Undefeatable – Ch260

Chapter 260 – Just Smack My Little Butt

After saying that, the three of them disappeared from their spot.

Luo Tian’s eyes blinked a few times from being too stunned. “Damn, what the hell just happened?”

“How did this become an appointment set for ten days later?”

“I never agreed to it…”

Luo Tian was inexplicably drawn into a political marriage, and inexplicably involved in battle ten days later. He didn’t even have a chance to say something and Nangong Hao had already flown away. What the f*ck is going on?!

When Tang Tang heard what Luo Tian had said, her expression turned depressed as she said: “You, you, you aren’t willing to fight for me?”


“It’s not that I’m unwilling…” muttered Luo Tian.


“It’s good that you’re willing to fight for me! See how good I treat you? I knew that you had overused your profound energy so I immediately pushed the battle to ten days later. And I even did it in front of all the people inside the imperial city! Heehee… I’m really so smart.” Tang Tang’s expression had completely changed to an upbeat one, no longer showing her previous depressed state.

Luo Tian’s heart sank, “Shit, I’ve been tricked!”

Of course…

He knew that Tang Jiu and Tang Tang did this for his own good.

He had no clue what cultivation level Nangong Hao was currently at.

He also didn’t know what martial skills Nangong Hao was proficient in.

Luo Tian had revealed his strength after these two battles so Nangong Hao would definitely be clear on it.

Facing such a dilemma, Tang Jiu didn’t think too much and immediately stepped out on his behalf. Tang Jiu felt that the current Luo Tian was definitely not an opponent for Nangong Hao. The reason was very simple – Nangong Hao’s cultivation had already reached the peak of the Profound King 6th rank.

Although they were both at the Profound King 6th rank as well, Nangong Hao was much stronger than Du Yuansong.

When comparing the two, one was like a wild chicken while the other was like a phoenix!

Du Yuansong was a rogue cultivator who had reached the Profound King 6th rank while Nangong Hao was a true disciple of the Sea Cloud Sect. Every step of his breakthroughs was filled with guidance so his Profound King 6th rank was much more stable and powerful than Du Yuansong’s.

Tang Jiu couldn’t allow Luo Tian to take such risks.

In his eyes…

Luo Tian cannot beat Nangong Hao yet.

As for Tang Tang…

Her only thoughts were to have Luo Tian defeat Nangong Hao in front of all the inhabitants of Heavenly Sword City because she wanted that annoying fly to new show up in front of her ever again. And she had always dreamed of someone standing up for her and challenging all obstacles on her behalf.

When Luo Tian saw Tang Tang’s happy face, he smiled and said: “Why wait for ten days? I could have crippled him right now.”

Tang Tang was a bit stunned by his words. She then patted Luo Tian’s shoulder and said: “This Princess is already gratified by your words. Don’t worry; it’ll be fine as long as you can defeat him ten days later. You must train hard these next ten days and make more breakthroughs; this Princess is very optimistic about your performance later.”

Tang Jiu glared at Tang Tang and said: “Thirteenth sister, stop messing around.”

“Brother Luo, Nangong Hao is someone that’s very hard to deal with.”

“He is the Sea Cloud Sect’s Nangong family’s once a century super genius. The day of his birth, Yun Haifeng’s Yellow Dragon Sword that had been quiet for 10,000 years suddenly flew out to his side. Previously when he summoned those eight swords, they were only the avatars of the Yellow Dragon Sword. The power they possess is less than one tenth of the original.”

“The sword dao he has comprehended has surpassed even his father Nangong Jue, that’s why he’s so arrogant and has never put anyone in his eyes.”

“He has the capital to be proud. Tossing aside his identity; he comprehended sword intent at the age of 10; he merged with the Yellow Dragon Sword’s intent at the age of 15 and reached the heavenly realm of man and sword as one. With such comprehension abilities, it is extremely rare even in the entire continent.”

“It was due to his appearance that the Sea Could Sect has become so powerful these recent years. Some even predict that within a hundred years, the Sea Cloud Sect might even enter the ranks of an immortal sect!”

“Having a high comprehension level in the sword dao is only one thing. He is currently cultivating an earth grade sword art, one where the Yellow Dragon Sword’s spirit personally taught him. Rumors say that the sword art is capable of killing experts at the Profound Ancestor realm!”

A world where martial skills reigned supreme – a good martial skill was definitely something that could contain powers that went against the heavens.

In the entire continent, there are probably only a few earth grade martial skills around.

And the sword art that Nangong Hao cultivated was taught by the Yellow Dragon Sword’s spirit. Just this alone meant the earth grade sword art would be extremely powerful. When the sword art was complemented by the Yellow Dragon Sword, it would definitely increase the powers of the martial skill.

Luo Tian was merely lightly stunned. Hearing Tang Jiu say all these things, he showed a faint frown but was laughing internally: “Earth grade sword art? Is it very awesome? This daddy has already cultivated several earth grade skills!”

Qin Yue’er had a faint frown as she added: “He is really strong. Amongst all the inner court disciples, no one is his opponent and he has never had to reveal all his powers before. You really need to be careful in the fight ten days later.”

She was clear on Nangong Hao’s personality.

Since Luo Tian snatched his woman, he was hoping to rip Luo Tian into pieces.

Nangong Hao will definitely let loose all his strength in the battle in ten days time. He will use his most powerful moves to suppress Luo Tian, causing him to kneel before him without any ability to resist.

Nangong Hao has always been sinister and vicious!

Tang Tang could now start to feel this matter was getting serious. She no longer had a happy expression as she said to Luo Tian: “How about I go cancel the fight? Since I’m the Princess, I can do whatever I want.”

Hearing the words of Tang Jiu and Qin Yue’er, she had started to worry about Luo Tian.

Luo Tian then asked in a serious manner: “Do you like him?”

Tang Tang immediately replied: “No, I hate him! What I hate the most about him is that he’s so full of himself. And I’ve heard that he has a despicable personality.”

Luo Tian then said: “If you don’t like him, I will have him forever disappear from this world. If you do like him, then I will directly admit defeat.”

The decision was with Tang Tang.

Tang Tang had become someone important to Luo Tian, but Luo Tian will still respect whatever Tang Tang decided.

Tang Tang understood Luo Tian’s intention and started feeling moved by it. She then muttered: “Smelly scoundrel, you should just continue to smack my little butt. I don’t know how to accept it when you treat me so well, wuuu~…”

Luo Tian faintly smiled before looking at Tang Jiu with a rather serious expression on his face. “Don’t worry Ninth brother, believe in me. Ten days later, I will make him topple to the ground and unable to get back up. I will definitely accomplish what I say.”

Wang Jinke chuckled and said: “Not bad kid, at least you’ve got guts. This old guy likes you. Don’t worry, even if you lose that day, no one will dare to kill you. If that kid Nangong Hao dares to try to take your life, I’ll be the first person that won’t let him off.”

Chen Donglai also smiled faintly and said: “There’s also me as well.”

Tang Jiu looked like he had something to say but eventually stopped himself. This time, the opponent was not simple at all. Nangong Hao’s strength will definitely exceed everyone’s expectations. The reason his emperor father gave a nod to Tang Tang and Nangong Hao’s marriage was because his father saw Nangong Hao’s potential.

His father’s vision was the most ruthless in this world.

Tang Jiu couldn’t help start worrying for Luo Tian’s safety.

At the same time…

He secretly made up his mind that no matter what price he had to pay, he couldn’t let Luo Tian die.

Qin Yue’er’s serious expression was about the same as Tang Jiu. Her heart felt like it was being clenched as she worried for Luo Tian.

When Luo Tian saw their expressions, he could only sigh and say to himself: “Why are you all worried about me? If it weren’t for you guys blocking me, I would be stepping on top of him right now!”

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