Undefeatable – Ch296

Chapter 296 – Kid, You’re Definitely Dying Today

The old man was moved!

Waves of shock were felt inside him!

He sent out his senses to examine the medicinal properties and it was indeed what Luo Tian had said.

Those below the Profound Saint realm could use it and there weren’t any side effects. And to a certain extent, it could even strengthen the body and improve one’s health!

This old man was also an alchemist.

He too had experience with the Profound Burst Pill before and it’s really not a bad item, but using it will lead to endless future troubles. He would never use it unless he was forced to a dead end since no one is willing to mess around with their martial path.

He was extremely shocked because he understood this point:

This was a new and improved Profound Burst Pill!

What kind of awesome existence was this?! The old man was so excited that he started shaking. He then said: “Please, please, please wait a moment. I will immediately have my Manager come down. Don’t worry, we will definitely help you auction off this medicinal pill at an unprecedented price.”

“It will definitely shock the world.”

“This is an epic breakthrough! It will definitely shock all those on the martial path! This is too incredible!”

The old man walked away muttering in excitement and almost fell over a few times.

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said to himself: “Damn man, is it really that awesome? Isn’t it just a slightly improved Profound Burst Pill? There’s no need to have such an exaggerated response, right?”

If those words were heard by the old man…

The old man would most likely go berserk and fiercely criticize Luo Tian for a good length of time.

Only alchemists would know how difficult it is to improve an existing medicinal pill. Not only was it the strength of the flames, the spiritual herbs, the release of profound energy, the cauldron, one’s own emotional state, but even the surrounding atmosphere would also be factors in affecting the concoction process.

It really wasn’t easy.

Luo Tian naturally didn’t know about all of this. To him, this was merely a medicinal pill that wasn’t too bad.

While standing in the courtyard, Luo Tian had nothing better to do so he started looking around. The courtyard was filled with all kinds of exotic flowers and unusual herbs, and their grades were not ordinary. The shock he felt towards the Dao Shang Alliance had once again increased by a little.

“Noble Liu, please head over there.”

“Please be careful, it rained last night so the grounds might be a bit slippery.” The previous middle-aged man brought in a rather handsome looking male.

The male was a bit too skinny.

It looked like he was skinny because he had overindulged himself on certain things.

He was dressed in all white and in his hands was a jade fan. He had a swaying motion to his walk and a faint smirk on his face.

As the middle-aged man walked into the courtyard, he glanced at Luo Tian and a faint frown showed on his face. He then called out to the room: “Steward Liu, Noble Liu has come. He wants to auction a spirit grade weapon and a spirit grade armor.”

Luo Tian spoke up with kind intentions: “The Steward went upstairs.”

The middle-aged man’s countenance turned serious as he muttered in his heart: “Went upstairs? To look for the Manager? Why is this kid still here? Could it be that the item he brought out couldn’t be appraised by Steward Liu?”

The middle-aged man faintly smiled in response.

Liu Junfeng closed his fan and coldly scoffed with disdain: “Where did this country bumpkin come from? Li Liu, is this a new cleaner you guys have recently hired?”

Luo Tian faintly frowned.

The middle-aged man was called Li Liu. He respectfully smiled and said: “Noble Liu, he is also here to auction off an item.”

Liu Junfeng was startled by this. He pointed at Luo Tian’s nose with his fan and started laughing in ridicule: “Hahaha… him? A country bumpkin like him has something to auction off here? Is it a piece of trash xuan weapon or is it a trashy fire stick? This is just too funny!”

“Li Liu, oh Li Liu. I’m not trying to lecture you but for people like him, you can just kick them out like stray dogs. Allowing people like him to enter your Dao Shang Alliance pavilion is simply an insult. Trash like him are only useful for cleaning the toilets.”

Luo Tian coldly grinned but didn’t bother with Liu Junfeng.

Li Liu smiled apologetically at Luo Tian before smiling respectfully at Liu Junfeng.

He was very clear about Liu Junfeng’s background. Liu Junfeng was the brother-in-law to Heavenly Sword City’s east district Li Wenzong, so his backing was quite powerful.

He cannot offend this guy.

As for Luo Tian, his identity was still unknown so Li Liu couldn’t offend him either.

Liu Junfeng smiled coldly at Luo Tian and took a step forward. He was right in front of Luo Tian’s face and said with disdain: “Damn dog thing, what are you smiling at? Do you believe this daddy can make you become a dead dog if I wanted?”

Luo Tian became angry.

He started frowning and power started circulating from inside his body.

At this moment…

Two people came down from upstairs and one of them was Steward Liu. The other person was about the same age as Steward Liu and had a rosy glow to his face. He was the one that shouted out: “Who dares to cause a ruckus here?!”

His voice contained a rich amount of power.

Luo Tian retrieved his energy and coldly glanced at Liu Junfeng at the corner of his eyes.

Liu Junfeng’s expression immediately changed to one full of smiles as he received that person. His expression basically showed that he was trying to fawn over this new arrival as he said: “Manager Cheng, I am Minister Li’s brother-in-law, Liu Junfeng. I came over this time hoping your business can auction off my spirit weapon…”


Liu Junfeng didn’t get to finish his sentence when Steward Liu brought Manager Cheng straight towards Luo Tian. “The medicinal pill was brought over by this little brother.”


Liu Junfeng’s existence was completely ignored.

There wasn’t even a slight glance at him like he did not exist. As for the name dropping, Steward Liu and Manager Cheng didn’t even care about it and treated it as nothing more than a fart.

Cheng Danian had an excited expression as he said: “Little brother, do you really wish to auction off this Profound Burst Pill? This is some good stuff; something so good that it can’t get any better!”



“And I was thinking what kind of good things he had yet it’s nothing more than a Profound Burst Pill. My Liu Manor has tons of those medicinal pills. I already knew this country bumpkin wouldn’t be able to bring out anything good. Just scram out of here; this isn’t a place for people like you to come here.” Liu Junfeng started laughing in ridicule.

Cheng Danian’s eyes turned grim before he yelled at Li Liu: “Who allowed you to let these low-class people in here?!”

Without waiting for Li Liu to respond…

Liu Junfeng once again pointed his fan at Luo Tian and said: “Damn dog thing, he’s talking about you! I already told you early on that people with your status aren’t qualified to enter the Dao Shang’s pavilion. Quickly scram out you damn bumpkin! Looking at you really revolts me!”

Cheng Danian’s gaze tightened and a trace of killing intent was seen in them. He then said to Luo Tian: “Little brother, do you wish to have him killed?”

Those words were said in a rather casual manner.

Killing intent then started getting stronger.

Liu Junfeng’s identity and backing were completely ignored.

What kind of existence was the Dao Shang Alliance?

Within the Heavenly Sword City, they weren’t even afraid of the Great Tang Dynasty so why would they be afraid of a brother-in-law of a Minister?”

Luo Tian was calm and composed with a faint smile. He then looked at Cheng Danian and said: “Thank you.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian’s gaze turned cold as killing intent surged out from him. He then glared at Liu Junfeng and shouted: “If you dare to point your fan at this daddy again, this daddy will have you lying down like a dead dog!”

Strong killing intent…

Exploded out like crazy!

The aura from Luo Tian’s body made Liu Junfeng take several steps back. His face turned faintly pale as he angrily stammered: “You, you, you…”

Just as he was about to use his fan to point at Luo Tian again…

Steward Liu made some eye gestures at Li Liu who immediately grabbed Liu Junfeng and chuckled: “Noble Liu, we will talk more outside.”

Liu Junfeng’s expression was of rage as he shouted: “Kid, just wait for this daddy because you’re definitely going to die today!”


(T/N: It’s rather funny and confusing to have 3 Liu’s in this chapter but they are all written differently in Chinese. Steward Liu is 刘, Liu Junfeng is 柳, Li Liu is 六.)

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