Undefeatable – Ch258

Chapter 258 – This Daddy Shall Fulfill Your Wish

Floating in the air like an immortal.

With his elegant movement and his all white clothing, he really did look like an immortal descending.

The moment he landed, two other elderly people in an inky green clothing silently descended after him.

Tang Jiu’s expression hiddenly changed as he walked up and said: “Elder Sun, Elder Zhao.”

Qin Yue’er’s expression also hiddenly changed as she respectfully stepped out and said: “Elder Sun, Elder Zhao.”

The two elders glanced at Tang Jiu and responded with a smile as if this was enough of a response. As for Qin Yue’er, they didn’t even bother looking at her.

Nangong Hao politely smiled and said: “Ninth brother.”

He directly called him ninth brother instead of using the greeting of the Sea Cloud Sect’s identity. In Nangong Hao’s eyes, Tang Jiu was basically his elder brother because he was going to marry Tang Jiu’s sister – Tang Tang!

Tang Jiu’s expression didn’t change and only showed a brief smile.

That brief smile of his contained many levels of meanings.

But the thing that only Tang Jiu knows was his smile contained disdain and contempt.

Tang Tang walked out and coldly said: “Why did you come? Who is your ninth brother? Please don’t randomly call out names and claim familial relationships. We really can’t afford this kind of weight, oh young master of the Sea Cloud Sect.”

“Tang Tang, are you still mad at me?” Nangong Hao’s brows faintly formed a frown showing a hint of anger. But no one detected this hint of anger because he concealed it very well.

Tang Tang coldly laughed out once before saying: “Mad? What’s there to be mad about? No matter how many women you play with out there, there’s no relation to me at all. Why would I be mad? And I’m not even qualified to be mad, oh young master of the Sea Cloud Sect.”

Nangong Hao’s brows faintly frowned again, wanting to step forward.

Just as he stepped forward, Tang Tang took steps backwards.

He continued stepping forward.

Tang Tang directly ran up to Luo Tian’s side and held onto his arm. She coldly glared at Nangong Hao as if saying “I dare you to keep coming towards me.”

Nangong Hao didn’t continue walking forward and in turn glared at Luo Tian coldly. He then shouted: “Remove your dog arms from her!”

Without waiting for Luo Tian to respond, he then said gently to Tang Tang: “Tang Tang, don’t cause trouble. I will never come in contact with those random women in the future. It was them that threw themselves at me. I really didn’t form any relationships with them. In my heart, there is only you. In my entire life, there will be only you.”


Luo Tian directly cussed out while picking his ears. He then muttered: “I really can’t continue listening to this or else my ears are going to fall off from numbness. What kind of f*cking dogfart words are those? My ears are ringing like a mess from them! Even if I use my toes to think, I can tell those crappy words are used to cheat people!”

“Hey brother, you really can’t lie to women like that.”

Nangong Hao’s gaze turned chilly as he glared at Luo Tian before shouting: “Damn dog thing! This isn’t a place for you to speak out! Quickly scram further away for this daddy!”

“Nangong Hao, stop being so presumptuous! This is Heavenly Sword City and not your Sea Cloud Sect, so you should be the one scramming” said Tang Tang angrily. “Whoever you form relationships with has nothing to do with me. I have never liked you before so you need to stop being so full of yourself!”

From beginning to end, Tang Tang had never liked Nangong Hao.

She only visited Tang Jiu in the Sea Cloud Sect a few times and coincidentally, it was Nangong Hao who received her.

After a few visits, those two were considered familiar with each other.

But unknown why…

Rumors suddenly started floating around that Tang Tang had fallen in love with Nangong Hao, and it was the crazily in love kind.

Because of this, Tang Tang was extremely pissed.

Nangong Hao’s reputation inside Sea Cloud Sect was rather poor, and there were rumors that he had once tried courting Qin Yue’er. And not long ago, a piece of news broke out that Nangong Hao had engaged in a fight in Heavenly Sword City’s Flowering Pavilion because of a courtesan.

The more the rumor spread, the more savage it became.

The Sea Cloud Sect’s leader, Nangong Jue directly brought Nangong Hao to the Heavenly Sword City to propose a marriage.

Many generations of the Sea Cloud Sect members had good relations with the Great Tang Dynasty, and Nangong Hao had good looks along with an excellent martial talent – he was already a Profound King expert at 27 years old. Therefore, the marriage was agreed upon behind closed doors.

The day of the engagement ceremony, Tang Tang directly ran away from the affair.

Nangong Hao was trying to be nice to Tang Tang but currently, his face showed a rather ugly look. He then coldly glared at Luo Tian and said with disdain: “It was him that kidnapped you? You damn dog thing, you even dare to kidnap my woman? Watch how I’ll cripple you today!”

“You dare?!” Tang Tang shouted while glaring at Nangong Hao.

“Elder Sun, this place is Heavenly Sword City and he’s also my friend.” Tang Jiu’s voice had turned serious and his tone had a trace of anger. If it weren’t for giving Sea Cloud Sect some face, he would’ve had his people take action already.

Bullying his idol was equivalent to bullying him.

Within Heavenly Sword City, who would he be afraid of?

Sun Feng softly said: “Your highness, he is a wanted criminal and his arrest warrant has already been issued. Inside any part of the Great Tang Dynasty’s territory, he is considered a wanted criminal. Capturing wanted criminals is a responsibility that any good citizen of the Great Tang should do.”

Zhao Kongsheng immediately added: “Kidnapping the Princess is a serious crime. Any fugitive caught should be immediately killed on sight to set an example to others. This would prove to the world that whoever dares to kidnap a Princess, the only outcome is death.”


“When did the Sea Cloud Sect become citizens of the Great Tang? How come I didn’t know about it?” Wang Jinke lightly chuckled as he came over next to Luo Tian while his body was continuously releasing a formless energy.

He was protecting Luo Tian.

The strength of those two Sun and Zhao were not simple.

They were Sea Cloud Sect’s Elders, and Nangong Hao’s confidants. If those two made a move, Luo Tian would be instantly killed.

Chen Donglai also came over and said: “We’re not in a rush so why is the Sea Cloud Sect in such a rush? Does Princess Lasting Peace look like she has been kidnapped? Anyone with eyes can clearly see what’s going on. And did you think his majesty the Emperor doesn’t know his daughter is here? Heavenly Sword City is only so big so do you think they can escape the spiritual senses of an expert at the Profound Saint realm? He didn’t send the Palace Guards here because he knows Princess Lasting Peace wasn’t kidnapped.”

Those two were releasing a formless energy, secretly guarding against any sneak attacks by Elders Sun or Zhao.

Luo Tian naturally understood this as he felt grateful inside.

The expressions of both Elders Sun and Zhao hiddenly changed as they could sense this energy as well.

Inside the palace of the Great Tang was an old ancestor at the Profound Saint realm, so how could he not have noticed what was going on?

Those two indeed had thoughts of sneak attacking Luo Tian. Even if everyone here were eloquent enough with their excuses, in the end, Luo Tian was still a wanted fugitive of the government. But once Wang Jinke and Chen Donglai stepped out, those two had lost their chance.

At this time…

Nangong Hao’s face had an ugly expression on it.

A pair of cold eyes glared at Luo Tian and said: “What kind of crap do you think you are? What qualifications do you have to steal my, Nangong Hao, the future leader of the Sea Cloud Sect’s woman?”

“Nangong Hao, don’t be so presumptuous!” Princess Tang Tang’s majestic aura exploded out.

Luo Tian didn’t say anything and only coldly smiled in response.

Nangong Hao then said with disdain: “You damn dog thing, what are you smiling at? Are you even qualified to smile at this time?”

Immediately after…

Nangong Hao continued saying with disdain: “You’re a good fighter right? If you have the guts, then fight a round with this daddy. Whoever loses shall scram far away and never appear in Heavenly Sword City ever again.”

At this time…

Tang Tang didn’t say anything more and only looked at Luo Tian seriously.

When Luo Tian looked at her and noticed the heat in her eyes, he faintly smiled in response. He then turned to stare at Nangong Hao and shouted in a domineering tone: “Motherf*cker! If you want to die, then this daddy shall fulfill your wish!”


(T/N: I’m not sure if there’s any errors by the author but the Profound Saint realm is several levels higher than the current strongest experts. Most experts are at the Profound Ancestor realm, then there’s the Profound Venerate realm and the Profound Emperor realm that haven’t appeared yet. Finally, it’s the Profound Saint realm so that’s why I question the accuracy.)

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