Undefeatable – Ch294

Chapter 294 – Preparing A Bunch Of Presents

The sixth day.

Luo Tian walked out of the national treasury with a satisfied and excited expression.

These six days was something very important to him.

After glancing back at the entrance of the national treasury and bidding the two guards farewell, he then left the area.

Inside the national treasury.

The spiritual herbs were practically emptied.

The ten thousand year old xuan metals had turned into a little pile no larger than a piece of cow turd. As for the one thousand year old xuan metals, it wasn’t even touched since those things were pretty much useless to Luo Tian.


“Bandit! Pirate!”

“But I like it, hahaha…” Tang Qingtian’s figure suddenly appeared. Looking at the empty spiritual herbs and xuan metals consumed by Luo Tian, he wasn’t angry and started laughing instead. Recalling last night when Luo Tian was refining those long skeletal bones, his heart was once again shocked.

Alchemy skills at the Grandmaster level.

Weapon refining skills at the Grandmaster level.

People with those two occupations were already considered rare, and for a single person to be proficient in both was even rarer. And for someone to reach such a terrifying level of expertise, most likely Luo Tian was the first in the last ten thousand years!

Seeing the disappearing back of Luo Tian, Tang Qingtian smiled until his eyes only showed a thin line. He then said: “Zhanlong was correct; this kid is even more fierce than Human Emperor Hong Wanfu. Just those two occupations are already something that coward Hong Wanfu cannot compare with.”

“The only thing I’m not sure of is whether his strength is as high as what Zhanlong has said.”

“It will be a terrifying cultivation strength if he has already reached the Profound King 4th rank when he’s not even twenty years old yet.”

“Kiddo, go have fun causing waves.”

Tang Qingtian’s heart was filled with expectations.



“Boss is back.”

“I missed you, big brother Luo Tian.”

“Dragon head, this one misses you too. Do you want me to play a returning song for you?”

“Blindman Liu, can you go take a break somewhere?”

Luo Tian went into a rather secluded courtyard in the imperial palace. Feng Lei rushed up to welcome him while everyone showed their joy.

Luo Tian’s group didn’t go back to the Flame Dragon Gang’s headquarters in the northern city.

As for Luo Tian himself…

There wasn’t really any need for him to go back there either. After killing Du Yuansong, he had already become the King of northern city and there wasn’t anyone capable of challenging his position. As for the spots to attend the Heaven and Earth rankings, no one would dare challenge his group for the six positions.

There was no one qualified inside the northern city.

Of course…

Luo Tian didn’t know about this.

He also didn’t have the time to think of those things because the auction would be starting in three days. What he needed to do was amass as much money as he can. In the Spectral Forbidden Grounds, he had activated the Ancient Dragon Execution Array twice and thus burned through a large number of attributed demon cores.

The current amount of attributed demon cores he had on hand didn’t seem to be enough.

Thinking about how powerful the Dao Shang Alliance were, and how there’s no way his current self could touch them; he could only go through the normal means to purchase An Chunchun’s mother. He was really hoping the auction will go smoothly.

He was really hoping there wouldn’t be any major problems.

“Bastard, you’ve finally come back.”

“Smelly scoundrel, if you didn’t come back soon, all of us would’ve gone crazy. Humph…”

Tang Tang and Qin Yue’er came out of the courtyard with unhappy expressions.

Luo Tian then asked: “What happened?”

Qin Yue’er then said: “We have been forbidden to leave. They said that until you return, none of us are allowed to leave the imperial palace. Passing these days in a gilded cage is killing us, so you returning now is the perfect time for us to go out and have some fun. The Dao Shang Alliance’s annual auction will start in three days, so Heavenly Sword City will definitely have a bunch of famous people who have come all over for it. It should be extremely lively, so quickly bring us out to play!”

“I want to go too! I want to go too!” shouted Tang Tang while jumping up and down.

An Chunchun giggled before looking at Luo Tian and fluttering her large eyes. She then said cutely: “Big brother Luo Tian, I want to go too. Bring me along as well, hee hee…”

Luo Tian looked and Feng Lei and the rest and they just stared at him in return.

It looks like these guys really have lost their mind from boredom these past six days.

Luo Tian had no other choice. There were already quite a few people who knew of An Chunchun’s identity and were hatching schemes, so the imperial palace was the safest place for her. Within the Heavenly Sword City, a single word from the imperial family and no one would dare to act rashly.

Luo Tian raised his arm like he was rallying them and said: “Fine! Everyone prepare to head out to the main streets!”



“Long live big brother Luo Tian!”

“Boss, you are treating us so nice. If I continued staying here, even I would start getting sick out of nowhere” said Feng Lei with a bitter smile. He hadn’t left this courtyard all these days and was truly about to go bonkers.

Luo Tian then shouted: “But…!”

“You guys better listen up – do not run all over the place. Feng Lei, Blindman Liu, you two are responsible for An Chunchun’s safety. Xuan Yuanyi, you are responsible for the Princess and Yue’er’s safety. Don’t get flustered if something happens and just come get me. If you happen to meet a strong opponent, don’t tangle with them and tolerate it. Remember what they look like and then come back to call for backup. I refuse to believe that people will dare provoke us while we’re still in the Heavenly Sword City!”

“Add me in as well.”

Tang Jiu came into the courtyard wearing casual and inconspicuous clothes.

He had rushed over the moment he heard that Luo Tian had come out of the national treasury.

Of course…

That piece of news was sent over by Tang Zhanlong. His intentions were very simple since he wanted Tang Jiu to grab a hold onto Luo Tian.

Even if Tang Zhanlong didn’t have those intentions, Tang Jiu would’ve done the same thing. There weren’t any unscrupulous intentions and only because Luo Tian treated him as a brother and he treated Luo Tian as one as well. Luo Tian had already occupied a very high position inside his heart.

Luo Tian smiled and greeted: “Ninth brother.”

Tang Tang had an unhappy expression as she harrumphed: “Humph! Ninth brother, I don’t think you should come with us. It’s because of your command that the guards didn’t let us go out these past few days. Now you should be the one that cannot go out, humph!”

Tang Jiu chuckled and said: “Thirteenth sister, it was actually brother Luo who requested me to do that.”


Luo Tian was instantly betrayed.

He quickly ran out and shouted behind him: “Go! Let’s go shopping!”

Tang Tang was still in a state of startlement and just as she was going to show her temper, she realized everyone had already started rushing out of the courtyard. She stomped her feet in anger and could only quickly follow the others.

“Fatty Lei and Blindman Liu are protecting An Chunchun, and Xuan Yuanyi is taking care of us both. Bastard, what about you?” Qin Yue’er asked curiously.

Luo Tian smiled mysteriously and said: “I naturally have my own things to take care of.”

Tang Jiu then asked: “Does brother Luo have any matters that need my assistance?”

Luo Tian smiled and replied: “No need. I’m going to head over to the Dao Shang Alliance and put some items up for auction to get some pocket money. Uhhh… that’s right. I have prepared a small present for each of you and will give it to you guys tonight.”


“What kind of presents?”

“Big brother Luo Tian, Chunchun also wants a present. Chunchun loves getting presents, hee hee…”

Feng Lei and others all showed faces of anticipation.

They all knew that…

The presents Luo Tian prepared for them will definitely be extraordinary.

Luo Tian had already made preparations for the auction before he entered the national treasury. If everything went smoothly, those presents would not be needed. If things didn’t go smoothly, then there would be a fierce fight. Therefore, Luo Tian had to raise their battle strength even if it was only by a little.

The presents he prepared for them were all very useful, capable of raising their strength by a single level.

Auction house!

Hopefully, everything will go smoothly…

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