Undefeatable – Ch209

Chapter 209 – A Little Bird With Eggs Even Smaller

Sometimes the saddest thing in life was reality – you treated it as a holy ground but upon entering, it was actually hell.

The worst thing of all is when one couldn’t leave!

All the women surrounded Luo Tian like they wanted to eat him alive.

Because of one thing…

Luo Tian was still a virgin!

To these women, this was a huge temptation for them.

“Noble, this lowly one’s mixed bath routine is the best; I guarantee you will feel like you are in the high heavens.”

“Noble, this lowly one is good at blowing the flute; my small mouth will definitely make you high.”

“Noble, noble, this lowly one will not take your money.”

Imagine this: A bunch of forty something year old women with thick makeup started smiling coquettishly to you; started making sultry movements and eye winks to you; what would be your first reaction?

Luo Tian’s reaction wasn’t to throw up.

He actually wanted to smash these women flying! It was best if he could smash them out of this continent, or the best case was smashing them out of this world to disappear permanently.

Luo Tian’s heart felt like it sank into any abyss while asking himself: “How could it be like this? How could it be like this? Something must’ve happened to this place or else why would it have women of this caliber here?”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian frowned and shouted: “Scram!”

“Noble, don’t be mad.”

“Noble, don’t get angry. You can vent your anger onto this lowly one later since I’ll be yours soon anyway.”

“Lion Tiger Gold Shattering Roar!”

Luo Tian’s power started circulating while his mouth roared out.

A ring of energy ripples exploded forth. Those old women surrounding Luo Tian were all blasted into a chaotic mess and started tumbling backwards like dead dogs.

Luo Tian hadn’t even used his profound energy yet.

Otherwise, these women would most likely have died.

“Kid, could it be that you don’t know our Autumn Sect Leader is here?”

“This place has been booked up by our Autumn Sect Leader, so scram!”

Said two burly guys who were drinking wine to the side while stepping forth. They played with the machete in their hands before glaring at Luo Tian and coldly saying: “Hurry up and scram for me. If you happen to disturb our Autumn Sect Leader’s mood, this daddy will play you to death!”

“Autumn Sect Leader?”

“You mean Qiu Badao – Autumn Mountain’s most notorious head bandit right?” Asked Luo Tian with no change in his tone.

One of the burly guys became angry as his blade chopped towards Luo Tian’s head. He then shouted: “Is Qiu Badao a name you’re qualified to say?! Courting death!”


As the blade chopped down, the blade’s qi was raging out.

Those women sprawled on the ground didn’t dare to continue looking while some had already started screaming.


Before the blade was able to make an impact, Luo Tian’s fingers gently clamped together. The machete carrying several thousand jins of chopping force was directly stopped by his fingers. Luo Tian then faintly smiled: “Which room is your Head Leader in?”

The eyes of the other burly guy turned grim. His speed was clearly a few points faster and his might a bit stronger as his machete slashed out horizontally.

Luo Tian coldly glanced at the attack at the corner of his eyes while his right leg slightly rose up.

Glimmering red dots of lights could be seen on his foot before bubbling hot magma flowed out.

In an instant…

Luo Tian’s right leg raised up had heavily kicked out.

All this was completed in less than a second.


That burly guy with an imposing body was kicked flying before smashing against a wall. The wall then collapsed and the entire Joyful Spring Garden shook as a result of that.

Luo Tian didn’t even bother looking at the guy sent flying while his smile turned a bit gloomy. “I’m going to ask you again: Which room is that f*cking Qiu Badao in?”

The burly guy’s eyes looked up towards the second floor.

At this moment…

The Eight Supreme Warriors on the second floor looked at Luo Tian filled with killing intent.

Luo Tian’s left fist started moving and smashed that burly guy flying. He then started walking up to the second floor in a casual manner.

Those women previously sent tumbling by Luo Tian didn’t dare to look at him. They all had pale white faces while shaking in fear in the corners of the room.

Luo Tian didn’t bother with them either. With a few strides, he was already at the second floor being blocked by eight muscular men. Their exposed chests even had large tufts of chest hair on them, and they all look like those large fierce looking executioners he watched in movies during his past life.

“Is your Sect Leader in the room behind?” Asked Luo Tian.


“Is Qiu Badao in the room behind you guys?”


“I’m going to ask again: Is that f*cker Qiu Badao in the room behind you?” Luo Tian asked again as anger rose up inside him.


Before the word was finished being pronounced, Luo Tian’s figure immediately moved as he cursed out: “Scram yourself you motherf*cker!”

His figure shot out while profound energy was being circulated.

In an instance…

Luo Tian’s fists slammed out eight times, and each punch landed on the large chests of those burly guys.

In a blink of an eye, eight punches exploded out!

“Bang~, bang~, bang~…”

Eight large bodies were smashed flying before crashing against the room to the rear.

The door of the room was smashed apart and half the room’s wall had collapsed. Those eight burly muscular men had all ceased breathing on the spot. Luo Tian then spat a glob of phlegm and said with disdain: “You don’t even have the strength yet you want to scare people? How f*cking shameful! And you guys call yourselves the Eight Supreme Warriors? You should just call yourselves the eight piles of dog shit instead!”

“Who is it?!”

“Your granny! You dare to disrupt this daddy while he’s doing women? You must be tired of living!” Qiu Badao’s eyes glared sharply and the eight scars on his face turned red. They looked like eight scorpions on his face which made him especially ferocious looking.

At this time…

Qiu Badao’s pants were around his knees.

Poking out of his crotch area was an unimpressive looking little bird with two little sparrow eggs dangling behind it.

Luo Tian couldn’t hold back and started laughing. “Someone like you who hasn’t even gone through puberty wants to screw women? You should go f*ck yourself!”



This was incomparable rage! What Qiu Badao hated the most was people saying his penis was small. He knew it was small but absolutely did not allow anyone to mention it. His rage immediately shot into the sky as his right hand reached out and a large blade with golden rings on the spine appeared.

His trousers were pulled up and his eyes turned grim. Qiu Badao then shouted: “You damn dog bastard, go to hell for this daddy!”

“Wild Eight Blades!”

“Raging Warrior Slash!”

Luo Tian’s mouth curved into a smile as he coldly said: “A Profound Spirit 4th ranker dares to act arrogant in front of this daddy?”

As his voice faded…

Luo Tian’s right hand started moving as he clenched his fists.

The space around his hand started producing slight energy fluctuations. The moment Qiu Badao rushed up, Luo Tian’s attack had already arrived as a punch smashed into his face.


Crushed by their difference in strength!

Qiu Badao had no chance of resisting.

This was the benefit of having a higher cultivation!

This was Luo Tian’s first time experiencing such an enjoyable feeling. When dealing with someone with a cultivation lower than his, he could practically do whatever he wanted.

The impact caused Qiu Badao’s body to tilt to the side. Since he lost his center of gravity, he was forced to use his blade to support himself. Just when he wanted to retaliate, Luo Tian didn’t give him that chance. Luo Tian’s figure shot forward and appeared to the side of Qiu Badao. Another punch was fiercely thrown before Luo Tian angrily shouted: “Killing the clan members of my Luo family huh? Moving against the brothers of my Luo family huh? Causing chaos in Jade Mountain City huh? Killing people without restraint huh?”

“Motherf*cker, go die for this daddy!”

Punch after punch was smashed out.

Under dozens of punches, Qiu Badao’s face was beaten to resembling a pig’s head. But his eyes were still fiercely glaring at Luo Tian before saying in a threatening manner: “Kid, do you know who my uncle is?!”


Blade with rings on it:


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