Ch 98 – Disappearance Of The Young Master


This move made those two rushing forward stunned for a bit. What sort of battle technique was this? Mutual destruction?

But very quickly, they understood the reasoning. The ninja that was binding Lei Yu had a flexible body so it was hard to damage him directly. But the head that is entirely composed of bones cannot have that flexibility. Lei Yu saw this point, and it indeed was effective. With this impact, even though Lei Yu felt some pain on his forehead, the ninja facing him screamed out loud. Both his legs no longer had strength to bind Lei Yu and loosened up.

And it was during this sudden break, Lei Yu quickly leaned backwards. With a back flip, his hands supporting his body, he raised this right leg up while the left leg gained speed and strength. A superb bicycle kick struck directly at one of the incoming Shadow Ninja’s chest.


A big mouthful of flood burst forth, flowing like it didn’t cost any money. The blood splashed all over his chest as he flew off from the impact, making Lei Yu look like he successfully scored a penalty kick. The ninja’s body directly flew out the classroom door for at least another 5 meters before sliding down the third floor stairs.

The ninja that was head butted while trying to recover saw this scene and suddenly panicked. He tried to use his legs to hook Lei Yu again but it was too late, Lei Yu sneered while he performed a strong knee strike.

Just like feeling something shattering, Lei Yu’s knees slowly withdrew from the ninja’s crotch area. At the next moment, without any ability to retaliate, the ninja fell heavily to the ground with his knees clamped together; eyeballs protruding as his hands trying to rub his crotch. The painful expression the ninja made did make Lei Yu shudder at the thought of what he did.

The Fire Shadow Ninja never imagined from having the upper hand in the situation, it would suddenly all collapse. Out of the three Shadow Ninjas, two died and one was injured. This was not something a Fire Shadow Ninja could take responsibility for; he can’t let this person go no matter what! This was his only way out.

His pair of hands rapidly formed ninjutsu seals. Besides him about a meter away, a figure similar to him was rapidly condensing, from see-through to a hazy form, a hazy form to a solid figure; finally the clone achieved a complete presence.

As Lei Yu turned back to look, he was shocked beyond words! Why was there an extra person now? Taking a closer look, two of the ninjas looked exactly the same; the short guy clearly used his ninjutsu.

“Hey shorty, you think you can beat me with these petty tricks?” Lei Yu said with disdain. In a short time, Lei Yu himself had used seemingly dirty tricks to take on three people. If he didn’t do that, his chances of winning this battle would be close to nil. He pretty much didn’t have a choice but to use this method.

Head butting, groin kicking; these types of dirty methods wasn’t something Lei Yu would dare to be seen using in normal circumstances. But since his life was on the line, as long as he can win, then it’s the most optimal method. Lei Yu’s mouth unconsciously cringed from this.

The short guy looked at his companion that was rolling around on the ground in pain; it was inevitable that he thought about his own jewels. If he suffered that heavy attack, his jewels will probably have exploded… he couldn’t help swallowing hard. Clearing the scene from his mind, he regained his mental status for the fight. “Stop bullshitting, you’ll know if I can win after we fight!”


The real body and the clone both moved at the same time, the speed extremely fast. Lei Yu took one step forward and then pushed off fiercely. Interestingly, his body actually shot off backwards. At the same time, he didn’t dare take his eyes off the two figures. One cannot look down on the power of experts at the Fifth Order rank, the main point was Lei Yu couldn’t tell which figure was the real body and which was the clone.

Lei Yu had to do some testing. As he was propelling backwards, he passed an old desk. Lei Yu struck the desk, and pieces of broken wood immediately burst apart. Within a brief moment, Lei Yu grabbed onto a relatively longer piece of wood. Using a bit of hand strength, he broke the piece of wood into two. In a fluid motion, Lei Yu then threw out the two pieces of wood, his target being the two short guys that looked identical to each other.

Sure enough, the short guy on the left quickly deflected the piece of wood coming towards him; while the other piece of wood did not encounter any resistance. The piece of wood completely passed through the figure of the shorty on the right.

Confirming his target, Lei Yu stopped moving backwards. Bending his leg, he reversed his direction and flew forward; the power in his hands had already been condensed to a horrifying degree.

His target was the short guy on the left. As they got closer and closer, especially when the two were facing each other, their speeds increased more rapidly.

The lightning net had already completely wrapped around Lei Yu’s fists. With a purple glint in his eyes, Lei Yu’s gaze was trained on the short guy in front of him.

Close enough! Lei Yu’s fist struck against the short guy’s head, his fist then passing through the head without any resistance!

“What’s going on?” Lei Yu was staring wide eyed. He couldn’t understand when his fist struck its target, it didn’t have the feeling he imagined but just kept passing through. This… this…!

Too late, Lei Yu took too long to realize what was going on. Lei Yu only felt a chill on his back; the short guy exposed a hideous face and was holding onto a short curved blade that came out of nowhere.


“Agghh!” Lei Yu suddenly looked up and screamed. Unbearable pain was invading his back making him almost lose his consciousness. Lei Yu started trembling beyond his control, he stumbled forward a few steps while he turned around. But before his eyes could land on the short guy, he blacked out and fell onto the ground.


Nami drove her grandmother to the hospital. She was finally relieved when there weren’t any life threatening injuries. Once they left the hospital, it was after Nami’s repeated persuasion that her grandmother finally agreed not to go home, but to stay at a little inn for the time being. At least there would be some assurance that the ninjas could not cause any more trouble by using her grandmother.

Nami’s heart was filled with concern for Lei Yu, afraid something bad may have happened to him. Embracing her courage, she returned to the abandoned school. She was alone by herself in the cold night, especially at a school that was abandoned with unknown reasons, this type of scene Nami had watched multiple times on the TV. But Lei Yu’s safety was unknown right now so no matter what, she had to go take a look.

On the third floor of the school building, the night wind was blowing against the window of a classroom causing “pak pak” sounds. Nami held back her tears as she continued forward. Once she arrived at the previous classroom, there was no one around anymore. Apart from some blood stains on the ground, some tables flipped over and damaged chairs due to a fight; there was no one inside the room.

After calling out a few times without any responses, Nami could only leave.

Returning to the inn her grandmother was staying at, she explained some things to her before returning to the hotel. Her heart will not rest until she sees Lei Yu.

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  1. Lei Yu doing it again, this kid never learn, stupid MC like him are pretty rare heh

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  2. CCE says:

    Wtf… How stupid can one be? If the clone was just an illusion, then the ninja would have at least tried to dodge the direct impact. Considering he did not, he should have expected something to happen.

    Thanks for the chapter!


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