Undefeatable – Ch284

Chapter 284 – Eggs Being Shattered

Straddling the lines between life and death!

The Yellow Dragon Sword crushed down with its power that was capable of overturning the seas! Even the sky seemed to darken from the force it was exerting! At this moment, everyone felt that Luo Tian inside the deep hole would be dying soon.

Yellow Dragon Sword Art.

An earth grade sword skill with incomparable powers!

In addition to Nangong Hao’s comprehension of sword intent and the strength stimulated by the Profound Burst Pill, this sword move of his was at least ten times stronger than usual. In this scenario, even experts at the same Profound King 9th rank may not be able to handle it!

Therefore, Luo Tian was certainly going to die!

Chen Donglai wanted to save Luo Tian.

But the Sea Cloud Sect’s Elder Sun already figured this out. He shot into the air and directly blocked Chen Donglai’s path.

Wang Jinke followed right behind.

Another Profound Ancestor elder appeared from the Sea Cloud Sect’s side and also blocked Wang Jinke’s path.

“Old Chen, the battle isn’t over yet.”

“Bang~, bang~!”

The two of them were blocked outside of the deep hole while Nangong Hao’s Yellow Dragon Sword was already stabbing down!


“Big brother Luo Tian…”

“Smelly scoundrel…”

In almost an instant, the hearts of Feng Lei and others froze with shock.

Tang Jiu raised his finger and was about to bite down…

With his blood essence as a seal, he was able to awaken the old ancestor within the depths of the imperial palace. As long as the old ancestor comes out, a single strand of his will would be enough!

No matter what…

Luo Tian cannot die!

At this moment, Tang Jiu couldn’t afford to think any longer. Just as he was about to bite his finger, Luo Tian stood up!

He stood up just like that!

Luo Tian’s lips were curved into a smile. He then slowly patted the dust off his clothes before saying with a smile: “Sudden power explosion? It looks like you consumed some type of medicinal pill that gave you a burst of strength. Not bad; a bit awesome actually.”

After saying that…

Luo Tian raised his head and looked at the Yellow Dragon Sword about to descend. The sword’s aura caused raging winds that blew all the surrounding rocks outwards. With sand and rocks blowing, the sky turned dimmer and the crowd of spectators was all being suppressed by the powerful sword intent. The crowd could barely open their eyes and only experts at the Profound Ancestor realm still looked rather calm and casual.

Wang Jinke and Chen Donglai’s gaze tightened.

The hearts of those two sank as they thought along the lines of: “It’s over. He’s finished this time.”

Blindman Liu’s gaze turned a bit strange. Below the surface of his skin, the fierce ancient huge devil had become restless and the powerful ancient powers were faintly being released. However, the ancient huge devil suddenly became quiet again.


Blindman Liu’s expression changed as he cried out: “Baldy, meathead, Chunchun; none of you move! Dragon head should be fine!”

Below the sword aura…

Was endless suppressive energy.

The powerful Yellow Dragon Sword containing powers capable of overturning the seas stabbed down. Luo Tian merely looked up with a glance; a glance that was filled with disdain. His right hand slowly rose up and a light converged onto his palm. This light was made from pure energy.

A strange energy!

A very very strange energy!

Those experts at the Profound Ancestor realm were all shocked. They were asking themselves: “What kind of energy is that?”


The first to react was Wang Jinke. He had seen the Ancient Dragon Execution Array at work before and had also been very close to the ancient huge devil. He was very clear that the energy in the palm of Luo Tian’s hand must be something from the Ancient World!


“Oh crap, this kid is out of this world!”

“I’m going to start worshipping him too.”

“From today onwards, I, Wang Jinke will start worshipping you.”

The second person to react was Chen Donglai. His expression showed more shock than Wang Jinke and even started laughing like crazy.

“What is he laughing about?”

“Did he go insane?”

“Or is he laughing in regret for Luo Tian stuck in the deep hole?”

“Who knows? I bet you both of them have lost their mind.”

No one knew why both of them had started laughing.

Elder Sun and Zhao had no clue.

Those disciples from Sea Cloud Sect didn’t know. Even those experts secretly hiding and monitoring the battle didn’t know what was going on.

Everyone thought Luo Tian was going to die.

He won’t be able to block this sword strike.

Luo Tian had strangely raised his hand out with his palm pointing towards the sky.

Could it be that he wanted to use a single hand to block Nangong Hao’s attack?

Did he lose his mind? He knows he’s going to die soon so he deliberately struck a self-conceited cool pose?

The pose was indeed not bad.

An accurate pose of Dong Cunrui sacrificing his life to blow up a bunker. ¹


He was really able to block Nangong Hao’s attack with a single hand, how domineering would Luo Tian be? How arrogant could he act? How… this was absolutely impossible because even experts at the Profound Ancestor felt they wouldn’t be able to block this sword strike with a single hand!

Nangong Hao noticed Luo Tian’s pose and started laughing crazily. “A bumpkin is truly a bumpkin. Look at you right now! Trying to compete with me over a woman? You don’t even have the qualifications to carry my shoes! Go die for me!”

As his voice faded…

The Yellow Dragon Sword had descended by now.

At this moment…

The dust inside the deep hole was blowing out like crazy so people couldn’t really see what was going on.

They could only hear a low muffled sound.

Similar to a held back fart being released.


It was very faint but was clearly heard by everyone.

The instant the sound was heard, the surrounding area turned quiet. As the dust settled, the surrounding crowd could finally see what was going on.

In the middle of the deep hole…

Luo Tian’s right hand was directly grasping the Yellow Dragon Sword. Above the Yellow Dragon Sword, Nangong Hao’s expression was ash pale. His eyes contained incomparable fear like he had just witnessed the most terrifying thing in this world.

“Creak~, creak~… creak~…”

“Hong~ dang~ clang~!”

The sounds of metal being shattered was heard.

Cracks started appearing on the body of the Yellow Dragon Sword. The cracks grew bigger and eventually, the blade shattered. After losing his support, Nangong Hao fell down. Luo Tian made a thought before shouting: “Kneel down for me!”


Nangong Hao directly kneeled down in front of Luo Tian.

At this moment…

Luo Tian’s domineering aura was a complete mess!

The aura coming from him was completely wild and unrestrained to the max! He was too awesome, too powerful, and too tyrannical!


There was absolute silence once again.

It seemed like nothing alive was present in the huge square.

The expressions of the crowd looked ugly to the point like they had just eaten shit. How could it be like this?

What the hell happened?

Illusion… it has to be an illusion!

Let’s not mention the fact that Luo Tian used a single hand to stop Nangong Hao’s attack, but he managed to directly shatter the Yellow Dragon Sword. What kind of power was this? What kind of power was capable of performing this feat? Except for a small number of people, the majority of them couldn’t understand this at all.


“Boss is so mighty!”

This time, Xuan Yuanyi couldn’t hold it back anymore as he shouted: “Boss is so mighty!”

An Chunchun giggled very brilliantly and innocently. She then said in a very cute way: “Big brother Luo Tian is so mighty.”

“Bastard, this one’s heart is about to be stolen by you.”


Luo Tian stood above the pale Nangong Hao and chuckled coldly. “Let me hear the word bumpkin from you again.”

Nangong Hao didn’t move!

Luo Tian’s right hand started moving as a slap landed. He then shouted: “Motherf*cker! I’m telling you to say the word bumpkin for me again!”

At this moment…


A heavy voice rang out.

“Presumptuous your mother!” Luo Tian retorted with a frown. His leg then kicked towards Nangong Hao’s groin area and the sound of eggs shattering was heard…


¹ – Under heavy fire, Dong Cunrui of the People’s Liberation Army reached the bunker but there was no place to effectively position the explosives. He decided to hold up the explosives himself so that the explosion would be sufficient to destroy the bunker.


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