Undefeatable – Ch161

Chapter 161 – Reward: Healing Art

“Little handsome brother, here comes this sister!”

From far away…

Qin Yue’er was running over. When she was still several meters away from Luo Tian, she jumped off and landed in his embrace. She then loudly said: “You are too powerful! I knew you could do it! Hahaha… I didn’t pick the wrong person… how could the man I’ve picked be possibly bad?!”


Even though it seemed like a simple embrace, there was actually a woman in Luo Tian’s arms. This happiness had arrived too suddenly so he wasn’t prepared for it at all.

At the same time…

Amidst the collapsed wall, the ground started shaking and an evil aura rose up. Luo Tian was startled by this as he frowned and said to himself: “He should still be okay right?”


A hand popped out of the rubble and some bricks scattered to the side. A low voice was then heard: “Yin Shang, this daddy hasn’t died yet. If you want to get past me, you need to kill this daddy first. Hahaha…”

Tang Jiu started crawling back to his feet amongst all the debris.

His clothes were tattered and his whole body was covered in bloody wounds.

The image of him was rather embarrassing but his tone was filled with unbridled arrogance. Add the fact that his face was smeared with blood, Tang Jiu looked like a domineering strong willed man!

Qin Yue’er quickly jumped out of Luo Tian’s embrace. She then looked at Tang Jiu amidst the rubble and said with concern: “Senior brother…”

Luo Tian was happy when he realized Tang Jiu was truly still alive. It felt like a big stone had been lifted from his heart. He then shouted: “Ninth brother, that mongrel Yin Shang has already been killed by me!”

It was all thanks to Tang Jiu stalling for time so that Luo Tian could successfully kill Yin Shang. If it weren’t for him using his life as the stake, Luo Tian wouldn’t have had enough time to level up and increase his Berserk skill. The outcome would be everyone dying here together.

Tang Jiu was stunned.

Only after seeing the mess around him did his lips curve into a faint smile.

Immediately after…

Tang Jiu slumped to the ground.

He was able to hold on and crawl out of the rubble because he was technically on his last breath. Seeing how the Dark Mountain Corpse City was in a complete mess and there was no longer any sign of Yin Shang’s death aura around, the realization hit him that Yin Shang was killed by Luo Tian.

He was happy for Luo Tian. But at this moment, his head became heavy before he fainted.

Luo Tian’s expression drastically changed. His figure almost instantaneously appeared behind Tang Jiu to support his fall. He then said internally: “Ninth brother, I hope you’re okay. If something happens to you, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself.”

Luo Tian was very clear that if it weren’t for Tang Jiu using his life to block Yin Shang, there was no way they would achieve their current outcome.

Most likely, Luo Tian would’ve died by Yin Shang’s hands already.

Luo Tian really admired Tang Jiu’s righteous personality and didn’t want to lose such a brother.

Tang Jiu didn’t say anything and only had a faint smile on his face.

For him right now, it was mission accomplished.

It no longer mattered if he was dead or alive.

The moment he stood out, he knew there was a high chance of him dying so he was very calm about it.

Qin Yue’er and Bai Mei quickly ran towards them.

Bai Mei took Tang Jiu’s pulse and started frowning. His fingers then let go and shook his head helplessly at Luo Tian. “It’s too late. His internal organ functions are all non-existent so I’m afraid that even if Gods descended, they wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.”

Luo Tian’s expression turned grim and said: “Don’t worry Ninth brother; I’m not going to let you die.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian leapt into the air and floated above Dark Mountain Corpse City. He then sent out his spiritual intent that swept through every nook and cranny. As he was searching, he finally found his target behind the Dark King’s Palace.

His body flew off…

His speed was so fast that he almost instantaneously arrived at the rear of the Dark King’s Palace. After kicking two undying guards flying, he smashed the door open and found the old granny along with the six naked earth’s core race women.

At this time, he grabbed onto the old woman’s hand and said: “Old granny, Yin Shang has been killed by me and the old man has also been rescued. My mission has been completed so quickly give me my reward.”

He really needed the quest reward because this was a chance at his life saving straw. If that chance worked out, he could save Tang Jiu so he really needed this reward to work.

To those women, Luo Tian seems to be rambling incoherently.

Because Luo Tian was really worried that Tang Jiu would die right here.

If this was the case, Luo Tian might hate himself for the rest of his life.

For such a righteous brother, Luo Tian was even willing to go to hell and bring him back.

The old granny was somewhat stunned by this and didn’t really understand what Luo Tian was talking about. But hearing that Yin Shang was dead and her husband was saved, she became excited and said: “Kid, you are indeed the man mentioned in the prophecy. I didn’t pick the wrong person.”

“Enough about that.”

“I’m only asking you this: Yin Shang has died and the old man has been rescued, so does that mean my quest has been accomplished? You only need to answer me and ignore the meaning of it.” Luo Tian hastily said as he didn’t have time to explain himself.

He was racing against time.

He was fighting for a chance.

He was gambling on this!

He was gambling on the quest reward which was supposed to be a supportive skill!

At this moment…

This was Luo Tian’s life saving straw.

The system didn’t seem to have intelligence. As long as the person who gave out the quest acknowledges in any shape or form, the quest would be considered completed. Since time was running short, Tang Jiu might not be able to hold on anymore. And Luo Tian might really end up not forgiving himself for the rest of his life.

The old granny was confused. Seeing how anxious Luo Tian was, she immediately nodded: “Yes it does, it does.”

At this moment…


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for completing…”

Luo Tian didn’t bother paying attention to it and only focused on the last remark.

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the martial skill Healing Art.”

“Healing Art?!”

At this moment, Luo Tian looked like he had caught a trace of hope while having grasped his own destiny within his hands. The excitement in his heart was indescribable as he laughed to himself: “He can be saved, he can be saved! Hahaha… Tang Jiu will definitely be saved by this!”

What sort of thing was this Healing Art?

This was a skill similar to the Heal or Cure spell that Priests in video games would learn, allowing them to replenish a player’s health bar. With this skill, Luo Tian could definitely save Tang Jiu without a doubt… right?

After catching up with him, Qin Yue’er had a bewildered expression on her face as she couldn’t tell what was going on with Luo Tian. He originally had a depressed look but then suddenly had an excited look, so she asked: “Did you think of a method?”

Luo Tian immediately said: “There’s a way… If I can’t save Ninth brother, then I, Luo Tian am a complete bastard, hahaha… You guys just watch, it will definitely work.”

He had gained the Healing Art skill as a reward.

But… can it really save Tang Jiu?

This wasn’t a video game. Inside video games, as long as someone had a single health point left, they could be healed with enough mana. But this was reality so did the Healing Art skill really have similar effects? Luo Tian didn’t know and the unknown was what he was secretly worried about. But… this was the only method he could think of so he could only take a gamble!

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  1. Dan McQueen says:

    hey, just a few chapters ago you said that there was no later confirmation of how he got the lvl 3 berserk for many chapters.. well i c one now


    • omgitsaray says:

      First of all, thanks for reading my translations! I was complaining about how the author had Luo Tian level up to Profound Spirit 8th rank and doesn’t mention him putting XXX amount of experience into the Berserk skill. So now experience points aren’t being mentioned anymore and being pulled out of thin air to level up skills and his own cultivation level. And the undying guards he kills now is supposed to be only worth 10 – 20 exp points each.

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