Undefeatable – Ch269

Chapter 269 – Killing Bloodfiend

Tang Jiu didn’t hesitate before holding onto An Chunchun and quickly running out.

He then heard a savage beast like roar from an existence that seemed like it was from another world. A powerful soul-shaking energy then caused Tang Jiu’s back to be suddenly drenched in cold sweat. Lying on Tang Jiu’s shoulders, An Chunchun was already crying her eyes out as she mumbled: “Uncle Blindman…”


Spectral Forbidden Grounds.

Luo Tian’s original spiritual will was shaken.

His mind was slowly being taken over by Bloodfiend.

The moment before his last trace of will was to disappear, a voice was heard in the depths of Luo Tian’s heart.

A very light…

And gentle voice.

This voice contained a thought of longing and happiness, containing a powerful purification energy along with it.

Li Xue’er’s voice!


Luo Tian’s mind shook and immediately woke up from it. He then sensed Bloodfiend inside his body!

Bloodfiend started laughing madly before shouting: “You’ve finally woken up but it’s already too late! Even if this energy can help you, I am the devil race’s Sovereign Bloodfiend! It is an honor for a mere mortal like you to be taken over by me. A lowly human like you should just give up!”

Luo Tian guarded his original spiritual will and shouted: “Scram!”



“The devilish thoughts of killing inside your heart is incomparably strong. Even if I were to leave your body, you still cannot escape the evil thoughts of slaughter. Enter my devil’s path and become part of me, Bloodfiend. I will allow you to reach an unprecedented peak of the martial path!”

“You want to save An Chunchun’s mother right?”

“You wish to beat Sea Cloud Sect’s Nangong Hao in a battle and make him forever scram out of Heavenly Sword City right?”

“You want to find the ancient treasure right?”

“You want to stomp Shattered Sky City’s Murong Wanjian to death and then take back your most cherished woman Li Xue’er right? I can help you do all those things and attain the most perfect outcome. Luo Tian, just become a part of me, Bloodfiend… wahahaha…” said Bloodfiend in an unbridled manner.

He had completely seen through Luo Tian.

All these matters had been confined inside Luo Tian’s heart for almost a year.

These were things that Luo Tian dreamed of accomplishing.

Therefore, this was considered his weaknesses.

The purification power of Li Xue’er’s voice was still rising like crazy. When sensing that power, Luo Tian remembered back in Jade Mountain City when Wild Blade tried to take over his body. With just a single sentence from Li Xue’er, the attempt was completely suppressed.

Bloodfiend was indeed very strong.


The current Bloodfiend was only a strand of his primordial spirit. And ten thousand years ago, he suffered a serious injury which he still hadn’t completely recovered from. Otherwise, there’s no way he would need to use such a long time to erode Luo Tian’s heart, mind, and sea of consciousness.

Right now…

Luo Tian was guarding his original spiritual will. His thoughts were full of Li Xue’er’s voice, her appearance, her everything.

Due to Luo Tian’s longing thoughts…

The purification power in Li Xue’er’s voice grew at a crazier rate.

Bloodfiend’s expression darkened as he shouted: “Do you really think the star purification powers of a young phoenix can purify the devil nature of I, Sovereign Bloodfiend?! Hahaha…
Is she even qualified to purify my heart?”

“Blood Shadow Encompasses the Heavens.”

“Devils Slaying the World!”


A powerful energy from Bloodfiend surged out within Luo Tian.

At this time…

Luo Tian wasn’t sure if it was useful or not but he shouted: “Level 4 Berserk!”

“Nine Dragon and Elephants, suppress!”

“Boom~, boom~…!”

The powers of an ancient dragon and an ancient demonic elephant surged into Luo Tian’s body. This type of energy that seemed to suppress all evil spirits was rising like crazy, sending out a series of dragon roars and the sound of demonic elephants trampling the earth.

“Ancient dragon? Ancient demonic elephant?!”

“What a great kid!”

“You even cultivated this type of martial skill?” said Bloodfiend in shock.

Also at this time…

Wild Blade’s voice weakly shouted: “World of Slaughter, descend!”

“Hong~ Boom~!”

Another series of loud sounds came from within Luo Tian as Wild Blade summoned out the World of Slaughter and forced it into Luo Tian’s mind. He then shouted: “Brat, I’m handing the World of Slaughter to you! You better play him to death and f*ck all eighteen generations of his ancestral graves!”

Wild Blade was enraged.

So enraged that it was already beyond words to describe. He had suffered two serious injuries; he had screamed and shouted at Luo Tian countless times yet still couldn’t wake him up.

The powerful purification energy along with Luo Tian’s Nine Dragons and Elephants skill that suppressed all evil joined together into an ocean-like entity.

At this time…

At the risk of depleting his primordial spirit, Wild Blade still summoned out the World of Slaughter without hesitation.

As Wild Blade’s voice faded, a blood-colored world appeared inside Luo Tian’s mind. The world covered in corpses and a blood-colored sky contained an endless amount of slaughter intent. The sounds of thousands upon thousands of soldiers and horses screaming out to kill was heard.

A huge blade covered in blood was stabbed in the middle of a mountain of corpses.

Blood Devouring Wild Blade!

Within the World of Slaughter, it was able to explode out with its full power and become the world’s most tyrannical and domineering blade!

Luo Tian reached out to the air and opened his right hand. He then shouted: “Blood Devouring Wild Blade!”

Wild Blade’s endless domineering power arrived at Luo Tian’s hand. With both hands raised up, Luo Tian screamed in his heart for Li Xue’er’s purification energy and his Nine Dragons and Elephants energy to come out together. He then gave one last shout: “Level 4 Berserk!”




Three types of powerful energy came together.

Under level 4 Berserk, his attributes had increased by 16 times. With all these energies combined, Luo Tian’s body was shaking non-stop as if he couldn’t control it at all. If it wasn’t for his sea of consciousness increasing by 10,000 times in the past, most likely the combined energy would have already caused his body to explode.

Bloodfiend had an extremely ferocious expression on his face.

Luo Tian started smiling coldly. Both of his hands had raised the blade above his head as he started laughing madly. “You never expected this huh? Blood Dog Fiend, you wanted to take over this daddy’s body? Go cultivate for another ten thousand years first!”

“Domineering Slash!”

“Chop him up for me!”

A slash that could split the World of Slaughter in half was ready to chop down!

Bloodfiend’s eyes bulged out. The devilish energy on his body was raised to its highest output before he clenched his teeth and said: “You want to kill me based on just your abilities? I am immortal! I am Sovereign Bloodfiend!”

“Go to hell!”

Luo Tian’s blade slashed down.


The entire World of Slaughter was shaking as if the end of the world was near.

The combined power of the three energies was simply too powerful!

Bloodfiend couldn’t block it!

His expression drastically changed. When he looked up to stare at the descending huge Blood Devouring Wild Blade that contained an energy capable of wiping out all devil energy, Bloodfiend started forming seals with his hands before shouting: “Bloodfiend Nihility – Rebirth! Come out for me!”


As his voice was heard, the blade had chopped down.

The purification energy traveled through Bloodfiend’s whole body, including the condensing power of rebirth.


Far away…

The entire sky was covered in stars near the altar Li Xue’er was standing on. It was as if the stars in the night sky had deliberately congregated above her head.

At this moment…

Li Xue’er’s pale white face showed a faint smile. She then looked up at the starry sky and said: “Thank you all.”

Immediately after…

She fainted.

Luo Tian had also fainted from over-exhaustion but his brain was still active as he excitedly screamed: “Explode! Explode! Give me a huge loot explosion!”

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