Undefeatable – Ch204

Chapter 204 – Target: Heavenly Sword City

They were going to unseal it!

It was finally being unsealed.

Luo Tian was extremely excited at this moment.

These several months in the Ghostly Mountain Range could be said that he experienced many life and death situations. It was all for gathering the five elemental demon cores. Now that he had successful gathered all the cores, his heart was really looking forward to the outcome.

The ancient scroll!

What would it look like after unsealing it?

What kind of secret or ancient treasure is hidden within it?

Would it be some ancient divine weapon?!

There were many fantastical thoughts running through Luo Tian’s mind. At this moment, he felt like all these days of hard work was worth it.

“Hey brat…”

“I need your assistance in order to crack the array.”

“The power of my soul isn’t strong enough so I need to borrow your spiritual will as well. We’ll also need the formless power of the demon cores in order to break through the array. There cannot be the slightest negligence or break in the process either. If we happen to fail, other than all our efforts being for naught, the ancient scroll won’t be able to endure the pressure and will instantly disintegrate into powder.” Advised Wild Blade in a serious manner.

Luo Tian nodded and said: “Fine, I will cooperate with you. I will let go of my spiritual will and you can control it fully.”

If it was back then…

Luo Tian will never let Wild Blade control his spiritual will.

This was something extremely dangerous.

Once one’s will was controlled, their existence could be seized by another.

But after such a long time, especially when fighting Chen Tianyao in Jade Mountain City, the Void Piercing Dragon Technique made Luo Tian extremely grateful towards Wild Blade. At the most dangerous moment, Wild Blade saved him at the cost of possibly having his soul extinguished. This alone made Luo Tian unconditionally trust Wild Blade.

Luo Tian made a thought and his sea of consciousness became quiet.

Right after that, Luo Tian said in his mind: “Wild Blade, let’s do this!”

Wild Blade then shouted: “Good brat! This is a very painful process so you must persist through it. It also consumes a lot of profound energy so you must bite down hard and hold on, and not slacken for one bit!”

“I understand!”

“Just go ahead and crack it, I can handle any pain thrown at me.” Said Luo Tian. What kind of bitterness had Luo Tian not experienced ever since he transmigrated here? What kind of pain had he not experienced? Now that it was time to crack the ancient scroll, he would still endure it even if it was more pain than he’s ever experienced.

Wild Blade started laughing happily and said: “Good brat! You have the graceful demeanor of my past, hahaha…”

Immediately after…

Wild Blade stopped the nonsense chatter and activated his soul energy.

A wisp of soul entered Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness. The sea was extremely vast which shocked Wild Blade once again. He then said to himself: “This kid is too extraordinary! He managed to refine his sea of consciousness to such a huge size, even peak Profound King’s would only have a sea of consciousness about this size. This is simply too extraordinary!”



Wild Blade’s expression turned grim. “Concept of death’s aura?”

The soul made a slight movement and woke up the grim reaper’s path of slaughter. Almost instantaneously, an image of a grim reaper rose out of the sea. It was coldly watching the wisp of Wild Blade’s soul before carefully guarding itself.

“What a good brat!”

“He even managed to gain the concept of death.”

“He is definitely a genius!”

“I was originally intending for you to follow my Shura’s path of slaughter, and didn’t expect you to comprehend an even stronger path of slaughter. This… what on earth did I miss out on these few months? How did this brat turn into a different person?” Wild Blade was in a complete mess of shock right now.

Wild Blade was planning to wait for his soul to recover before bringing Luo Tian into his Shura’s path of slaughter.

This was a condition Luo Tian agreed to in the past.

But now it looks like…

Someone didn’t even want his whatever Shura path of slaughter and directly comprehended a higher realm of slaughter concept. Wild Blade couldn’t help but shake his head with a bitter smile. “This brat is too awesome.”

For the world’s most domineering blade to praise someone, most likely Luo Tian was the only person in this world to get it.

Wild Blade’s wisp of soul didn’t provoke Luo Tian’s grim reaper’s path of slaughter and slowly took over the control of Luo Tian’s will.

Immediately after…

Wild Blade started reciting a mantra and Luo Tian’s will made his sea of consciousness become turbulent. Within an instant, Wild Blade was in complete control.

Luo Tian’s powerful will then formed a connection with the five elemental demon cores.

Gold, wood, water, fire, earth; each of these attributes connected with each other forming an array of the five elements. The energy of the five elements then started merging together.


Luo Tian’s profound energy started depleting like crazy!

His whole body was stimulated by this.

Luo Tian was extremely uncomfortable with this high speed depletion of his profound energy. It was similar to having his spiritual energy being drained which made his body wracked with unbearable pain.

“Hey brat!”

“Endure it!”

“This pain is only the beginning!” Said Wild Blade. His soul then accompanied the profound energy and started crazily stimulating the energy of the five elemental demon cores.

Wanting to crack the array on the ancient scroll required them to maximize the power of the five elements.

Destroy with absolute force!

Wild Blade’s soul, Luo Tian’s will, profound energy; these three powers crazily coursed through the five elemental demon cores. The power within those demon cores were surging and raging about, almost like they were going to explode any second inside Luo Tian’s body.

Whenever a demon core was about to explode, Wild Blade would expertly control it.

“We’re going to start now!”

“Brat, keep clenching your teeth and hold on!”

Wild Blade then roared out, and his soul exploded forth with an endless amount of domineering aura. This aura directly made the energy of those five elemental demon cores crush down towards the ancient scroll. Wild Blade made another shout: “Five Elements Open; unseal for me!”




The inside of Luo Tian had become a battleground of sorts.

The five elemental powers and the array were constantly clashing with each other.

At this moment…

Luo Tian almost fainted from the pain and then jolted awake by it. His internals felt like a blade was slowly cutting it into 10,800 little pieces. The rebound effect of using the Void Piercing Dragon Technique was nothing when compared to the current pain.

Even though this was the case…

Luo Tian continued clenching his teeth and endured it with his life on the line!

It was all for none other than…

Going to the Shattered Sky City in three years time to beat the shit out of Murong Wanjian. It was all for Li Xue’er!

“Whoosh~, whoosh~, whoosh~…”


Luo Tian didn’t know how long he was in pain for and started hearing explosions inside his body. His mind was suddenly startled by the change because all the pain had disappeared. He then frowned and asked internally: “Did it succeed?!”

There was no response inside his mind.


Luo Tian lightly exhaled before chuckling and saying: “Wild Blade, it’s fine if you’ve failed. It’s merely an ancient scroll and not a big deal. Next time I’ll find a primordial scroll for us, hahaha…”


“It seems like a brat like you is looking down on me, Wild Blade’s ability huh?” Wild Blade shouted. His voice contained some excitement that couldn’t be hidden before he laughed crazily: “Look brat, it was successful! The array on the ancient scroll has been cracked by me! Hahaha!”

Luo Tian widened his eyes and started laughing excitedly. He then said: “F*ck, it’s finally been cracked!”

Immediately after…

Wild Blade started muttering: “However I look at it, the ancient scroll is just a messy looking piece of map. What is it trying to depict?”

Luo Tian made a thought and immediately brought out the ancient scroll. After carefully looking through it, he started laughing: “Hahaha… who would’ve thought the ancient treasure is in the Heavenly Sword City!”

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