Ch 89 – Revisiting The Pendant

“Gray Bear.”

Lei Yu nodded, the name really suited the person. “Then I’ll trouble you with the task.” From the table, he picked up a black leather bag, “inside is $100,000 U.S. dollars, as to how to handle this task is all up to you guys. But… I hope tomorrow night you guys will give me update; of course, I hope everything will go smoothly.”

No one else said anything; they had developed a habit of just acknowledging their orders without asking any questions. Each of them stood up and Gray Bear said: “Young master, there’s no need for so much money.”

“Pretend I’m treating my fellow brothers to a drink.” Lei Yu said in a generous tone.

His words we indeed quite lavish, which person would go out drinking that required $100,000 U.S. dollars? Even if it was a marriage reception, they still couldn’t spend that much if they drank themselves to death.

When the group left, Lei Yu also immediately left afterwards. He was not worried the group of mutants would make a mess of things; in order to have useful people by your side, you must first trust them and not doubt them.

Lei Yu returned to the hotel early and greeted Black Panther. Those two looked like they were switching shifts, one came and the other left.

“Lei Yu, did you know? A lot of celebrities wanted to meet you today, unfortunately you didn’t go.” Smiled Cui Ying Ying.

“What’s the point in me going? I’m not a monkey at the zoo for people’s viewing pleasure.”


Cui Ying Ying then returned to her room. Lei Yu looked at Nami who had already fallen asleep on the sofa, and suddenly several questions appeared in his mind.

“Didn’t this girl still have a grandmother at home? How come I haven’t seen her go home and visit?” But seeing how sweet and deep she appeared to be sleeping, Lei Yu didn’t want to disturb her. Quietly watching from the bedroom door, he then went back inside his room and took off his clothes before sitting down cross-legged. The first thing he did was play around with the storage ring on his finger. Lei Yu was still enjoying that freshness one experiences with a new toy so it was inevitable that he would want to play with it.

Now when it came to him cultivating, he has never neglected it. Although his progress was slow, he had kept up with it, never slacking off his efforts and continuously trying to improve himself.

But today, Lei Yu was planning something different, and this new different plan was borderline crazy. Although it looked like Lei Yu was indifferent to his slow improvement rate, but in reality, he was extremely anxious. If he cannot attain a powerful strength, not even mentioning wanting to destroy the Yamaguchi-gumi, the main issue was not knowing when he could even avenge his grandfather’s death. Didn’t Nuo Yi Long say it very clearly? Based on Lei Yu’s current strength, it was impossible for him to get revenge.

Lei Yu gently touched the pendant hanging against his chest. To this day, Lei Yu still couldn’t figure out what’s up with this pendant with the “moon” character on it. He only knows that every time he circulates his internal energy to cultivate, he would deliberately avoid it, developing into a habit.

Inhaling a deep breath, Lei Yu silently prayed in his heart: Spiritual Bead of Longevity, you must help me when the time comes!

Forcefully breathing out that deep breath, Lei Yu started slowly circulating his internal energy inside his dantian’s Sea of Energy point. With a large gathering of internal energy inside the Sea of Energy under his control, it started growing at a rapid and alarming rate. Accompanied with a powerful force, Lei Yu’s internal energy began to increase and become thicker. When compared to before, it was like comparing the earth to the heavens.

Last time when his consciousness entered into the pendant, he was unable to get out. At the last minute, it was fortunate that the Spiritual Bead of Longevity intervened or he would not have survived a death by self-explosion.

The internal energy slowly approached his chest, “pak pak” sounds of lightning crackled within the energy as it moved closer. It got closer and closer, and at the critical moment, Lei Yu could not become careless. Using a thin line of internal energy to probe ahead, he found there were no obstacles. Lei Yu successfully immersed his consciousness into the pendant.

Inside the world of darkness, it gave Lei Yu a feeling as if he was deep underground somewhere. Even though it was his second time coming here, it still made Lei Yu feel an inexplicable and unbearable pressure.

Shortly after, a spot of white light gradually appeared in the sky. The white spot of light looked like a star, and it began to expand. But what made Lei Yu surprised; this was completely different from the moon he saw last time.

“What’s going on? Why is the moon in a crescent shape and not in its full form?”

But now was not the time to think about this. The half moon shone down a white light mixed with the lights of sparkling stars creating a beautiful scene, and it all fell upon Lei Yu’s body.

This feeling was wonderful, a feeling that Lei Yu had experienced before. Yet it was this same wonderful and warm feeling that made him feel a bit scared; first comfort then pain later.

One thing Lei Yu guessed was correct, the comfortable feeling he felt continued. The warm white light penetrated into different parts of Lei Yu’s body. Whether it be his cells or his hair roots, his nose or throat; they were all slowly absorbing the light. If this slow absorption continued to enter his body, Lei Yu could easily absorb all this power. But the problem was how long will this calm continue for?

The naked eye cannot see it but in reality, the air surrounding Lei Yu were becoming distorted, especially the crescent moon hanging in the sky above the Kou country. At an extremely slow rate, the moonlight was spilling towards the direction of Lei Yu. Once it got near the window of Lei Yu’s bedroom, it did not show signs of stopping, it shone through the glass and scattered upon Lei Yu’s body.

After a sudden tremor, Lei Yu felt beads of sweat form on his forehead, sweat that was mixed with black impurities. Lei Yu’s consciousness was in a constant struggle, but it hadn’t reached his limit yet; the words to describe the current intensity of absorption would be “pure madness.” Once the moonlight was absorbed into the body, it would immediately smash into his veins, causing the green energy to start activating. The green energy revolving around Lei Yu’s chest rushed out to repair the damaged veins and blood vessels.

Overflowing, overflowing, it’s overflowing again. Can’t absorb anymore!

Lei Yu tightly clenched his fists, the veins in his arms visibly popping out. His body was constantly trembling but the Spiritual Bead of Longevity’s manifested yellow energy did not appear with Lei Yu’s pain, it was just quietly nestled inside his brain like it did not see or care what was going on right now.

Lei Yu was extremely anxious, “Spiritual Bead of Longevity! Stop messing around! This is not the time to play a joke with me!”

Gradually, the crescent moon began to lose its shape and become dim. And because of this, Lei Yu’s breathing became more rapid; his chest rising up and down; and bursts of tightness in his chest could be felt in his awareness.

His internal energy under the sway of the moonlight gradually became tyrannical, surging around like crazy. The energy containing lightning within it made “pak pak” sounds as if it wanted to break free from his body. Each path of internal energy was filled with the essence of moonlight, becoming more robust. There was no way for Lei Yu to fully control it, especially when he had to focus a portion of his willpower to deal with jade pendant’s own moonlight scouring.

Seconds and minutes went by, Lei Yu’s breathing started to slow down but handling his current condition was getting more difficult than before.

“I was really asking for trouble! I shouldn’t have even come in! I’m done, I’m done! I can’t get out! I can’t even control my own thoughts anymore!

It’s not that Lei Yu didn’t absorb it; it’s that he didn’t have enough time to absorb it. Every time the energy went inside him, it would scatter throughout his entire body. And his veins filled with internal energy were madly absorbing it, similar to African refugees eating like they’ve been starving for a long time. This madness was causing his body to nearly collapse.

Lei Yu’s sweat had already drenched the area he was sitting on. “Aghh!”

Lei Yu couldn’t handle it anymore and screamed out loud. Waking up Nami who was asleep in the living room, she rubbed her eyes and got up. She gently knocked on Lei Yu’s bedroom door and after not getting any response or hearing any movements; she thought she must’ve been dreaming and returned to the sofa.

“What to do? What to do? What on earth should I do?”

Right. Currently Lei Yu has no way to solve his current crisis, but the situation doesn’t give him anymore time to come up with a solution. If only Nami could go inside the room and knock him out, then maybe it could stop his consciousness, but…

His head was suddenly racked with pain and a yellow light started shimmering. Lei Yu was overjoyed and cursed out: “F*cker! Should have came earlier!”

If it were ordinary people, the moonlight shining down onto a particular area would not be seen by them, but a pair of eyes in the darkness of night was fully aware of this; a short person lying on top of a round bed by the beach of Yamaguchi-gumi Island, was Hasegawa.

At this time, he stopped the pretty girl next to him sucking on his penis, his eyes staring at the moon. He could understand if the moonlight shone on him and spread out everywhere, but the light was only shining on one location. He was unable to comprehend this incredible scene, “something strange is definitely going on!”

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