Undefeatable – Ch16

Chapter 16 – An A-Ranked Quest

Late at night, Luo Jianshan’s bedroom.

Luo Jianshan had his hands clasped around his back while he looked out of the window at the darkness with a slight frown on his face.

He was very annoyed at what had happened today at the martial training grounds, especially when Luo Tian kept repeating “Acting Patriarch.” This was like a sharp thorn that kept stabbing in his heart, making him have a hard time enduring.

He allowed Luo Tian to keep living all these years because he needed time to take over the Luo family, especially when it came to restricting the three Elders that were against him.

Even though he still hasn’t completely grasped control of the entire Luo family, he has managed to control ⅔ of the estates and properties of the Luo family.

He was originally planning on using another year to get the remaining ⅓ of the estates, but he couldn’t endure it anymore.

“Lin Er, in addition of gaining first place for this hunting contest, you have another task to accomplish.” Luo Jianshan lightly said.

Luo Lin lightly smiled, “I know father, I’ll get rid of that trash!”

Luo Lin had just heard what happened at the martial training grounds which annoyed the crap out of him. A mere piece of trash with a crippled dantian dared to be so arrogant?

If I was there, I would have viciously stomped Luo Tian to death!

Luo Jianshan’s eyebrows twitched and reminded: “I had secretly observed Luo Tian with my profound energy and he should be at the Profound Pupil 5th rank. He must be gotten rid of during the hunting contest but it’s best that you don’t personally do it. You are the future young master of the Luo family so if you personally made a move, it will affect your image and my image. Do you understand?”

Being accused of assassinating the young master would be a huge deal. Since Luo Jianshan wanted to assume the title of the Luo family’s Patriarch, he couldn’t leave behind any evidence for people to use against him.

“I can’t personally kill him?”

Luo Lin sneered with a bored expression, “Don’t worry father, I have thousands of ways for a piece of trash to die without a corpse left in the Ghostly Mountain Range!”

Luo Jianshan nodded and smiled in satisfaction.

He was very satisfied with Luo Lin’s performance. No matter if it was his talent in cultivation or his intellect, he had never been disappointed.

He believes that for this hunting contest, his son’s performance will be perfect.

Immediately after…

Luo Jianshan brought out a thumb sized crystal that gave off a faint light. The light diffused into the environment and a thick profound energy filled the entire bedroom.

Luo Lin’s eyes were filled with shock and excitedly asked: “Father, is this a xuan stone?”

Xuan stone, an item formed by nature. It contained thick profound energy and was a martial cultivator’s ultimate treasure.

Xuan stones were separated into high, middle, and low grades. The higher the grade, the thicker the profound energy. The xuan stone that Luo Jianshan took out was low grade quality xuan stone. For such a low grade xuan stone, it had already cost the family 10,000 gold which was almost a fifth of the entire Luo family’s net worth.

Apart from Luo Xiaoshan, the other four Elders opposed the decision of buying the xuan stone.

Luo Jianshan ignored their opposition and still purchased the xuan stone to supplement the first place winner’s reward.

His goal was to give it to his son Luo Lin.

At the Profound Pupil 8th rank, he was the strongest person in the Luo family’s youngest generation.

No one was his match in this hunting contest.

He will no doubt gain first place.

Luo Jianshan smiled and said: “Lin Er, no matter where you are and whatever move you need to make, you have to remember that in this world, strength dominates everything.”

“Hold onto this xuan stone. Apart from getting first place and getting rid of Luo Tian during this hunting contest at the Ghostly Mountain Range, you need to break through to the Profound Pupil 9th rank. As long as you break through, all those voices of opposition will be drowned out by you. And no one will dare bring up my act of purchasing this xuan stone anymore.”

A seventeen year old at the Profound Pupil 9th rank – just this alone and no one in the Luo family will have a reason to rebuke him.

Within Luo Jianshan’s plans, this wasn’t the only thing as his face revealed a proud look. “Seventeen years old… being at the Profound Pupil 9th rank will reach the standard of being an outer disciple at the Green Cloud Sect. As long as you can become a disciple of the Green Cloud Sect, the Luo family or even the entire Jade Mountain City would not dare to mess with you.”

Luo Jianshan was well intentioned.

He had planned everything around this.

The decline of the Luo family over these several years, the instability inside the Luo family, and the other major families of the Jade Mountain City eyeing their territories, Luo Jianshan had considered all of it.

All these issues will solve themselves once his son becomes a disciple of the Green Cloud Sect.

He had been planning all of this these past several years!

Luo Lin was secretly delighted after receiving the xuan stone, “Father, I won’t let you down!”


Early morning, the Luo family’s martial training grounds.

There were people everywhere and they were even more excited today than yesterday.

On a stage at the center of the training grounds, there sat Luo Jianshan, Luo Xiaoshan, and four other Luo family Elders.

Down below were rows of Luo family disciples in high spirits, energetic, and filled with anticipation.

Shortly after, Luo Jianshan walked up and quieted everyone. “Today is a big day… a big day for the Luo family and a big day for you. I believe that in three days time, a large portion of you will become the elite disciples of the Luo family who will gain the comprehensive nurturing of the Luo family and gain many cultivation resources. In the future, you will become the support pillars of the Luo family and the entire family will be proud of your name.”

“What a great speech!”

“Clap, clap, clap…”

A large round of applause was heard below the stage, and all the Luo family disciples were getting even more excited.

Luo Jianshan lowered his hands a few times and waited for the noise to abate before continuing to say: “There’s no need for me to repeat the rules of the hunting contest since I believe everyone is clear on it. As long as you are able to kill a 1st ranked demonic beast, you will become a core disciple. If everyone were to cooperate with each other, I believe a 1st ranked demonic beast will not be difficult to handle. There is one thing I would like to reiterate, and that is you are all disciples of the Luo family. When you enter the Ghostly Mountain Range, you must cooperate with each other and are prohibited from killing one and another. If you are found to be disregarding the rules, you will be severely punished!”


Luo Jianshan lightly smiled and said: “In order to increase everyone’s enthusiasm for this year’s hunting contest, we have deliberately increased the rewards.”

“Apart from getting medicinal pills and chances to train in Grade 1 martial skills, a xuan stone has been added as an extra reward.”

Sounds of discussion were heard beneath the stage once the words ended.

“So it’s actually true.”

“A xuan stone as a reward… this is unprecedented.”

“This is too exciting.”

“What the hell are you excited about? The xuan stone will not even get to you, it’s definitely reserved for young master Luo Lin.”

“Right. Young master Luo Lin is so handsome and so powerful, he will definitely get first place. I really like him… if only he would marry me.”

“Stop dreaming and wake up, take a look at who’s standing next to young master Luo Lin.”

“Who is she? She’s very pretty, so much that my heart can’t even handle it anymore.”

Li Xue’er was standing coldly to the side as if she didn’t hear all the discussions around her. She didn’t have the slightest interest towards the xuan stone as a reward. When Luo Jianshan mentioned the xuan stone as a reward, she didn’t even blink. She just stood there motionless staring off at a particular direction of the crowd in a daze.

At this time…

Luo Tian was stunned.

Luo Tian was already bored of Luo Jianshan’s blabbering since the beginning, but he could only silently curse for him to hurry it up.

But when Luo Jianshan mentioned the xuan stone, an alert sounded off in his mind.


“A quest has been received: Compete for the first place in the hunting contest. This is an A ranked quest and rewards include 20,000 experience points, 1000 profound energy points, and a Grade 3 supportive martial skill!”

“Oh crap!”

“An A-ranked quest that gives out a Grade 3 martial skill?”

Luo Tian was secretly ecstatic as he rubbed his hands together, “Motherf*cker, this daddy will definitely succeed in this quest!”

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