Undefeatable – Ch292

Chapter 292 – Profound Burst Pill, Succeed For…

Tang Qingtian?!

He felt like he had heard that name from somewhere.

It sounded really familiar but Luo Tian couldn’t recall why. He only felt that he heard that name before.

Of course…

He was never a person to struggle over issues like this. Since he couldn’t remember it, then he wouldn’t continue thinking about it. Luo Tian immediately smiled and asked: “Old Senior Tang, may I take a cauldron to concoct my medicinal pills?”

Luo Tian had been refining pills so far with something equivalent to a broken clay pot.

These kinds of pill concocting wares littered the main street stalls.

And if one wasn’t careful in controlling their refinement, using such wares to concoct pills can easily cause the profound energy to escape from the spiritual herb. The energy would have a hard time fusing together, and the success rate of completion would be lowered greatly.

This place was the national treasury and had a mysterious elderly grandpa guarding it. Luo Tian understood that his every move was probably being monitored. Taking something that he wasn’t supposed to would definitely be found out, that’s why he directly asked the elderly person.

Tang Qingtian’s brows tightened…

Seeing that expression, Luo Tian immediately smiled and said: “It’s no big deal if I can’t.”

Right after…

Luo Tian sat down and took out the clay cauldron he had used for over fifty times already. There were cracks on the cauldron and it looked like it could break and any given moment.

When Tang Qingtian saw the clay cauldron with Luo Tian, his mind turned serious as he asked: “You used that thing to refine these medicinal pills?”


“En, I’ve never gotten the chance to change this for a better cauldron. Since I’m only increasing my proficiency, I figured I’d use this for the time being.” Luo Tian said this in an indifferent manner as he started arranging the spiritual herbs he had grabbed previously.

Concocting a medicinal pill with such rich profound energy, with this clay medicinal cauldron?

If Tang Qingtian hadn’t seen this personally, there would be no way he would believe this was possible. His heart was slightly moved upon seeing a child that was not even twenty years old before him. It has been close to a thousand years since his heart has been moved and now he felt a bit excited.

He finally understood Tang Zhanlong’s intention for allowing Luo Tian to enter the national treasury.

He was secretly laughing inside as he said: “It looks like my Great Tang will also have an extraordinary person appear. There’s no one around comparable to him just based on his ability in concocting medicinal pills, hahaha…”


Within the Tianxuan Continent, there weren’t that many Alchemists.

Martial cultivators cannot do without the support of medicinal pills since good ones can help them overcome a wall that they cannot breakthrough normally.

It is also a required item when one decided to travel.

Tang Qingtian’s figure disappeared. And in less than a breath of time, a bronze cauldron was dropped down.

It dropped perfectly into Luo Tian’s hands.

Tang Qingtian then said: “You can use this Green Dragon Cauldron.”


Luo Tian looked it over and found the cauldron was filled with a rich scent of profound energy. He sent out his spiritual senses and became extremely shocked internally. “A spirit grade cauldron?! Damn! With this thing, not only will there not be any loss in profound energy from the spiritual herbs, the energy inside them might even increase! Good stuff! This is practically the dream item for the Pill Alchemy Skill!”

How can a national treasury be simple?

A random item would be at the spirit grade.

Of course…

Tang Qingtian deliberately brought out one of the best cauldrons out.

“Thank you!”

Luo Tian said with a serious look while celebrating internally.

Tang Qingtian waved his hand and said: “Kid, quickly go back to refining your medicinal pills. I’m not bothering you if I stand here right?”

Luo Tian immediately replied: “Not bothering at all! Old Senior Tang can stand here all you want.”

“You do your thing then.” Tang Qingtian stood to the side in silence without releasing any auras.

Luo Tian didn’t waste any more time. He began to send out his senses for the spiritual herbs he selected and said to himself: “These should be the right herbs.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian pushed out all distracting thoughts. His mind and sea of consciousness then started to calm down like the surface of still lake. His breathing rhythm became lighter and steadier. His right hand gently moved and profound energy was released from it.

Right after…

Stalks of spiritual herbs were being placed inside the cauldron.

His profound energy slowly increased and blue flames appeared at the center of his palm.

Profound energy started surging.

The Green Dragon Cauldron began to show its divine powers as it perfectly cooperated with Luo Tian in stimulating the profound energy inside the spiritual herb.

At this moment…

Luo Tian had completely entered in a state of selflessness.

Tang Qingtian’s eyes widened as his heart started beating faster. He then said to himself: “The highest realm of heaven and man as one! It looks like this kid was born to learn alchemy skills since he’s able to comprehend heaven and man as one at such a young age. He should be at the grandmaster level. Even those Alchemy Grandmasters that have been famous for a thousand years may not be able to reach the heaven and man as one realm.”

While watching Luo Tian continue to refine the medicine…

Tang Qingtian’s expression became even more shocked. Looking at the spiritual herbs Luo Tian had picked, he said to himself: “Does this kid want to concoct the Profound Burst Pill?”


Luo Tian wanted to concoct the Profound Burst Pill.

But the Profound Burst Pill he was making was going to be different than what Nangong Hao took. The Profound Burst Pill he envisioned would not be limited to one’s cultivation level and it would not have any side effects to one’s fleshly body. Those conditions he wanted will require a big change.

Extract the negative medicinal properties that affected the fleshly body.

Extract the properties that limited one’s cultivation level.

Not long after…

Green smoke started coming out of the cauldron.


Luo Tian frowned and said to himself: “I failed? Could something have gone wrong with my thought process? Or was there a problem with the spiritual herbs I selected?”


When Luo Tian was operating the cauldron, Tang Qingtian had focused his attention on the medicinal changes. The moment it was about to successfully condense, the medicinal pill broke apart. Tang Qingtian’s heart was shocked to a complete mess now. Not because of the failure but because of Luo Tian’s vision.

He actually wanted to improve the Profound Burst Pill by removing the side effects!

If he wanted to concoct the original Profound Burst Pill, Luo Tian would easily succeed. But since he wanted to improve the medicinal pill by taking out the damage to the fleshly body… This kid is not simple! He is too incredible! Alchemy Grandmaster’s aren’t even qualified to carry his shoes at this point!

Luo Tian was dejected about this and was lost in thought for a good half hour. He then tried again.

Ever since Nangong Hao had used the Profound Burst Pill, Luo Tian had wanted to concoct this rather useful medicinal pill.


If Luo Tian was able to successfully develop this improved Profound Burst Pill, it would definitely be able to be auctioned off at a high price. This was a medicinal pill that anyone would want!

Soon after…

Luo Tian entered the heaven and man as one state and started his refinement.


“Refinement failed!”

“It still doesn’t work? Where did it go wrong?”

Luo Tian summarized his thoughts after another failure.

A few minutes later, he began the process again.


“Refinement failed!”


“Refinement failed!”

A series of failure alerts sounded out.

Tang Qingtian faintly smiled and said internally: “It’s impossible for the Profound Burst Pill to not have any side effects. And how can a pill like that be not restricted to cultivation realms? Wouldn’t the world get thrown into chaos if that’s the case? This kid’s alchemy skills are quite awesome, except his brains are a bit dull. It’s very obvious that he cannot improve the pill yet he keeps trying non-stop. Isn’t that basically going against yourself? It’ll be better to just concoct a few original Profound Burst Pills instead.”

The Profound Burst Pill had already existed for ten thousand years now.

If it could be improved upon, someone would’ve done it already. Why would they wait for Luo Tian to do it now?

At this moment…

Luo Tian’s brows quivered and the profound energy inside Green Dragon Cauldron started surging. After the sudden surge, it then started to fuse together like crazy. The flames made by profound energy in the center of Luo Tian’s palm suddenly became colorless!


Luo Tian shouted: “Succeed for me!”

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