Undefeatable – Ch245

Chapter 245 – Forbidden Grounds

Ten thousand years ago, there was conflict amongst all the races.

The devil race was the most powerful and wanted to rule the entire continent.

However, they were blocked by all the other races that had allied together.

The most disastrous defeat they suffered was the death of over 10 million devil race members.

It was also at that point that the devil race was utterly routed. The human race used that opportunity to rise up and slowly became the strongest out of all the races.

A few thousand years ago…

The remnants of the devil race were unwilling to give up, so they started another scheme. They wanted to use a great magical spell to summon the 10 million spirits of the deceased devil race members to once again attack the continent. At that time, a single person of the human race appeared and destroyed the devil race’s path of revival.

That person was Hong Wanfu.


Even though the devil race was repelled, the 10 million spirits that were summoned by the great magical spell had turned into drifting specters. They had no physical bodies but were still ghostly apparitions that had powerful battle abilities.

Hong Wanfu used his blood as a spiritual medium to seal all those specters in one place.

Thousands of years later, this devil’s pit became one of the ten forbidden grounds of the continent where no one dared to enter.


The day started getting brighter.

Luo Tian was standing above a huge array.

Looking at the setup of the array, his heart started beating faster as he asked internally: “Wild Blade, isn’t this the pattern mentioned in the ancient scroll?”

Wild Blade’s aura fluctuated a bit before questioning himself: “It’s clearly an ancient scroll but this place is a Sealing Array that’s only a few thousand years old. Could the ancient treasure be a fake? Or is the ancient treasure pointing towards the tomb of the Human Emperor Hong Wanfu?”

He then continued saying: “The ancient scroll is definitely pointing to here but this place is definitely not an ancient tomb.”

Luo Tian also thought it was impossible. This place was the tomb for the deceased 10 million devil race members so how could it be considered an ancient tomb?

Unless the ancient treasure is actually a treasure the devil race left behind?

That was even more impossible. This place wasn’t a territory of the devil race so why would their treasures be buried here?

Once he arrived at this place, Luo Tian had a hidden feeling that the ancient treasure wasn’t going to be easy to find. It was going to be difficult – much more difficult than those treasure hunting novels or movies he watched in his previous life. He tried to not think too much about it and muttered: “This daddy came here to make more breakthroughs and level up. The ancient treasure issue can be put on the back burner for now.”

“Every extra day An Chunchun stays in the Du Manor means an extra level of danger, so I must quickly make more breakthroughs!”

Even though there’s a person secretly protecting An Chunchun in the Du Manor, Luo Tian was still a bit worried about the situation.

After all…

An Chunchun’s identity was practically the definition of temptation.

Once an outsider finds out her true identity, a bunch of trouble would surely follow behind. And then she would be embroiled in more dangerous situation.

Apart from wanting to personally rescue An Chunchun, Luo Tian didn’t want Tang Jiu to intervene in Du Yuansong’s matter because of another reason. Wu Xiao, Lei Jiu, and Qian Hong were all elite monsters. Liu Tingyu didn’t have a golden glow around him so he wasn’t the northern city’s boss.

Then there’s only one possibility: Du Yuansong was the big boss!

Since he was the boss, then it was natural Luo Tian had to personally kill it. Otherwise, how was he going to gain experience, profound energy, and all the good loots off his corpse?

This was considered Luo Tian’s selfishness.

Looking at the gloomy looking forbidden grounds that was supposed to be filled with the devil race, Luo Tian turned serious. He then mumbled: “Wild Blade, are you prepared for it?”

“Brat, is there even a need to prepare for this kind of place?”

“Quickly go train and make more breakthroughs. Your cultivation can’t even keep up with the Blood Devouring Wild Blade’s power anymore. If you don’t level up soon, I think it’s going to throw a tantrum shortly.” sneered Wild Blade.

Ever since the Blood Devouring Wild Blade fused with the blade’s spirit, the aura coming from it was completely different.

The power released by the blade was stronger and fiercer than before. Most importantly, it was even more domineering!


Luo Tian did feel his strength didn’t quite match his weapon, as if he couldn’t fully control its power. He wanted to push all its power out in an attack but wasn’t able to do it. After contemplating this issue, only now did he find out that his own cultivation level wasn’t high enough and couldn’t fully control the domineering aura of the blade.

There was a flash in Luo Tian’s eyes as he said in a somewhat annoyed tone: “Damn it! This daddy is only 15 years old! A peak Profound Spirit 9th ranker whose only 15 years old? How many people in this continent are as fierce as me?”


No one would believe it if people said there was a 15 year old Profound Spirit 9th ranker.

However, those of this world wouldn’t care about your age. They won’t show mercy towards you even though you were young.

Luo Tian was naturally clear about this and was a bit annoyed by it.

In an instant…

Luo Tian frowned before heavily exhaling. He then stepped into the Spectral Forbidden Grounds that was filled with a devils aura. As he took a step, his body felt like over ten thousand different energies had penetrated through him. When he looked at the scene before him, his countenance turned pale and grim, and his body unconsciously trembled.


Incomparably terrifying.

Luo Tian was completely shocked by what he was seeing right now.


Heavenly Sword City, north district.

“Your royal highness, the Spectral Forbidden Grounds is made up of the deceased spirits of the devils race. Their strength is even stronger than when they were alive. After several thousands of years, there’s still over 10 million specters there so will he be able to handle it alone?” asked Wang Jinke.

Why would the Spectral Forbidden Grounds be a forbidden area? Because sealed beneath are over 10 million deceased souls of the devils race.

Apart from normal devil race members…

There was also a commander level devil race member known as Sovereign Bloodfiend.

Even though he was beaten by someone of the human race to the point where only his soul was left, he should have recovered after these thousands of years and his cultivation might have reached a terrifying level by now.

Can a mere Profound Spirit 9th rank human be able to survive there?

Even an expert at the Profound King realm wouldn’t dare enter carelessly because they wouldn’t survive, so isn’t a Profound Spirit 9th ranker like him basically courting his own death? Even if his talent and potential is really great, his cultivation is still fixed at that level. How was he supposed to survive that place?

Wang Jinke didn’t believe this was possible.

Even he, with his Profound Venerate 1st rank cultivation wouldn’t dare to enter the Spectral Forbidden Grounds carelessly!

Tang Jiu smiled confidently and said: “Uncle Wang, how about we make a bet?”

Wang Jinke then said: “What are the stakes?”

Tang Jiu replied: “If you win, I’ll give you ten jars of Dragon Jade wines. If you lose, protect him on my behalf until he leaves Heavenly Sword City. What do you think?”


When Wang Jinke heard the name Dragon Jade wine, he swallowed down his saliva. He then asked with faint excitement: “Are you sure?”

Tang Jiu replied: “Of course.”

Wang Jinke slapped his thigh and said: “Fine, it’s a deal! Your ten jars of Dragon Jade wine will definitely be mine, hahaha… At that time, Chen Donglai will die of envy!”

In his eyes…

Luo Tian’s death was for certain!

How can the Spectral Forbidden Grounds be a place a Profound Spirit 9th ranker can enter?

Just now, he didn’t dare to say that out loud in order to give Tang Jiu some face. But in his heart, he was sure that Luo Tian would definitely die inside there, let alone make any breakthroughs with his cultivation.

Tang Jiu was filled with confidence as he said with a smile: “Uncle Wang, you’ll definitely lose because you don’t know him and don’t know how strong he is. You haven’t seen his true powers yet…”

“But I’ve seen it!”

“Idol, I’ll be anticipating your return in half a month!”


Tang Jiu started laughing excitedly!

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