Undefeatable – Ch268

Chapter 268 – Life Hanging By A Thread

The moment Bloodfiend was awakened…

He had instantly appeared behind Luo Tian’s body. He was originally planning on occupying Mo Long’s mind, who had the higher cultivation of the two. He would then gradually take over the body and have full control!


When he examined further, he realized the path of slaughter that Mo Long walked on was complete dog shit. Actually, it was even beneath dog shit! Mo Long hadn’t even stepped past the doorway in his path of slaughter and only managed to grasp a hint of its power after killing so many people. But it was different for Luo Tian because the path of slaughter he comprehended even made him, Bloodfiend shocked!

At that time…

Bloodfiend was super excited.

A devil’s trait relied on killing. As long as humans cultivated the path of slaughter, Bloodfiend was able to incite the desire to kill that couldn’t be completely eliminated inside their heart. They would then be controlled by him.

Just when he planned on waiting for Luo Tian to be on his last breath before counter-killing Mo Long, another shocking thing happened!

There was a dragon egg hidden inside Luo Tian’s body! The dragon egg released a force similar to a meat grinder which even frightened Bloodfiend!


Bloodfiend became even more excited as he started thanking the Devil God Sovereigns for this gift.

A super perfect fleshly body!

And there was a dragon egg; one that was about to be hatched! As long as the last blood essence came from him, Bloodfiend, then the dragon being hatched would become his battle pet! A true devil dragon!

Riding the devil dragon while leading the devil race back to its glory…

That’s why Bloodfiend’s blood was boiling with excitement!

Under his deliberate guidance, the killing intent inside Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness started surging about like crazy. Luo Tian’s mind and sea of consciousness was all filled with thoughts of killing. At this moment, Luo Tian’s heart had gradually become devilize which he didn’t even notice himself.


After being crushed by Mo Long’s powers, there was a lot of pent up rage inside Luo Tian’s heart.

He had suddenly out of the blue found an outlet when being suppressed, so his original persona underwent a quiet change. And since his mind and sea of consciousness was brimmed with thoughts to kill, even his will was about to be taken over without his knowledge.

Wild Blade’s scream…

Wang Jinke’s roar…

The sound of those voices gradually weakened and sounded like they were from very far away. Luo Tian’s humanity slowly disappeared while the devilish nature of the devil race grew. It was growing at an exponential rate inside Luo Tian’s body! Bloodfiend was extremely smug and arrogant as he shouted: “Hahaha… I, Sovereign Bloodfiend will see the blue sky once again! Humans, your doomsday have arrived, wuahahaha…”

The entire forbidden grounds started shaking.

Those specters all looked up with the red eyes as if they had heard the summoning from Bloodfiend.

They had all woken up from their sleeping state.

They started issuing ear deafening shouts: “Sovereign Bloodfiend, Sovereign Bloodfiend, Sovereign Bloodfiend…”

In a land filled with devilish auras…

Deep within a mountain range amongst dark looking peaks, the devil race members who had hidden themselves for thousands of years suddenly looked up at the bloody red sky. Their eyes turned serious before showing signs of excitement. They then started crying out: “Sovereign Bloodfiend has woken up! Sovereign Bloodfiend will see the light of day once again! The revival of our devil race is near, hahaha…”

The entire continent was shaking.

Countless experts shot into the air to investigate with grim expressions.

The sky had turned blood red.

The aura of death started rising from the land.

Sovereign Bloodfiend – one of the top ten Sovereigns of the devil race ten thousand years ago. His cultivation was infinitely close to the legendary Profound God Sovereign realm. His strength was Armageddon like proportions, and in order to kill him, nine Profound God experts of the human race died from it.

And now…

He was going to see the light of day once more, so who was capable of blocking him?

“How could this be?”

“What on earth happened?”

“Hasn’t Bloodfiend died over ten thousand years ago? Why would he see the light of day again?”

“Those super experts that survived ten thousand years ago have all left this continent. Who else is there that’s capable of resisting Bloodfiend now?”

“A great calamity.”

“A great human calamity will once more descend.”


There were a lot of movements going on within the human race.

Many other races of the Tianxuan Continent started experiencing movements as well.

How could this have happened?

No one knew. Even if those so called experts were capable of using their abilities to observe all life on the continent, how can an array that Human Emperor Hong Wanfu who used his primordial spirit as the price to setup be so easily penetrated by these experts?

Therefore everything happening inside the Spectral Forbidden Grounds, the outside world had no knowledge of.

But one person happened to know…

An Chunchun!

At this moment, her face turned pale and her body started shaking uncontrollably. She couldn’t help start crying while shouting: “Big brother Luo Tian, you need to wake up! Big brother Luo Tian, quickly wake up! Wake up…!”

Feng Lei looked at her.

Xuan Yuanyi also looked at her.

Tang Tang, Tang Jiu, Qin Yue’er and Blindman Liu all looked at An Chunchun.

They didn’t know why An Chunchun suddenly started acting like this.

Seeing her fearful expression and hearing her words, all their hearts suddenly sank to the abyss. “Something happened to Luo Tian!”

“Young master!”

Feng Lei’s eyes widened before rushing out in desperation.

Xuan Yuanyi followed right behind him.

The two of them rushed out like crazy demons, become two beams of light shooting towards the Spectral Forbidden Grounds.

Tang Tang summoned Yun Yun and jumped up onto him. She then shouted: “Your boss is in danger! Quickly bring me over or else this Princess will immediately slaughter you!”

Qin Yue’er took this opportunity to jump on the Fire Cloud Unicorn as well and said: “Go over there at your fastest speeds, or else this old lady shall let you experience the powerful scissors capable of cutting off your ability to have descendants.”

The Fire Cloud Unicorn was so scared that it rushed off in a cloud of dust.

An Chunchun started running out as well but was blocked by Tang Jiu. He was clear on An Chunchun’s identity so she absolutely couldn’t go out at a time like this. Especially when for some unknown reason, a white fluffy tail had emerged from the rear of An Chunchun.

Tang Jiu held onto An Chunchun and said: “Chunchun needs to be a good girl. Your big brother Luo Tian will definitely be okay.”

Blindman Liu’s fingers were moving like crazy while sweat the size of beans dripped from his forehead. He had a fearful expression on his face and his eyeballs kept moving about during his calculations. His mouth was also mumbling words that normal people didn’t understand.

“I can’t see his future!”

“Once more!

Another round of crazy-like actions was seen from him.

Blood started seeping out the corner of Blindman Liu’s mouth.

“I still cannot see it!”

“Did master lie to me? The heaven defying and fate changing abilities of the Hidden Daoist Scriptures actually cannot change a person’s fate? Or did dragon head encounter a crisis so powerful that not even a tiny change was allowed?

“No way!”

“Even if I have to use this old life of mine, I will defy the heavens this once!”

Blindman Liu clamped the erhu with his legs. His left hand pulled the strings while the fingers on his right hand started moving non-stop. His whole body was covered in cold sweat and it looked like he had fallen into a state of mental madness. He was currently activating the ability to change one’s fate that was recorded down in the Hidden Daoist Scriptures.


The strings on the erhu snapped!


The erhu fell to the ground and cracked into two.

Blindman Liu’s eyes widened before he faintly smiled. “Your highness, I’ll have to trouble you to take An Chunchun away from here. The further away the better. You cannot come back here and there’s no need to bother with my survival.”

Tang Jiu’s expression changed.

At this moment…

Blindman Liu had already walked out to the courtyard. Beneath his fleshly body was a ferocious devil struggling and fighting with him…

Also at this moment…

A dark figure descended down into the courtyard!

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