Undefeatable – Ch207

Chapter 207 – Everyone Instakilled

Luo Tian was angry.

Seeing what kind of environment the Luo family had ended up in, his heart was truly unhappy.

The moment he turned around, Luo Tian’s eyes turned gloomy. His eyes coldly glared at the Autumn Mountain’s Third Leader who was still laughing in disdain. Luo Tian’s figure lightly moved and instantaneously crossed several meters.

One of his hands had grabbed onto the Third Leader’s neck as he began to hoist him up into the air.

The killing intent and deathly aura coming out of Luo Tian’s body had practically enshrouded the entire Jade Mountain City.

“Weren’t you just laughing?”

“Weren’t you very arrogant?”

“Weren’t you going to completely annihilate every single member of my Luo family?”

“Then… you should go… die for me!”

Putting a bit of strength into his fingers, Luo Tian directly crushed the Third Leader’s neck who had pissed his pants and couldn’t even get a word out.

The Third Leader’s head had actually been clamped off the body!

Fresh blood started spurting out and covered Luo Tian’s entire face.

They system then gave off an alert tone.

Luo Tian was too lazy to pay attention to it since such a piece of trash wouldn’t give him any good loots anyway.

The only important thing out of all of this was the undefeated value!

Every single person killed would be a +1 to the undefeated value. This place had dozens of Autumn Mountain bandits standing around so that meant a dozen plus undefeated values. He couldn’t miss out on this!

The most important thing was…

These people all deserved to die.

Why did they deserve to die? Because they provoked someone they shouldn’t have; because they killed people of the Luo family; that’s why all of them deserved to die!

Luo Tian didn’t wipe away the blood on his face. He coldly swept his eyes across all the bandits in front of him before shouting: “Every one of you here has to die!”

Their Third Leader was instantly killed out of nowhere.

This made the bandits erupt in a panic. The Third Leader was an expert at the Profound Grandmaster 8th rank, so how could he be so easily instakilled?

And this beggar in front of them didn’t seem like much, except for the somewhat scary looking gaze.


One of the bandits shouted out: “My fellow brothers, don’t be scared! He is only a single person while we have a lot of people on our side. This daddy refuses to believe we can’t kill him. Once we kill him, we can then kill off all these trash from the Luo family and get a reward from the Head Leader!”

“What you’ve said is correct.”

“Everyone attack together! How powerful can a stinking beggar’s cultivation be?”


The cultivation level of these dozens of bandits weren’t weak.

Every one of them was ferocious and fierce looking while the machetes in their hands were gleaming blood red.

Song Yannan’s mind tightened before quickly shouting: “Listen up all Luo family disciples! Protect the patriarch and beat this group of beasts until they crawl back into their mother’s wombs!”

Luo Tian raised his hand and faintly said: “No need, you guys just stand to the side and watch. You have all suffered greatly these days so I will personally settle this debt with them. I want them to understand the consequences of provoking my Luo family, and I want all the small and large forces within a radius of 100,000 kilometers to know my Luo Tian’s Luo family isn’t something they can afford to provoke!”

As his words reached the end, Luo Tian’s rage was visibly seen.

All the Luo family disciples showed startled expressions.

A single person dealing against a bunch of fierce looking bandits? Can the patriarch handle it?

They haven’t seen each other in ten months.

When Luo Tian left, he was only at the Profound Master realm. Breaking through into the Profound Grandmaster realm in ten months was already considered extraordinary. Being able to instakill the bandit’s Third Leader was probably a coincidence. So now that he was facing so many Profound Grandmaster bandits, could the boss really handle it?

This question was raised within the hearts of every Luo family disciple.

They wanted to help him but the next scene would become an unforgettable moment in their entire lives.




Wherever Luo Tian went, apart from death would be more death. It was impossible for any other outcome.

A single slap for each one of them, making it very similar to chopping cabbage.

This wasn’t even a fight; this was basically someone ten thousand times stronger steamrolling them over and killing them with a slap. Could these Profound Grandmaster bandits suddenly have turned into 3 year olds for some reason?

How could these experts at the Profound Grandmaster realm become like this?

This didn’t make sense at all!

Yesterday they were still fierce and ferocious with an insufferably arrogant attitude. Today, they were like rotten cabbages that couldn’t stand up to Luo Tian at all.

“What’s going on?”

“Bro, what the hell am I watching?”

“Patriarch Song, my eyes haven’t gone bad right?”

“When did experts at the Profound Grandmaster realm turn into embroidered pillows? Actually, I feel like they are even beneath those embroidered pillows… this can’t be an illusion right? If this was really an illusion, I hope that this illusion will keep going on forever.”

All the Luo family disciples were basically dumbfounded at this point.

These past several months, they had been suppressed by these bandits to the point of being unable to breathe and constantly at a nervous breakdown. But now…

They were shocked stiff at what they were seeing before their eyes. Many of them thought this was an illusion since it was basically an impossible scene to comprehend.


Someone screamed out: “Boss is the mightiest! Boss is the most domineering! Boss is the most powerful!”

Only then did they all wake up!

This was all real! Those experts at the Profound Grandmaster realm were similar to cabbage because their opponent was Luo Tian!

Luo Tian!

Just those two words were enough.

At this moment, the Luo family members became excited and started screaming: “Boss is the mightiest! Boss is the most domineering! Boss is the most powerful!”

They chanted that over and over again shaking the sky with their shouts.

The people passing by the adjacent streets couldn’t help discussing among themselves: “What sort of insanity has gone into those of the Luo family? Could it be that the Autumn Mountain bandits have beaten them until they’ve gone crazy?”

The Luo family.

“Mommy, I want to go home!”

“Father, mother, please quickly come save me!”

“I, I, I still have a wife and a mistress. You, you, can you not kill me please?”

“Don’t come over, don’t come over! If you come over, do you believe that I’ll commit suicide in front of you?”

Their screams were like ghosts wailing!

All the bandits were wailing like pigs before their death.

A few minutes ago, they were all fierce and ferocious claiming they were going to annihilate the Luo family. Now they were scared stiff and unable to run away; every one of them had wet patches in their crotch area. Shit and piss were combined together as it slid down their pant legs and onto the ground. Their eyes were completely red with fear as if they had seen the most terrifying thing in the world.

Luo Tian’s gaze was still gloomy looking as he continued giving each person a slap. He continued killing, heads continued exploding, and Luo Tian just continued smiling coldly.

Each person received a slap.

The alert tones of the system sounded off and Luo Tian’s undefeated value continued increasing.

They were all instakilled!

In less than 30 seconds, the original few dozens of bandits were now left with only five people.

The legs of those five bandits were shaking before they directly kneeled down.

“Grandpa, we admit our mistake!”

“Great grandpa, please spare our dog lives! We won’t dare ever again!”

“Please spare us!”

The five of them were kneeling while pleading for mercy. Luo Tian’s lips curved into a cold smile before saying: “I heard that your Sect Leader of the Autumn Mountain Sect has come, so where is he right now?”

“Sect Leader?”

“You’re talking about our Head Leader?”

“I know! I know!”

Luo Tian lightly smiled and said: “If you know, then lead the way for me. I need to settle the debt you guys owe with your Sect Leader.”

“Leading the way, leading the way, I will instantly lead the way.”

The five of them were like people that had been granted their greatest amnesty, and scrambled to the front to lead the way.

The eyes of all five of them underwent a change as they glanced at each other excitedly. The fierceness that had been wiped out from them had once again appeared. One of them then said softly: “Humph, wait until you reach our Head Leader and that’ll be the time you die!”

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