the business industry, the other option was to make you an entertainment star. But you can’t sing nor can you dance, so I had to choose the first option.” Said Cui Ying Ying.

“Then how should we deal with the banquet 2 days from now? You know we don’t have that much money to fix this mess.” Lei Yu was somewhat dejected, this thing was getting too big for him to handle.

“I have my ways.” Smiled Cui Ying Ying in a mysterious manner.

Nami on the side was in cloud of confusion, she did not understand what the two were saying in the Tenglong language, but she was still reminiscing the earlier impressive scene as they exited out of the hotel.

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