Undefeatable – Ch277

Chapter 277 – Scoundrel

This time they didn’t need An Chunchun to be the interpreter!

This time the ancient huge devil directly spoke out in human words.

This made everyone even more shocked than when An Chunchun interpreted the words.


Many people didn’t believe in it.

Many people doubted the interpretation. They refused to believe an ancient huge devil would call an unconscious human as King.

But now…

They couldn’t refute it anymore.

This type of shock was harder to endure than the thought of imminent death. Countless experts couldn’t accept this and were asking themselves: “What’s going on? What the hell is going on? This is completely illogical!”

This was truly illogical.

Luo Tian himself didn’t know why he was chosen.

He didn’t know why he would gain the ancient inheritance.

He never imagined he would become a disciple of the Ancient Kings from Pangu’s Cave. Sometimes things do happen in an illogical manner. Luo Tian was lost in thought before saying internally: “Could it be that there’s something wrong with that woman’s head? Or did the Luo family ancestors once have a powerful character appear in the past? Or maybe she’s the progenitor of the Luo family and wanted him to save her?”

Were any of these correct?

Luo Tian wasn’t sure. He had thought up of all these possible reasons but then threw them out and chuckled: “It must be this brother’s character and handsome looks. It should be like this, hahaha…”


Laughing in a happy and cheap manner.

Laughing himself to a complete mess.

Gaining an ancient inheritance and a strand of primordial spirit – what kind of awesome existence was that? Making an ancient huge devil kneel down and call him King – how cool was that? The current Luo Tian really hated himself for being unconscious or else he would definitely show off in a high profile manner. He would probably cry out to the entire imperial city: “Do you see me now? This daddy is super awesome!”

If Murong Wanjian was present…

Luo Tian would point his finger at his nose and say: “You’re already despicable enough yet still want to call yourself myriad of despicableness? ¹ You dare to compete with me over a girl? Do you believe this daddy can play you to death anytime I want?”


Luo Tian would definitely show a cool expression and then say to all the women of Heavenly Sword City: “Looking for a husband? You definitely need to find a man as cool as me.”

If this were the case…

Most likely all the women in Heavenly Sword City would be seduced by him.

How awesome would this be?


Your sister! How come this daddy can’t wake up?!

Luo Tian was extremely annoyed and felt hurt by this. How could he be unconscious during such an exciting moment? Just the idea of seeing everyone’s shocked expression made him excited.

When it was time to show off, you had to do it to the extreme!

Luo Tian was never closed minded when it came to this. One’s life will pass by in a breeze, so one should enjoy it while they can; be high-profile when the time is right. He also wanted his enemies to see that if you wish to touch this daddy, you need to calculate wisely of the cost!


The ancient huge devil kneeled down. He then used a poorly pronounced yet rather respectfully clear voice: “King!”

After those words…

Luo Tian sent his intent over and commanded: “Revert back to your human body.”


The ancient huge devil’s body curled up and slowly became smaller in less than half a minute. The body looked pale and was covered in a transparent mucous substance. Seeing how everyone was staring at him, Blindman Liu smiled revealing his yellow stained teeth and said: “A topless Blindman Liu appears with a blank expression and a broken erhu hanging around his neck!”

As his voice faded, he immediately fainted right after.

Xuan Yuanyi rushed up to support him.

Blindman Liu was actually laughing like crazy inside. His excitement was even higher than Luo Tian as he said: “It really is him! Master didn’t lie to me, hahaha! I, Blindman Liu will be reborn and will no longer need to suppress it!”

He had been desperately suppressing the evil devil inside of him all these years.

Every night, he would see the same evil devil in his dream smashing the Master of the Dharma Temple to his death. This was the devil he had lived with his whole life but now it was gone. He started smiling. Even when he fainted, his lips curved into a smile that showed the joy he was experiencing. There was even some tear seeping out at the corner of his eyes.


Was his, Blindman Liu’s day of rebirth!




In front of the Harmony Palace, a middle-aged man was laughing out in joy. He hadn’t laughed in such a joyous manner in many years. He then said: “Hong Wanfu, I’m afraid you weren’t as fierce as this guy back then, hahaha…”

He continued laughing as he left the palace.

Behind him was an old eunuch who shivered but then smiled lightly and said: “Our Great Tang finally has a person comparable to Murong Wanjian. The heavens are blessing my Great Tang!”


Dao Shang Alliance.

Qi Fu was unhappy. Extremely unhappy because his ace expert had died.

He was unhappy because there were so many experts around An Chunchun.

He was also unhappy because the ancient huge devil had kneeled before that person.

All in all…

Almost everything today made him very unhappy. But there was one thing that made him happy, and that was Vice President Wang Rulai will be coming to Heavenly Sword City.

In plain words…

The Dao Shang Alliance’s annual auction at Heavenly Sword City was about to begin.

The little demon fox clan girl has definitely come here because of her mother. Therefore, he will definitely find a way to capture her as well. Thinking to this point, the originally unhappy Qi Fu started smiling in happiness again. Except his smile was rather ferocious and evil looking!


Sea Cloud Sect.

“Young master, the ten day agreement the day after… in my opinion…

“There’s no need for your opinion, I will definitely defeat him.” Nangong Hao was irritated because today’s matter allowed Luo Tian stand in the limelight. This had completely overshadowed him, Sea Cloud Sect’s once in a century genius of the sword. A few days ago, he was ridiculing Luo Tian as a village bumpkin but now his status had become completely different. When Luo Tian was compared to him now, it had been turned around where he had become the village bumpkin instead. This made Nangong Hao extremely irritated.

“Just you wait…”

“The day after tomorrow, I will stomp you to death in front of everyone in the city. It will be as simple as stomping an ant to death.”

After saying that…

Nangong Hao pulled out a dark green medicinal pill and placed it in front of Elder Sun. He then said with a cold smile: “Are you still worried about me now?”

“Profound Burst Bill?!”

“A spirit grade medicinal pill?”

“After consuming this, one’s strength would be raised by two small realms. This medicinal pill…”

Nangong Hao lightly chuckled and said: “My master gave me this yesterday so you guys will have a good show tomorrow. I will make that dog thing Luo Tian kneel down before me. I will humiliate him so badly in front of that slut Tang Tang that he will forever have a psychological shadow in his heart, hahaha…”


The ninth day.

Luo Tian was still the same in his unconscious state.

His fleshly body still hadn’t recovered yet.

Blindman Liu was as lively as a dragon. It was from unbeknownst where but he managed to get his hands on another shabby looking erhu. With his yellow stained teeth revealed by a smile, he would then play some harsh sounding tunes with an intoxicated look on his face. He was completely ignoring the feelings of the people around him.

Night time.

Inside a room.

There was Tang Tang, Qin Yue’er, and Luo Tian who was lying on the bed unconscious.

“Smelly scoundrel, if you don’t wake up soon, I’ll be getting engaged to that Nangong Hao tomorrow.”

“Hey bastard, if you don’t wake up soon, little sister Tang Tang will become someone else’s wife.”

“You don’t want to watch me getting engaged to Nangong Hao right?”

Tears started coming down Tang Tang’s cheeks.

Qin Yue’er closed the door. She then directly took off her clothes and was only left with her body wrap and her underwear. He body was snow white without a blemish in sight. She then started taking off Tang Tang’s clothes as well.

Eventually, she then started caressing her large breasts before slowly untying the strings on her body wrap. She then said in a seductive tone: “Are you waking up yet? We’re about to strip completely naked…”


¹ – Just a play on words. Murong Wanjian ~ Murong myriad swords. The jian part also sounds like cheap or despicable.

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