Undefeatable – Ch252

Chapter 252 – Killing People Like Cutting Vegetables

Entrance to the Du Manor.

Luo Tian’s right foot was stepping on the door he kicked down while his left foot was standing on a plaque that said Du Manor on it. He then shouted in anger: “Du Yuansong! You better scram out here for this daddy!”

His voice was fierce to the extreme.

Echoes of his voice was heard above the Du Manor.

The entire northern city was shaking because of it!

“Who is so bold to dare be this arrogant in the Du Manor?”

“That person is definitely a lunatic, and will be beaten into a meat paste in less than half a minute.”

“Damn, I’ve been in the northern city for many years and never seen anyone dare to act unbridled and arrogant in the Du Manor. Forefather Du will definitely rip that person into a thousand pieces! There’s going to be a good show soon so we can’t miss out!”


For a short while…

Large streets and small alleyways; tea houses and restaurants; all had crowds after crowds of people rushing out and heading towards the direction of the Du Manor.

They all wanted to know who was so arrogant and gutsy to do this.

The most important thing…

They all wanted to see how this person was going to die.

When they finally reached the main entrance of the Du Manor, their faces showed signs of shock.

“Isn’t that the bumpkin that killed Tiger Wu back then?”

“This kid still hasn’t died yet?”

“I heard that Lei Jiu and Qian Hong were both killed by him.”

“That’s like no big deal; I heard Forefather Du’s top subordinate Luo Kun at the Profound King realm was chopped in half by this kid.”

“Is this kid really unafraid of death? He’s not even running away after killing Luo Kun yet comes charging over to the Du Manor filled with killing intent. Isn’t this basically courting his own death?”

These people were discussing with each other in whispers outside the main entrance.

Also at this time…

“Where did this rabid dog come from? Daring to act unbridled in front of the Du Manor? Today, this daddy will show you the powers of our Du Manor!”

A vigorous voice was heard.

A figure almost reaching 3 meters in height with a muscular body rushed out with a powerful aura. His was holding a pair of steel hammers and one could only see a blur of phantom images trailing behind him. Explosive sounds was heard around him as his body disturbed the natural flow of air.

“Here he comes!”

“Dual Hammer Wang Zhong!”

“One of Du Manor’s ace warriors!”

“At the Profound King realm, his strength is even a bit stronger than Luo Kun’s. His storm hammers can give off lightning effects and each move of his is extremely vicious. This kid will definitely be smashed to meat paste by his hammer.”


Wang Zhong, northern city’s ace fighter.

He became famous from underground fights and was eventually recruited to the Du Manor by Du Yuansong.

His pair of storm hammers was beyond vicious and many people have perished before them.

Luo Tian’s eyes changed as he coldly harrumphed. “A piece of trash like you dares to come out to disgrace himself?”

“Go die for me!”

Luo Tian’s right hand started forming a fist in the air before smashing outwards.

His body didn’t move while only his right fist struck outwards, directly smashing towards the arriving Wang Zhong!



After a loud sound, the two copper hammers were seen flying through the air before another loud sound caused a cloud of dust to cover the surrounding.

The dust had blocked the sight of the crowd so no one could see what had happened.

“Hong~ dong~!”

The two copper hammers finally landed and created a deep pit in the ground. This was also when the dust settled and people could see clearly again. They only saw Wang Zhong’s body buried in the ground while his legs were still twitching in the air.

A few seconds later, there was no longer any movement from him!


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Wang Zhong. You have gained 2000 experience points, 1000 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player…”

The system gave off several alerts but Luo Tian didn’t bother paying attention to them. He once again shouted: “Du Yuansong, scram out here!”

The spectators outside had pale expressions on their faces.

The long street was crowded with over a thousand people with distorted expressions on their faces. They were pale and their eyes filled with fear as they were all shocked by Luo Tian.

For a moment…

A pin drop could be heard on the street and some even forgot to breathe.


“This is impossible!”

“A Profound King like Wang Zhong was instantly killed? Is this kid even human? Illusion… this is absolutely an illusion since it’s impossible for it to happen. Instantly killing a Profound King expert? This… how could this be possible?”

“Oh heavens…”

“What’s going on? What the hell is going on? What did I just see? Wang Zhong… Wang Zhong… northern city’s underground ace fighter was instakilled just like that. This…”

They had scrunched up expressions on the faces as they couldn’t accept this. Everyone looked like they had just swallowed over a hundred flies and seemed like they were in pain.

A Profound King realm expert was instantly killed just like that.

This was something the crowd couldn’t accept since it was an impossible outcome.

These people didn’t know but the bosses of the gangs were very clear – Luo Tian was only at the Profound Spirit 9th rank half a month ago. But now he was capable of instantly killing a Profound King expert and they couldn’t see through what cultivation level Luo Tian was at anymore. This could only mean that they were no longer at the same level.


Incomparable fear.

Wang Dachiu’s heart was faintly trembling while his legs were shaking. In his heart, he was praying for Forefather Du to quickly come out to crush Luo Tian. Otherwise, his Steel Hammer Gang will be just like the Fierce Tiger Gang, forever to disappear from the northern city.


“Wang Zhong…!”

“Such audacity!”

“Killing someone in our Du Manor? It looks like you’re tired of living!”


Two people bringing over a dozen servants with them started rushing out. They all had vicious expressions as they glared at Luo Tian.

The two in lead were the direct subordinates of Du Yuansong.

They were both experts at the Profound King realm.

Luo Tian sneered before coldly shouting: “This daddy’s mood isn’t bad today. Tell that old eunuch Du Yuansong to roll out here, and then you guys scram out of the Du Manor. Maybe then this daddy will spare your lives, otherwise…”

“Everyone can go die for me!”

His voice contained a thick amount of hostility.

This was hostility that had been suppressed for half a month.

Ghost Dragon’s death; An Chunchun being kidnapped; Xuan Yuanyi being injured; all of this had been accumulating inside Luo Tian’s heart for half a month. Within this half a month, Luo Tian was constantly thinking of killing Du Yuansong but he didn’t have the strength back then.


He had returned, so it was time for Du Yuansong to die!

“The one dying is you.”

“You dare to storm the Du Manor? You’re basically begging for death!”

“Attack for me!”

While saying that…

The dozen plus Du Manor servants rushed forward and surrounded Luo Tian. At the same time, they began their attacks!

They were all martial cultivators at the Profound Spirit realm!

Luo Tian completely ignored them and stood there motionless while those people all stabbed out with their swords. When it landed on his body, it was like they all stabbed a block of steel and couldn’t penetrate through. They could only glance at each other afterwards.

Also at this time…

Luo Tian smiled ferociously and lowered his fists. A Profound King realm force exploded out from him, turning into an energy ripple that was visible to the naked eye. This force directly shattered the swords of those servants into powder!

Immediately after…

Luo Tian was neither slow nor in a hurry as he pulled his sleeves up. He then glanced at them at the corner of his eyes before muttering: “There are 23 of you here huh? Then I’ll just do a 23 hit combo!”

His left and right fist started moving…

And his fists turned into a torrential storm sweeping through them all!

“Bang~, bang~, bang~, bang~…”

Each punch would result in a person flying into the air before smashing onto the ground.

For the time being…

The roof of the Du Manor, their rock garden, and their trees were filled with corpses.

After 23 punches smashed out, Luo Tian had an intoxicated look on his face like he was in ecstasy. It was similar to a person becoming silent while waiting to relish themselves in a special song. He was waiting for the alert tones of the system!

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