Undefeatable – Ch266

Chapter 266 – Unable To Resist At All

“His granny!”

“It looks like this daddy has experienced an eye-opener today.”

“What son of a true dragon Murong Wanjian? What young phoenix Li Xue’er? What genius of a century Nangong Hao? Those people are all dog shit! Wait, they might be even beneath dog shit!” sneered Wang Jinke.

Watching large groups of specters keeling over, he seemed to understand one thing:

Luo Tian was a perverse existence!

He was a perverted lunatic!


Ten minutes passed by.

The ground was littered with burnt charcoal and not a single specter was in sight. Not even a strand of hair could be found.

Luo Tian made a thought and rose up out of the ground. He then said with a smile: “Uncle Wang, this scene is quite shocking huh?”

Wang Jinke showed a grin before laughing out loud. “Shocking! Actually not just shocking, it’s practically motherf*cking out of this world! After witnessing this scene, it’ll be worth it even if I don’t get to drink for ten years!”


Wang Jinke’s face became even more shocked as his senses probed Luo Tian’s body. His heart felt like it had dropped as he said to himself: “He broke through! This kid actually made a breakthrough! Could what the Ninth Prince said be true? This kid can kill things to make breakthroughs and doesn’t need to cultivate? He could make endless breakthroughs just by killing? Most likely only the devil race would know such techniques for breaking through, but to my knowledge, not even the devil race has such special skills to breakthrough that quickly!”

Profound King 4th rank!

It only took ten days!

In less than one month, he broke through from the Profound Spirit 9th rank all the way to the Profound King 4th rank! Who can compare with such speeds?

Luo Tian almost couldn’t hold back and wanted to shout out loud: “Motherf*cker! Who else can do this?!”


A thick killing intent was detected…

Causing Luo Tian to frown.

At this time…

Wang Jinke’s eyes turned serious as his lips curved up. He then said with a smile: “Kid, it’s now my turn for a performance. You can sit down and rest to the side.”

Luo Tian shrugged and said: “Up to you, I’ll just act like a spectator then. But Uncle Wang, I have a small request and hope that you would agree to it.”

Wang Jinke replied with a smile: “Not to mention a small request, I will still agree to it if you had a thousand requests. As long as you don’t make me quit drinking…”

Luo Tian then said: “Can you beat those people until their half dead, and then let me finish them off?”

Wang Jinke replied with a smile: “No problem!”

While saying inside his heart: “So this kid is really someone of the devil race and needs to kill to make breakthroughs. But this place is the forbidden grounds of the devil race deceased souls… If he really was someone of the devil race, he should be finding ways to bring all these specters out instead of killing them.”

“Forget it!”

“This daddy is too lazy to keep thinking about this topic. Since his temper is similar to mine, it doesn’t matter if he’s a devil race or of the human race, he is my Wang Jinke’s brother!”

Immediately after…

Wang Jinke’s brows faintly moved and the aura on his body exploded out like crazy. With his Profound Ancestor powers surging out, he coldly said: “Acting recklessly regardless of the consequences. Last time I already warned you guys yet you still dare to come again.”

“I really want to see what kind of strength you guys have brought with you today!”

As his voice faded, Wang Jinke’s figure disappeared.

Within the void of space…

A figure as fast as lightning was moving about. Each time he appeared, a powerful energy fluctuation could be felt. Each time a punch slammed towards a certain point in space, a dull mournful groan was heard.

Seven series of punches smashed out!

Six people dropped down from the darkness.

“Bang~, bang~, bang~…”

They had no way to retaliate!

They were crushed by the difference in their cultivation levels!

Profound King experts were similar to 3 year old toddlers in front of Profound Ancestor experts. A single slap was capable of slapping them into the ground.

Wang Jinke patted his hands and shouted: “You damn impudent idiots! Don’t even think of returning alive this time!”

Within this instant…

Wang Jinke’s expression changed as he shouted in shock: “Kid, watch out!”

Before his voice faded…

Mo Long’s gloomy looking face appeared in front of Luo Tian. His ferocious expression showed a cold sneer as he said: “Go to hell!”

“Evil Dragon’s Claw!”


Mo Long’s claw attack struck out straight towards Luo Tian’s heart.

It was too quick!

The speed was unimaginable!


Luo Tian didn’t have time to react since he never thought someone would sneak attack him here. And this person’s strength happens to exceed Luo Tian’s detection abilities. The moment Mo Long appeared, Luo Tian’s heart immediately had a sinking feeling.

He didn’t have time to react!

A claw attack viciously struck Luo Tian’s chest.

A fiery hot energy penetrated his chest and went straight to his heart. The energy then surrounded Luo Tian’s heart, giving him the feeling like all the roots were being pulled out. Luo Tian felt extremely uncomfortable and terrified at the same time.

At this moment, Luo Tian almost saw a grim reaper arriving for his soul!

Mo Long, a Profound Ancestor expert!

These kinds of experts were ones Luo Tian couldn’t resist. Even if he used all his powers and skills, there was no way for him to resist them. The difference in strength between a Profound King and a Profound Ancestor was simply too large. Luo Tian didn’t have a single ounce of power to retaliate!

This was suppression!

Absolute suppression!

He couldn’t even move at all!

The previous six people were there to attract Wang Jinke’s attention while Mo Long was the true attacker!

With this claw attack, Mo Long had used his most powerful Profound Ancestor strength.

His goal was to kill Luo Tian with a single move.

This was his style of killing people!

With a Profound Ancestor cultivation realm and as an assassin, Mo Long was extremely proficient in sneak attacks and knew how to hide his aura. In his world, there was no such thing as an honorable fight. There was only his target, and the death of his target!

“There’s only one outcome after offending my master – death!”

“You should be honored to be dying by my hands – the King of Flowing Sand.”


Mo Long started laughing out coldly.

At this moment…

Wang Jinke released all his powers, but his distance was too far from them. Even if his speed was faster, he wouldn’t make it in time. At this moment, his heart felt helpless and incomparable rage at the same time.

Everything happened too quickly.

Luo Tian’s face was pale white like ash as he mumbled: “I’m going to die? I’m going to die now? I cannot die, I absolutely cannot die…”

His thoughts were on fast forward.

He didn’t want to die but he really couldn’t think of any methods to protect himself.

When facing the suppression of a Profound Ancestor, he had no way out. This type of feeling was extremely uncomfortable and felt worse than death. Even though he had already taken half a step into the gates of hell, Luo Tian didn’t give up.

He was still internally roaring out in rage!

“This daddy cannot die!”

“I absolutely cannot die!”

“I still haven’t rescued An Chunchun’s mother; I still haven’t battled Qin Yue’er for 3000 rounds; I still haven’t stomped Murong Wanjian to death; I still haven’t fulfilled my promise to Li Xue’er… I cannot die, I cannot die…”

His vitality was getting weaker!

Mo Long’s expression became even more ferocious and arrogant. His gloomy cold laughter was similar to a ghost wailing as it echoed all over the Spectral Forbidden Grounds. It was even transmitted into the depths of the forbidden grounds!

At this moment…

In the deepest parts of the Spectral Forbidden Grounds, a pair of huge bloody eyes suddenly opened!

It was completely enraged!


Also at this moment…

A single drop of blood essence from Luo Tian’s heart suddenly dropped onto the dragon egg that had been silent all this time…


(T/N: This is the dragon egg he got from killing the Jiao Dragon with the gnomes in Ch202)

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