Undefeatable – Ch124

Chapter 124 – Death Combo


It looked like Luo Tian went wild.

This type of unrestrained wildness came from his bones, making him seem extremely domineering and overbearing.

This was his path of slaughter – death!

One had to become wild, overbearing, and look down at all existences! Even if he encountered an opponent more stronger and powerful than him, Luo Tian had to become even more crazier!

“The prophecy is going to be fulfilled.”

“He is really the person mentioned in the prophecy.”

“He is really handsome.”

The earth’s core race became so excited that tears had formed in their eyes. There was also a sign of hope within them. At this time, they all started standing up with straightened backs. This was also the instant that they started feeling that things were going to get better in the future.

With tears in her eyes, the old granny look at Luo Tian while mumbling to herself: “Immortal is really too handsome looking, it would be great if I could have his child.”

If Luo Tian had heard this…

Most likely he would immediately turn around and run off, never bothering to come back ever again.

You Hun had a really ugly look on his face. His death aura was actually destroyed and then swallowed, so how could he accept such a thing?

Especially when he noticed the earth’s core race started cheering for Luo Tian, the rage in his heart started gushing out like crazy.

You Hun angrily sneered before shouting: “Humph! You bunch of cheap trash seem to be enjoying yourselves in front of this daddy. Let me immediately let you experience a pain worse than death!”

The ferocious beast below him also started howling.

The expression of those earth’s core race drastically changed and the cheering sound suddenly lessened a lot.

Luo Tian then shouted in an overbearing manner: “You little bastard, still acting arrogant huh? Do you believe that this daddy can beat the shit out of you any second now?”

“So handsome!”

“He can still be so handsome while talking.”

“I love you Immortal!”

Aren’t these earth’s core race a bit too friendly?

They were all naked with full breasts and extremely hot figures. Their breasts would have no problem giving oil massages… If he were to stay at this place, then his life will really be filled with sexual happiness!

With this many women… it was going to be awesome!

Luo Tian shook his head to clear his mind before cursing himself: “Luo Tian, Luo Tian, can you f*cking be a little bit more serious? Chunchun’s mother is still waiting to be rescued by your; Murong Wanjian is still waiting for you to be stepped on; that sister Xue’er is still waiting for you to comfort her; and that ice cold Leng Hanshuang’s tight ass is waiting for you to slap it until it blooms flowers. Dreaming of staying here? Can you please have a little bit of integrity?”

“At least…”

“I should at least take care of all the important matters first, THEN I can sneak back here and enjoy a round or two.”


It was all thrown to the ground in pieces.

The earth’s core race lived their lives below ground.

They never wore clothes and were a very open race. Especially when it came to love and courtship, they would be very direct and not try to play games.

When they saw an ideal candidate, they would immediately express their love to them. If it weren’t for Luo Tian being an outsider making them feel slightly reserved, most likely they would have swarmed him already each trying to get a piece of him. By then, Luo Tian would probably be completely drained down there and live a life of utter exhaustion.

They more these women cheered, the more rage You Hun felt.


You Hun angrily roared into the sky. His legs clamped down and the ferocious beast below him shot forward like a streak of lightning. “You damn human trash, go and die for me!”


“With just a little bastard like you?”

Luo Tian remained wildly unrestrained as the concept of death’s path of slaughter was constantly spreading around his body. His eyes turned grim as he shouted: “You want to directly clash with me head on? This daddy will play with you!”

“Level 2 Berserk!”


The power of four times the attributes exploded out.

Right after…

Luo Tian shouted: “Magma Fire, upgraded version!”

His feet and legs were covered in magma and started glowing red. Steam started coming out of them while Luo Tian had an extremely cold expression that exuded endless killing intent.

Watching You Hun rush towards him, Luo Tian stood his ground without moving. The muscles in his body were all tensed up as he said to himself: “This daddy wants to see if I’m able to forcefully resist someone at the Profound Grandmaster realm.”

Directly resisting an attack from an expert at the Profound Grandmaster realm?

Luo Tian had completely gone nuts, becoming a super looney lunatic.

Training his physical resistance for only a month and a bit… could he really directly resist the attack?!

Luo Tian honestly had no idea.


He wanted to give it a try. Only then will he understand the strength of someone at the Profound Grandmaster realm.

Back then when Chen Tianyao attacked him, he was completely relying on the defensive abilities of the Evil Blood Armor. Now that the Evil Blood Armor’s defense was back to its early stages, there’s no way it could resist. Luo Tian could only rely on his own physical body now.

He wanted to directly resist it head on!

Seeing how Luo Tian wasn’t moving, You Hun became even more enraged. His spear shot out as he angrily roared: “Storm Blossom Spear!”

The spear’s point was like torrential rain stabbing forth like crazy.

In a short several seconds, over a hundred spear strikes had been performed!

And each spear strike contained a death aura about it so once it penetrated into the body; it would start invading like crazy.

“Splutter~… splutter~…”

Luo Tian’s whole body was filled with holes where blood squirted out of them. As the blood flowed out, the wound looked black showing symptoms similar to being poisoned.

Very painful!


Luo Tian currently looked like an excited lunatic when he started laughing out loudly. “Hahaha, is this the strength of someone at the Profound Grandmaster realm? It’s really not considered much!”

He didn’t put up any type of defense.

Luo Tian was strictly relying on his physical body. Although You Hun’s attack had penetrated into his fleshly body, the wounds weren’t deep at all!

The toughness of his physical body had reached a very powerful realm.

This month of self torture had finally shown a bit of success!

The current image of Luo Tian was exactly like a madman. Even the ferocious You Hun’s expression darkened as he cursed out: “You damn lunatic!”

“Heh heh…”

“Your attacks have ended so now it’s my turn now.”

Luo Tian ferociously grinned, showing his teeth that were stained with blood. This was a smile with a death intent.

In an instant…

The power that had already been circulating within him immediately burst forth as Luo Tian shouted: “Shadewind Steps!”


Luo Tian’s figure blurred and had already disappeared from his spot. The next time he appeared was when he was already in front of You Hun. The power in his right arm was aroused before a punch slammed out.


The speed was too fast so You Hun didn’t have time to react.

His body flew out several meters back and before he was able to land on the ground, Luo Tian had already arrived at the landing place waiting. Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “Uppercut!”

You Hun’s body once again flew up.

Luo Tian continued following as he leapt into the air. His two magma covered feet started kicking continuously: “The third strike, fourth strike, fifth strike, sixth…”

A fiery light scattered around and magma splattered all over the place.

At this moment in time, Luo Tian looked like he was dancing. The dance moves weren’t that pretty to look out but it was filled with incomparable dominance! It contained the essence of death as if they were waltzing in the depths of hell. This dance was a blossoming death combo and was simply too awesome!

This level of awesomeness was a complete mess!

“The one hundredth combo!”


As Luo Tian’s voice faded, You Hun’s body finally landed heavily on the ground. His abdomen was missing since it was trampled into powder by Luo Tian.

You Hun had the so called immortal body so he didn’t die and didn’t feel the slightest bit of pain. He looked at Luo Tian before laughing out in disdain: “Hahaha, so what if you’re powerful? You still aren’t able to kill this daddy, hahaha…”

Extremely arrogant and wild.

“Shit man!”

“You’re still acting arrogant at this time? Who gave you such retarded courage?”

Luo Tian smiled while shaking his head.

You Hun started laughing crazily again and was just about to say something…

Luo Tian’s fingers curled into a claw shape and instantly clutched onto You Hun’s skull. He then coldly smiled and said: “Explode for me!”

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