Ch 83 – He’s A Fraud

“The Yamaguchi-gumi collaborated with a research center in the U.S.; they’ve researched and developed a mutagen that could change a human’s physical body. We were originally ordinary citizens of the Kou country and the Yamaguchi-gumi used a high salary to tempt us to join them. After joining them, they actually started experimenting on us, injecting their first round of newly developed mutagens into us. One would gain the ability of the matching injection type; the mutagen injected into my body contained the DNA of the African Black Panther¹, my specialty being speed, however compared to you…” Pausing for a bit, Black Panther continued to say: “The rest of my ten plus comrades all possess different abilities, some strong and some weaker. It’s fortunate that this genetically modifying substance can allow our mutations to upgrade; from the injection’s innate properties combined with our own personal efforts, our strength could continue to grow with training.

Lei Yu smiled, “so that’s how it is, looks like the Yamaguchi-gumi’s influence is indeed not weak to be able to form a relationship with people in the U.S.”

“That’s why I originally said that based on one person’s strength, it’s impossible to fight against the huge underground force that is Yamaguchi-gumi.”

“It doesn’t matter; don’t I now have you and the additional ten plus people as companions?” Lei Yu’s word made them unable to back out, one phrase and he made Black Panther and the rest of the mutants into his own people.

“Don’t worry about anything, I’ll be leaving now and in the shortest amount of time, I will convince the rest of comrades to our cause.” Black Panther respectfully bowed.

Lei Yu nodded his head, “Go ahead, this comrade of yours along with this house will be burned together, we’ll consider to have found a good burial place for him.”

Black Panther’s speed was really quite fast. During the night, his figure would be gone within a blink of an eye. On the mountain road, several cars would occasionally pass through. At the foot of a mountain, a raging fire was burning down a house. Lei Yu sat atop of a rotten tree stump across from the flames as he waited for Nami’s return.

Gently rotating the ring worn on his finger, Lei Yu was wondering how the old lady had gotten herself stuck in the Kou country. Even though he was very emotional when he had helped her, Lei Yu was still able to see past the old woman’s thin and spiritless face and notice a hint of noble elegance about her; this type of noble aura was difficult to erase from her.

Hearing the engine of a car getting closer, Lei Yu got in and the two returned to their hotel.

“Ying Ying, we cannot keep living in this hotel right? Now that my identity has been pretty much exposed, sooner or later we will be found out here.” Lei Yu was lazing on the sofa, just a short distance away from the corner of the sofa where Nami’s white thighs were sitting.

Staring blankly, Cui Ying Ying unintentionally noticed an old black ring on Lei Yu’s finger, but realized the ring was on his index finger. Not too concerned about it, she smiled. “I’ve already thought about this point so we’re currently looking at a house in the western part of the Kou country with an ocean view. If it fits our taste, then we will buy it.”

Lei Yi blinked. He originally wanted to mention something about renting a house that was a bit luxurious, but didn’t expect Cui Ying Ying to say that they’ll be buying a house with an ocean view; this was too unexpected of her.

“That’s going to cost a lot! There’s no way I can afford such a house with my money.” In actuality, Lei Yu didn’t want Cui Ying Ying to spend her own money since being a dignified man, having a woman spend money on him made his heart feel uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry!” Cui Ying Ying sweetly smiled, “we don’t have to fork out a single penny.”

“Oh? You lassie, is there really such a trade where no capital is required?!”


On the eastern side of the country near the sea, thousands to tens of thousands of people had gathered. Everyone was waiting with excitement, some waiting for the groundbreaking ceremony of this huge project while others were looking forward to seeing this mysterious young master that has never shown his face to the public before. Rumors abound on the internet say that the young master was a Tenglong citizen, but since it was only hearsay, the authenticity of that rumor remains to be verified.

Currently on-site in an obscure place parked a modest car, and inside the car sat a rather short Kou person. This man was none other than the head of the Kou country’s most powerful underground force, the boss of the Yamaguchi-gumi – Hasegawa.

Hasegawa already knew the identity of Lei Yu. Upon seeing the news from the internet, he immediately summoned and met with Otsuka who was previously at the Tenglong country. Based on the photos, Otsuka instantly recognized this person as Lei Yu. What could their purpose be in attending this groundbreaking ceremony? This was the unknown but one thing we are at least certain of; they would not blatantly kill Lei Yu in front of the public. If they did that, their rival force the government officials would be against it and also drawing the ire from the Tenglong country. The most important fact being Martial Sect; experts were plentiful like floating clouds in Martial Sect and their strength were no less than the Yamaguchi-gumi, the only difference was that they were situated in different geographical locations.

Cars lined up next to each other taking up all available spaces. The huge crowd at the scene was quite spectacular, it seems like the saying that Asian people were the race that most enjoyed tagging along with large gatherings were not wrong.

Near the edge of the sea in an area of about one hundred and fifty meters, the people there were full of energy. They were dressed in modern suits and just a glance; one could tell they belonged to the upper-class of society.

Everyone kept looking at their watch and kept looking beyond the crowd at the roadway. But from beginning to end, they didn’t observe any vehicles that were able to squeeze into this area.

As seconds and minutes went by, the young master had yet to appear and the crowd started getting restless and anxious.

At this time, a harsh sound came from the open sea. All eyes looked towards the direction of the sea and a white speed boat was seen travelling at fast speeds towards them. Upon seeing Cui Ying Ying aboard the boat, a fifty something year old middle-aged man in a black suit broke into a smile.

A total of four people were aboard the speedboat: A man driving the speedboat and the other three were a man and two women. Needless to say, the man was definitely the mysterious young master that everyone wanted to see. As for the other two women, one was Cui Ying Ying and the other being Nami. Cui Ying Ying had already been seen a few times so many people naturally knew her. As for Nami, many people only glimpsed at her when news and videos of the young master surfaced but it was too blurry. But her sexy attractive figure definitely proved that she was same person as the one in the video.

Lei Yu’s boat had just arrived ashore when the crowd of tens of thousands of people suddenly went into a frenzy. The crowd was trying to rush forward to see what was going on, while incessant screams and cries were heard non-stop. Over a hundred police officers were trying to hold back the crowd from rushing forward, but they too kept looking backwards due to curiosity. What did this mysterious figure that has caused such an uproar look like?

This scene did make Lei Yu a bit taken back; such a large crazy scene was comparable to a superstar like Michael Jackson making an appearance.

While arriving in front of a middle-aged man dressed in a black suit, the middle-aged man and a dozen or so people behind him shouted in unison “young master” while bowing deeply.

Although Lei Yu could not understand the Kou language, but the two words “young master” were often heard by him coming from Nami’s mouth so he naturally understood it. Lei Yu smiled and nodded, his deep and profound eyes that people could not read; his young face revealed a contemplative and implausibly bitter look with a mature temperament.

Shrill screams were constantly heard from the outer ring of the crowd so Lei Yu unconsciously waved his hands at them, the smile on his face made those flirtatious girls go into a frenzy. Men like him were hard to find in the Kou country; a tall figure, a handsome face, and the way that he looked like he was smiling but not really completely melted the hearts of these girls longing for love.

Cui Ying Ying introduced everyone one by one in front of them, especially the one called Yamamoto – he was well-known in the Kou country for being the CEO of a corporation in the Light Industry so his identity was naturally well respected to the maximum. But when he looked at Lei Yu and inadvertently showed a look of worship in his eyes, this type of look coming from a heavyweight business tycoon was really rare, making it a hard to come by moment.

After getting to know some of the important characters, the groundbreaking ceremony officially began. What Lei Yu and Yamamoto had to do was pick up a shovel at the water’s edge, then shovel some dirt into the water and the ceremony would be considered completed. Such a simple action yet it caused such a large reaction from the crowd, Lei Yu thought it was a bit unremarkable. But since he was putting on a show, he might as well perform his best and do it to the end.

“Hold on! He’s a fraud!”


¹ – Translation could be black panther or black leopard so I chose panther.

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