Undefeatable – Ch21

Chapter 21 – Tortured To Death

Nighttime was when demonic beasts will come out foraging for food, and the entire hunting grounds had now become a restless place. It was extremely dangerous for the Luo family disciples so they had to find a safe place to hide.

However when it came to Luo Tian, this was the perfect time for his killing feast.

The more demonic beasts, the better!

“Whoosh~… whoosh~…”

A black shadow shuttled through from a branch on a tree to another larger tree. His eyes were like an eagle’s as he cautiously scanned the dark area.

A few minutes later.

Below a tree was a Scarlet Flamed Wolf whose eyes gave off a green flash as it tore apart a demonic beast corpse that was killed during the day.

Luo Tian lightly laughed and said to himself: “We’ll start with you.”

His figure moved and his whole body descended down.

Without allowing Luo Tian to stabilize himself, the Scarlet Flamed Wolf gave a low growl and suddenly pounced towards him.

Its pair of long fangs was dripping a long trail of saliva. The starving brutal Scarlet Flamed Wolf couldn’t wait to swallow Luo Tian down with a single bite!

“Courting death!”

Luo Tian clenched his fists and his speed increased. A single punch was struck out, “Thunder Strike!”

A trace of lightning on his fist flew out.

A single punch smashed into the Scarlet Flamed Wolf’s abdomen, causing it to cry out in pain. The Scarlet Flamed Wolf then got back up and used its hind legs to pounce for another strike. Luo Tian’s lips turned to a sneer as his left fist was ready to take action. The moment before the Scarlet Flamed Wolf arrived, Luo Tian yelled out: “Tiger Charge!”


The punch landed on the Scarlet Flamed Wolf’s head, smashing it to death instantly.

The System made an alert sound.


“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for killing a Scarlet Flamed Wolf. You have gained 200 experience points, 20 profound energy…”

However, right at this moment, two figures landed in front and behind Luo Tian. They both were giving off a strong aura of killing intent.

Luo Tian humphed and coldly said, “You guys have finally appeared!”

Ever since the beginning, Luo Tian was cautious and alert to his surrounding environment. Apart from being cautious of demonic beasts, he was even more vigilant of Luo Lin’s appearance.

After killing for an entire afternoon, there had to be some Luo family disciples that had found him.

The sudden appearance of Wang Cheng and Luo Qing didn’t surprise Luo Tian at all, he actually started smiling.

Demonic beasts were monsters, humans were also monsters.

The moment those two landed, Luo Tian had already smiled to himself: “Red names, these monsters might attack me any moment now right?”

Wang Cheng had a proud and cold smile on his face, “Big piece of Luo trash, you’ve really made us wait for a long time.”

Those two had been secretly lurking in the area, thinking Luo Tian would be hiding in the cave tonight. They never expected he would actually come out alone to kill demonic beasts, so how could they miss out on this heaven sent opportunity?

Luo Tian pretended he didn’t know a thing, “What’s the reason my two clan brothers to come looking for me?”

Luo Qing had a contemptuous smile as he stepped forward: “Young master Luo Lin wanted me to warn you that Li Xue’er is his woman, and it’s best that you keep your distance from her.”


Luo Tian faintly replied and then asked: “Is there anything else then?”

Wang Cheng also moved up sealing Luo Tian’s path of retreat, “Young master Luo Lin wants you to come with us. If you know what’s good for you, obediently follow us…”

Without waiting for Wang Cheng to finish, Luo Tian interrupted: “What’s good for me? Is it edible?”

“You pretending to be nuts?”

“Quit wasting time talking crap with him and beat the shit out of him, we’ll see if he still keeps pretending.”

Luo Qing’s eyes shifted as he coldly said: “Luo Tian, I’m giving you one last chance. Hand over your space plaque and obediently follow us. That’s the only way you can avoid the pains of the flesh, or else…”

After saying that, Luo Qing revealed a cold sneer.

The two took another step forward and were now less than three steps before Luo Tian.

Luo Tian’s lips quivered and showed a fearful expression before weakly saying: “You two aren’t going to kill me right? I’m still the Luo family’s young master so killing me is equivalent to a serious crime; the Luo family will not let you two go.”

As he was saying this, Luo Tian’s body started trembling.

The fearful expression and the trembling of the body were exactly on cue. It was even better than the Hollywood actors in his previous life.


“The Luo family’s young master, you’re kidding right?”

“Big piece of Luo trash, this hunting contest will be the time of your death.”

“No one will know who killed you. Everyone will only know the trash Luo Tian with a crippled dantian over estimated himself and entered the Ghostly Mountain Range. Upon meeting a 0 rank demonic beast, he died from a single bite without leaving a corpse behind. I’m simply too motherf*cking smart, hahaha…”

When seeing Luo Tian’s frightened looks, Wang Cheng and Luo Qing couldn’t help laugh to themselves, thus lowering their cautiousness.

“You motherf*cker aren’t just smart…”

“You’re simply beyond a genius.”


The look of Luo Tian’s eyes changed and the aura of a Profound Pupil 5th rank exploded forth. His fists made their move and the long awaited power came forth.

“Thunder Tiger Charge!”

His body was like a bow and his fists were like arrows as it burst forth!


Wang Cheng didn’t have time to respond and his abdomen was struck. Blood sprayed from his mouth as Luo Tian’s punch caused him to fly out backwards.

Shock appeared on Luo Qing’s face as he roared out: “Damn piece of trash, you refuse to drink the wine of respect but drink the wine of penalty? A Profound Pupil 5th rank dares to act arrogant in front of me? This daddy will let you know the strength of a Profound Pupil 6th rank…”

“Cut the bullshit.”



The profound energy value immediately dropped by 300 points and a powerful energy exploded forth instantly shaking the forest. Those demonic beasts lurking around became silent as this huge power caused them to lower themselves on the ground in fear.

Luo Tian’s body was shaking; with Berserk’s enhancement, his strength doubled and his speed doubled…

Dealing with Luo Qing at the Profound Pupil 6th rank, he didn’t need to use Berserk and could still play him to death.

But Luo Tian enjoyed the feeling of overkill, to use a bomb against a mosquito because it feels awesome. This was the only way to make Luo Qing’s proud face twist in agony and making him dare not to recall this memory in hell!

Seeing the ferocious expression on Luo Qing, Luo Tian grinned and roared out: “Die!”

“You’re the one that’s going to die!”

Luo Qing’s eyes glared in anger as a mirage of swords appeared in the dark night. With the flash of a sword mirage, the strike was about to arrive. Upon seeing Luo Tian unmoving at the same spot, Luo Qing proudly laughed, “You’ve gone nuts. Dog thing, a Profound Pupil 5th rank acting tough in front of me? You’re courting death!”

The sword stabbed straight for Luo Tian’s forehead.

The sword was less than half a centimeter away and Luo Qing was extremely excited. With the extent of his sword strike, there’s no way Luo Tian would be able to dodge this. Luo Qing was ecstatic because by killing Luo Tian, not only would he get rewards from young master Luo Lin, he would also gain the space plaque in Luo Tian’s possession. Thus he would easily become a core disciple of the Luo family, muahaha…”

Luo Qing’s lips couldn’t help curve into a smile as he was thinking this; his life filled with happiness was at hand.


The moment he was most exhilarated and the moment his sword tip was half a centimeter from piercing into Luo Tian, Luo Tian made his move.

His eyebrows twitched as right fist struck out.

A burst of energy aura came out as his right fist struck the blade of the sword.

“Wanting to block a sword with your bare fist? You are indeed trash or just a dumb retard, hahaha…”

Bare fist against a steel sword?

Luo Qing laughed out loud in ridicule.

The moment he laughed, his right hand tightened as a large energy traveled down the sword blade towards him. His arm shook and became numb, and his sword almost fell from his grasp. Luo Qing’s expression underwent drastic changes.


A single punch deflected Luo Qing’s sword while the left fist followed up and the punch landed on Luo Qing’s chest.


His chest almost burst open as Luo Qing’s face instantly paled. His body lost its center gravity as his legs staggered backwards; his pair of eyes glared at Luo Tian unable to understand why his strength was so powerful.

The strength and speed of someone at the Profound Pupil 5th rank cannot be stronger than someone at the Profound Pupil 6th rank. Each level was similar to one’s shackles where they cannot go beyond. But somehow Luo Tian’s strength was completely contradictory to that rule!

Luo Tian should have died with that sword strike yet he was completely calm without any fear. What made him so confident?

He couldn’t figure it out, he just couldn’t understand at all.

As he couldn’t understand what was going on, Luo Qing’s heart began to fill with fear. Seeing Luo Tian coming closer one step at a time, the fear started causing his body to tremble. “Luo Luo Luo Luo Tian, what do you want? The rules of the hunting contest clearly stipulate we can’t kill each other. Once found out…”

Luo Tian then faintly smiled, “How come you didn’t say this from the beginning?”

“I clearly remember you started off by saying something like being devoured by demonic beasts and not even a single hair would remain.”

“Oh crap, I finally realized how resourceful your idea was!”

Luo Qing’s figure kept staggering backwards before tripping over from a piece of rock sticking out from the ground. His face paled even more, “Don’t don’t don’t kill me young master Luo Tian. Don’t don’t kill me; I will listen to you from now on. Please don’t kill me…”

“It’s no use begging now!”

“You are basically experience points so how can this daddy miss out on it?”

Luo Tian’s fists were filled with a heavy energy before he smashed it onto the ground, causing it to crack apart.

The moment Luo Qing felt relieved that the punch didn’t land on him; a raging power involuntarily forced his body to bounce up into the air.

Luo Tian’s lips curved into a smile as his pair of fists became similar to torrential rain, “Bang, bang, bang…!”

Each punch caused an inexplicable excitement to rise within Luo Tian. The explosive power behind Berserk was too motherf*cking awesome!


“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for killing Luo Qing. You have gained 210 experience points, 25 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for gaining 2 Foundation Building Pills…”

“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for gaining +1 to the Undefeated Value…”

Luo Qing had died.

He was practically tortured to death.

Another punch sent Luo Qing flying away before Luo Tian turned around to stare at Wang Cheng lying on the ground. “Stop playing dead, it’s your turn now.”

With those words, Wang Cheng almost had the shit scared right out of him. He got up and started running, hating that his mother didn’t give birth to him with a pair of extra legs.

Luo Tian coldly sneered, “Little sheep, this daddy wants to see where you can run off to!”

The power of Berserk was still activated so Luo Tian caught up to Wang Cheng in several breaths of time. A single punch killed him and the System made an alert sound.



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