Undefeatable – Ch238

Chapter 238 – A Crisis From All Sides

Tang Tang had a lost expression on her face.

After thinking for a few seconds, she then said unhappily: “How did I screw you over? How did I cause a huge disaster? I was helping you out yet you don’t appreciate it. If it wasn’t me making an appearance, you would’ve started fighting with the officials already. Do you even know the consequences of killing government officials in Heavenly Sword City?”

She was helping Luo Tian.

At least that was what she was thinking.

Feng Lei and Xuan Yuanyi also thought this was the case as well.

Luo Tian smiled while shaking his head. “What you did will only make this matter even more complicated. It’s actually easier for me to just kill them all in one go. Do you really think a single word from you and that surnamed Liu won’t say a thing?”

“I’m afraid this very moment he has already left northern city towards the imperial palace to report it.”

“Taking out your jade plate means revealing your identity. It won’t be long before a large group of Palace Guards will be rushing here. There’ll probably be a large swath of experts from the Great Tang as well. You’ll be fine but we’ll be dying because of you.”

“We have all become the culprits involved in kidnapping the Princess.”


Luo Tian knows that Tang Tang only wanted to help him.

But he would rather kill Liu Tingyu and all his people instead of having her take out her jade plate and revealing her identity.

It was very clear that…

The news of her being in the northern city would quickly spread. At that time, not only would the government know, there were also people of the Sea Cloud Sect and maybe even some assassins would rush over. They will all be thrown into quite a difficult mess by that time.

These types of issues could easily be deduced when someone puts a little effort into their thoughts, but Tang Tang…


Was their intelligence really affected if they had large breasts?



Feng Lei and Xuan Yuanyi looked at Tang Tang with shock.

They both then asked in unison: “Boss, she’s the Princess you kidnapped?”

Luo Tian rolled his eyes at them before saying to Tang Tang: “You are the Princess so no one will dare to do anything to you, but we’re different. You ran away because you wanted to avoid your marriage so even if you explained that to your father, it will still be hard for us to escape our deaths.”

“The reason is that someone needs to be responsible for such a big incident and we happen to be the sacrifice.”

Tang Tang had run away from a forced marriage.

And the Great Tangy Dynasty didn’t want to offend the Sea Cloud Sect.

Therefore, someone needs to be held responsible. The entire city knows the Princess was kidnapped so Luo Tian and company were the perfect sacrificial lambs.

In order to appease the Sea Cloud Sect, Luo Tian and company will have to die.


Luo Tian didn’t know that the moment he and Tang Tang entered the city, their presence was already made known. Every movement they have made thus far had been taken notice of by an expert in the depths of the imperial palace.

It’s unknown why…

The Great Tang’s Emperor didn’t send anyone over, which is worth pondering over!

Hearing Luo Tian’s logical deductions, Tang Tang’s head flopped down a bit while her small mouth formed a pout. She was just like a child who had done something wrong. “I’m sorry; I didn’t think that far ahead. I only wanted to help you… I’m sorry.”

Since things had come to this point, Luo Tian didn’t want to continue blaming her. After all, Tang Tang was intending to help him. Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “Never mind, let’s go back and finish our dinner. The food will get cold if we don’t eat it now.”


Tang Tang nodded and didn’t dare to look Luo Tian in the eye because she was still a bit scared.

Tang Tang went back into the house.

A frown appeared on Luo Tian’s face, “Xuan Yuanyi, you will guard this place tonight.”

Xuan Yuanyi nodded and said: “Understood!”

Luo Tian then looked at Feng Lei and asked: “Fatty, where’s An Chunchun?”

Feng Lei responded with a faint startlement: “Staying where I currently live. She was so happy when she found out you had arrived in Heavenly Sword City and… she should be sleeping at this time.”

Luo Tian was somewhat reassured and said: “We’ll bring her back here in a bit. I’m afraid this location isn’t a place we should stay for too long now. We need to make some preparations and send An Chunchun away before morning comes. There’s also your subordinates – those that can leave should all leave. There’s no use for them to stay around and accompany us to their deaths.”


Feng Lei nodded.

Luo Tian looked up at the dark night sky and felt a sense of thick murderous intent.


Just like Luo Tian deduced…

Liu Tingyu was in deep thought as he retreated.


Luo Tian’s appearance looked kind of familiar and was plaguing his mind. Only when he reached the entrance to his house did he finally realize who he was. He was the criminal wanted for kidnapping the Princess, which meant the Princess was in his hands!

Thinking to this point…

Liu Tingyu’s expression drastically changed. He didn’t bother changing his clothes and immediately rushed off to the Internal Affairs Minister’s manor.

How come it’s not the imperial palace?

Because he was not qualified. He had to first report this to the Internal Affairs Minister Li Wenzong.

Deep into the night…

Li Wenzong’s brows faintly tightened while a brief chilled light flashed in his eyes. “I didn’t expect him to be hiding in Heavenly Sword City. He has truly given me a tough time in searching for him.”

“Old master, it’s time to avenge Badao’s death.” Adviser Bai softly said from the side.

Li Wenzong’s gaze became stern as he said: “Have Liu Sha and them make a move. Make sure they remember to make that kid’s death to be extremely miserable. Touching the nephew of I, Li Wenzong means you won’t be able to enter through the gates of hell.”

Adviser Bai’s gaze became secretly happy as he said: “I will get Liu Sha and them right now.”


Inside the imperial palace…

Tang Jiu was excited.


“I already knew my idol was extraordinary. The most dangerous place is the safest – how come I’ve never thought of that? Who would’ve guessed that they were inside Heavenly Sword City all this time? Most likely the huge ruckus in the northern city was caused by him as well. Good, good, good!”

Tang Jiu was very excited. Just thinking of Luo Tian and his blood couldn’t help start boiling.

Looking up at the sky…

He was too antsy to keep waiting and started rushing off in the direction of the northern city.

Following behind him were two terrifyingly strong experts!


“Is it for real?”

“He’s really in the northern city?”

Qin Yue’er was just like Tang Jiu who became instantly excited.

She quickly wore her clothes and revealed a sultry gaze. She then muttered: “You bastard, this older sister wants to battle 3000 rounds with you. Kekeke…”


In some corner of the Heavenly Sword City.

“Reporting to senior brother: The location of Princess Lasting Peace has been found, and there’s also that kidnapper.”

Nangong Hao’s lips formed a slight grin as he coldly said: “We’ve found them at last. Snatching my, Nangong Hao’s woman? I would like to see how many heads you can lose to compete with me!”

Immediately after…

Nangong Hao’s figure turned illusory before suddenly disappearing.


Luo Tian and Feng Lei were continuously shuttling through many dark alleyways at high speeds.


Sounds of fighting was heard not too far away.

The constant sounds of fighting were very normal in the northern city. This would play out pretty much every single night so there wasn’t any need to make a fuss about it.


There would occasionally be sounds of a dragon’s roar during the fighting!

Luo Tian came to a stop as his brows formed a frown. He then shouted: “Ghost Dragon’s aura! It’s Ghost Dragon’s roars!”

“Something happened to An Chunchun!”

Feng Lei’s expression underwent a drastic change.

Luo Tian clenched his fists as his speed was raised to the max while rushing out.


Ghost Dragon.

It was him that found An Chunchun in the Ghostly Mountain Range and brought her to see Luo Tian on his back.

Just prior…

He fought with his life on the line to protect An Chunchun, but…


Rewinding for a bit – when Luo Tian and Feng Lei left their courtyard…

A shadowy figure appeared. The figure exploded forth with an aura of a super expert – the aura of a Profound King!

At this time…

Xuan Yuanyi toppled over into a pool of his own blood…

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