Undefeatable – Ch267

Chapter 267 – Cultivation Deviation

The sudden arrival of an assassin!

A Profound Ancestor assassin!

He couldn’t resist at all!

Luo Tian was filled with helplessness and unwillingness. His mind kept roaring out non-stop: “This daddy cannot die! I absolutely cannot die! I still have a lot of things I haven’t done yet!”

His heart was bleeding!

The energy from the Evil Dragon’s Claw and penetrated straight to his heart. His whole body then toppled to the ground.

At this moment…

A drop of blood essence dripped down.

It was like a stone had been thrown into a still lake, causing ripples to slowly spread outwards.

It had silently landed onto the dragon egg inside Luo Tian.

It had landed on the dragon egg that had been incubated for 9999 years.


The gentle water ripple changed into a huge wave in a blink of an eye. When the dragon egg absorbed Luo Tian’s blood essence, it was like it had felt Luo Tian’s unwillingness and the incoming life threatening danger.

Within this instance…

The surface of the dragon egg suddenly exploded out with a bright brilliance.

The bright light was like a holy light from beyond the nine heavens as it directly charged into Mo Long’s Evil Dragon’s Claw energy.

A force like a meat grinder started churning like crazy and grinded down the energy from the Evil Dragon’s Claw in less than a tenth of a second. Mo Long couldn’t believe what had just happened while he began to register the shock.

That meat grinding force shot out from Luo Tian’s chest cavity.

It followed along Mo Long’s five fingers before entering his body. It was doing the same thing as before and continued grinding!

Mo Long’s fingers quickly disintegrated.

His right arm quickly disintegrated.

His whole body was quickly disintegrating as well.

Mo Long gave a squeal into the air like a pig being slaughtered. His expression was pale white as he stared at Luo Tian like he was looking at the most terrifying living creature in this world. His teeth were chattering and his lips were white as he stuttered: “I’m, I’m, beg, begging you! Spare, spare, spare my life!”

So pitiful.

Extremely pitiful.

Just like a dog before its death!

“Don’t, don’t, don’t kill me!”

“It wasn’t me! It wasn’t me who wanted to kill you. It was, it was Minister Li Wenzong who wanted to kill you.”

“Don’t kill me. Don’t, don’t, don’t kill me!”

Mo Long was beyond terrified. Shit and urine had blended together as the substance leaked out of the bottom of his pants. His eyes showed incomparable fear as he used all his powers to block that force. But it was completely useless. His powers in front of the holy light were similar to a speck of dust; or maybe even below a speck of dust.

Mo Long was scared of death.

Extremely afraid of death.

The higher one’s cultivation, the more afraid of death they became.

Because these people knew death meant disappearing eternally without a chance at rising up again.


Luo Tian coldly stared at him; his eyes even colder than Mo Long’s previous look. He then gave a cold grim reaper like smile and said: “Don’t worry, it won’t take long before you master will come find you. I will have him meet you for a reunion.”

The killing intent inside Luo Tian’s heart became so strong that words couldn’t even describe it.

He couldn’t wait to chop Mo Long up to 10,000 pieces!

The previous feeling Luo Tian experienced was extremely uncomfortable. Strolling through the gates of hell and back, struggling under the grim reaper’s scythe, this kind of feeling was something he didn’t want to experience ever again. But now it was Mo Long’s turn!



Mo Long had lost all hope as he started screaming.

Wang Jinke was shocked stiff off to the side.

What the hell just happened?

He was deeply shocked by everything he was witnessing. Looking at Luo Tian’s eyes that almost seem like it was spouting out killing intent; his clenched fists; his nails digging into his flesh with blood dripping out; and his continuously trembling body. What kind of feeling was Luo Tian experiencing to show such an expression?

Wang Jinke didn’t know.


Wang Jinke knew that he could offend anyone in the future except for Luo Tian.

His heart shivered a bit as he even felt a slight fear towards Luo Tian’s killing intent. It was fortunate that the intent wasn’t focused on him or else he would… Wang Jinke’s heart tightened a few times. Watching how Mo Long’s body was slowly disappearing, he muttered to Luo Tian: “Relax… relax… he’s already dead.”

If this continued, he might snap.

Snapping with this amount of killing intent, Wang Jinke was worried that Luo Tian would enter cultivation deviation.

Luo Tian didn’t move. His eyes were glaring at Mo Long who only had half a body left. The killing intent inside his sea of consciousness was roaring like crazy and creating huge waves. At this moment in time, Luo Tian really seemed to be entering cultivation deviation.

Blood Devouring Wild Blade suddenly appeared. Its primordial spirit created a force that shot right into Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness.

At this moment…

Wild Blade’s force was instantly churned to nothing and wasn’t even able to take care of a single wave.

“Shura’s path of slaughter!”

“Come out, Shura!”

Wild Blade’s voice thundered about, causing the Shura energy he had cultivated for many years to shoot into Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness.

Also at this time…

A huge grim reaper holding a scythe rose out from Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness. Just when the energy from the Shura’s path of slaughter entered, the grim reaper swung its scythe with a shout: “Scram for me!”


Wild Blade’s heart sank as he sprayed out a mouthful of blood. His primordial spirit had a suffered a serious injury and felt extremely uncomfortable.


No matter how uncomfortable, Wild Blade still roared out: “Hey brat! If you don’t calm down soon, you will enter cultivation deviation! Your heart has almost been taken over by the devil and your willpower is almost done for!”

“Brat! Can you hear what I’ve just said?!”

“If you don’t stop now, you will become a devil without any humanity left in you!”

“A mere Profound Ancestor has already caused you to become like this so how are you going to continue walking this road? Don’t let me look down on you brat! Quickly wake up for me! You damn brat, aren’t you going to walk this road with this old thing anymore?!”

“Quickly wake up!”


Wild Blade kept roaring those words! His aura was becoming weaker as he was attacked twice by the killing intent inside Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness. His primordial spirit suffered serious injuries and was having a harder time than back then in Jade Mountain City.


He didn’t stop.

He kept roaring and screaming non-stop.

It was the same for Wang Jinke as he felt the killing intent from Luo Tian was getting stronger. At this time, Mo Long’s body had been churned into nothing and had already disappeared, but the killing intent from Luo Tian’s body kept surging out and becoming several times stronger.

At this moment…

Luo Tian’s eyes showed lines of blood slowly extending towards his pupils.

It was very slow!

Luo Tian’s eyes became blood red with a ferocious look. At this moment, the aura on his body gradually underwent a transformation. Apart from the billowing killing intent, there was also a powerful aura of the devil race.

“Fuuu~… ahhh~… fuuu~…”

His chest was rising and falling.

Each breath he took became larger.

Cultivation deviation!

Within this instant, Luo Tian’s original personality was about to collapse as an evil persona invaded.

His hair started turning blood red as well.

His entire body was now exuding the arrogant demeanor of a devilish trait. His willpower was gradually fading as if the devil’s will had occupied it.

At this moment…

Luo Tian raised his head while opening his bloody red eyes. He then laughed out wildly in the air: “Hahaha… I, Bloodfiend have finally come out! Hahaha…”


In a place far far away…

Heavenly Soul Mountain.

On top of a unique looking altar was a face so beautiful that it could cause people to suffocate. Her eyes were looking up at the starry night sky while filled with longing. She then mumbled: “Big brother Luo Tian, how are you doing right now? Xue’er really misses you.”


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