Undefeatable – Ch14

Chapter 14 – Acting Patriarch

Since this was like a video game’s leveling system…

Since he could kill beasts to level up…

Since he could do quests…

Since he could kill people and take their items…

Then how could there not be a final boss?

It would be impossible for it to not have a final boss!

Luo Tian had always been anticipating this. He had thought about it countless times as to how the final boss would appear. What he never imagined was the final boss would be human, and it was actually the Luo family’s Patriarch Luo Jianshan. Was this the legendary final boss in its human form?

Luo Tian had become excited at this moment!

A golden light flashed in Luo Tian’s eyes as he started drooling and staring at Luo Jianshan unblinkingly.

The current Luo Jianshan was like a charming and sexy beautiful girl. It was as if she was slowly taking off one piece of clothing at a time, seductively hooking him into her grasp.

This was too f*cking tempting!


Luo Tian swallowed a large mouthful of saliva as he rubbed his hands in glee, “Final boss, final boss, I finally get to see the final boss. Hahaha…”

“I’m going to play you to death, I’m definitely going to play you to death, I HAVE to play you to death…”

What’s the most exciting part of a video game?

Of course it was meeting the final boss. It was like a strong emotional rush that would make all the player’s heart tighten. The final boss meant a bunch of experience and bunch of loots. Just thinking about it makes one extremely excited!

Of course…

There were times of excitement and there were times of sadness.

Luo Tian was now filled with sadness. Seeing the final boss yet he didn’t have the strength to kill it, this pain was unbearable to him.

Right now he had no red health bar left and no blue energy bar, he was seriously injured. He wouldn’t be able to even handle a single strike from Luo Jianshan who was at the Profound Master 7th rank, making him feel pressured.


“This daddy must endure!”

“Just you wait; this daddy will eventually kick your ass. There should be a lot of experience points from a final boss, my levels might even blow up. Muahahaha…” Luo Tian’s lips curved up and revealed an excited smile.

With those series of expressions on his face, Luo Tian looked like a retard.

All the Luo family disciples on the martial training ground thought he had gone nuts.

Luo Xiaoshan’s rage did not diminish as he quickly ran over to Luo Jianshan. He then pointed at Luo Tian and said: “Big brother, that mix breed dog injured my son. No matter what, I have to kill him today!”

After saying that…

Luo Xiaoshan started circulating his profound energy and glared at Luo Tian, “Mix breed dog, go and die for me!”

Luo Tian didn’t move and only casually glanced at Luo Xiaoshan, smiled and silently said to himself: “A red named elite monster that will automatically aggro?”

Luo Xiaoshan’s whole body was giving off a red light, even his name was in red.

This type of “monster” will automatically attack people in video games. And Luo Xiaoshan’s feet seemed to have a golden light surrounding it, so he was clearly an elite monster.


Luo Jianshan roared out before Luo Xiaoshan could make a move. He then produced a small bottle and said: “Yue Er’s¹ injury isn’t serious, give him these three Spirit Tranquility pills.”

“Spirit Tranquility pills?”

“The Grade 2 healing medicine Spirit Tranquility pills? The Patriarch is so generous!”

Everyone started whispering with expressions of envy on their face.

Luo Xiaoshan took the pills and said: “Big brother, that mix breed dog struck and injured someone at the martial training grounds and broke the rules set by our ancestors. According to the rules, we can expel him from the Luo family.”

One must not engage in personal fights on the martial training grounds. This was a rule set in stone by the previous Luo family ancestors.

Feng Lei’s eyes widened and rage appeared on his pale face. He then loudly said: “That kid Luo Yue was the first to make a move, if someone broke the rules; it was him that broke it first.”

Luo Xiaoshan’s eyes glared angrily at Feng Lei and cursed out: “What crap do you think you are? You don’t have the qualifications to speak here.”

Luo Tian narrowed his eyes and stepped forward with a smile, “The Luo family’s rules say that whoever makes the first move is in the wrong. Luo Yue was the first to strike at me so even if I beat him to death, there’s nothing wrong with it.”

Luo Xiaoshan coldly smiled, “My son was the first to make a move? Who here can be the witness?”

“I can!” Feng Lei yelled out and stood next to Luo Tian. He was carefully watching Luo Xiaoshan as if he was afraid he was going to make a sneak attack on Luo Tian.

Luo Xiaoshan’s smile didn’t stop and asked: “Apart from you, is there anyone else?”

Luo Tian swept his eyes through the crowd and all the Luo family disciples lowered their head. There was no one willing to stand out as a witness. Luo Tian shook his head and coldly smiled, is this how much of a dog shit family the Luo family is now?

Luo Xiaoshan complacently smiled and said: “Only you as a witness? It’s useless for you to be a witness since you’re his servant. It looks like it was you two pieces of trash that broke the ancestor’s rules. Patriarch, please issue a verdict in accordance to the family rules.” As he was saying this, Luo Xiaoshan stared at Luo Tian with killing intent and silently said to himself: “Mix breed dog, once big brother expels you out of the Luo family, this old man will send you to see the Yama King.”


Luo Tian started laughing into the air and coldly said: “If we’re all talking about the rules, that’s fine, this daddy will use rules to chat with you!”

“Your dog fart son insulted this young master. Isn’t insulting the young master breaking the ancestor’s rules? According to the family rules, I can kill him and no one can do anything about it.”

“Since the son doesn’t know any better, which means the father doesn’t know any better as well.”

“Luo Xiaoshan, the father means you. You entered the martial training grounds and immediately made a heavy strike towards me, isn’t that breaking the rules of the martial training grounds?”

“Your mouth keeps uttering ‘mix breed dog’ here, ‘mix breed dog’ there, unscrupulously insulting the future Patriarch of the Luo family, doesn’t that mean you broke the Luo family’s rules?”

“You motherf*cker, you keep saying us brothers are crap, so what sort of crap is your mother?”

His voice went from soft to loud, and the last sentence was practically screamed out. Luo Tian stared at Luo Xiaoshan as if he was going to eat him alive, “F*ck, you want to talk rules with this daddy? You little Elder of the Luo family is not qualified. Do you understand what ‘not qualified’ means?”

Luo Tian heavily emphasized the Luo family’s young master. This made Luo Jianshan’s face darken and a chilling light flash in his eyes.

Being the Acting Patriarch had always been the thorn in Luo Jianshan’s heart.

Even though he currently holds onto the entire Luo family, Luo Tian isn’t dead so upon the right age, he would become the Luo family’s Patriarch.

The only way to remove the word “Acting” from his Patriarch title was to get rid of Luo Tian!

At this point, this matter had become an issue that he couldn’t delay anymore!

Luo Xiaoshan’s rosy face turned purple, and then turned black. He couldn’t find a thing to say after being cursed out by Luo Tian, he was so pissed off he almost cracked his teeth from clenching them so hard. His rage reaching the heavens, he rushed forth like a crazy person, “Mix breed dog, I’m going to kill you!”

“Look at that….”

“Everyone look at that, Elder Luo Xiaoshan is threatening me and I’m really scared.” Luo Tian pretended to show a cheap and scared expression and then said: “Acting Patriarch, you can see this clearly right? Luo Xiaoshan publicly insulted this young master and verbally said he was going to kill me. If this were according to the family rules, shouldn’t we chop off his arms and legs?”

Luo Jianshan’s face sank and quickly pulled Luo Xiaoshan back, “Xiaoshan, calm down!”

“Let me go big brother, today I have to peel off his skin!” Luo Xiaoshan was so made that his hair were standing on its end. Each time he looked at Luo Tian’s cheap and fake expressions, the rage would rush into his brains.

Luo Tian looked at Luo Xiaoshan with his cheap face and a contemptuous smile. It was almost like he was saying: “I’ve always been cheap like this, come bite me if you dare.”

Luo Tian was acting like this because he could tell Luo Jianshan would not dare to kill him at the martial training grounds.

If that’s the case, then there’s nothing for him to fear here.

In the future however…

Heehee… who knows who is going to kill whom by then.

Luo Jianshan was holding Luo Xiaoshan back and lightly smiled, “What a sharp tongue. I hope that during this hunting contest, you’re as powerful as your mouth, my future Luo family Patriarch.”

After that, Luo Jianshan said to Luo Qingchan: “Since the Luo family’s young master wants to participate in the hunting contest, of course he’s automatically qualified for it. Quickly record his name down.”

Luo Qingchan immediately wrote down Luo Tian’s name.

Just as Luo Jianshan was about to leave, Luo Tian called out his name and smiled, “Acting Patriarch, as the young master of the Luo family, I have the qualifications to bring my brother into the contest as well right?

Luo Jianshan turned around and coldly smiled.

Without even waiting for a response, Luo Tian laughed, “I’m only asking out of formality since whether your agree to or not, I’ll still be bringing him. After all, you’re just an Acting Patriarch and don’t have the right to interfere.”

“Am I correct, Acting Patriarch…?”

“Hey, hey, don’t go! Acting Patriarch??”


¹ – Yue Er literally means Yue son, a sign of endearment that only people very close to each other would use.

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  1. kouk2002 says:

    Well even if his strength ain’t big, his balls are beyond measure. If not MC he would of just signed his own death sentence. Wonder how many will try to kill him, and how few therefor make it back alive after this trial.

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    • mike777ac says:

      I always find it strange when these people, who have already died once before and know that they’re basically immortal, bow down and struggle to survive so hard immediately after their reincarnation lol. It’s different once they form an attachment to the world, but if you just got there, then why would it matter?


      • DMR says:

        Cause it’s smarter to hide. He leveled up in mere days and he knows everyone wants him dead…. so hiding for a few days would allow him to level up enough to kill them all…


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