Undefeatable – Ch343

Chapter 343 – Immortal Execution Array

“Profound energy of heaven and earth, power flooding the desolate lands…”

“Profound darkness of the nine serenities, divine palace of the nine heavens…”

“Myriad laws return to one, executing immortals and gods. Immortal Execution Array, activate for me!”

Luo Tian was chanting softly as he looked up at the sky covered by glowing figures shooting towards Heavenly Sword City. Surrounding his right palm was a powerful energy that was slapped onto the ground, causing a large array core to appear on the surface. The array core exploded forth with a series of black rune glyphs before shooting out everywhere like a metal chain. It then started linking up the entire Heavenly Sword City in all directions.




For a brief moment, a ringing sound came from all over the city as beams of profound energy were shooting upwards. If we say the energy wave had shot out over a million kilometers outwards, then every portion of the million kilometers was enshrouded by the ringing noise of profound energy.

It was similar to a temple ringing their bell to denote the time of dusk!

Beams of profound energy were shooting out and random energy waves were bouncing back.

The moment they bounced back, a huge light shield was suddenly seen in the air above Heavenly Sword City.

The thousands of kilometers large Heavenly Sword City was completely enshrouded!

What a terrifying and powerful visual!

At this instance, everyone was completely dumbstruck.

“What is that?”

“This power is too strong and terrifying.”

“My heavens, where did this come from?”

“Is this an array? It looks like some super huge array that’s no weaker than those from the immortal sects. And the power gives one the impression of a wild beast, where just sensing it will make you feel pressured. Where did this come from? Could it be some expert from the immortal sects is helping us?”

“It’s Prince Consort!”

“It must be him! It’s an array that Prince Consort has setup, hahaha… It’s so strong… strong to the point that I feel like crying.”

“Prince Consort, I want to have babies with you! I want to have a lot of babies with you, wuuu~…”


There were continuous cries of shock throughout Heavenly Sword City.

If we say Luo Tian’s previous strategic decisions against the devil fiend army made countless people worship him, then this time we can say those people had become Luo Tian’s devoted believers. Looking at this powerful array, these people firmly believed the devil fiend army was unable to charge in here.


Incomparable joy! The entire Heavenly Sword City was reveling in joy!

Every one of them was placing Luo Tian as a savior in their hearts. As long as he was around, nothing will happen to Heavenly Sword City.

People were filled with confidence.

As for Luo Tian, his heart felt like it was tightening. Looking up at the sky filled with golden glows charging towards the array, he really had no certainty it could resist.

This array came about from his own research.

The price was all the xuan weapons and treasures inside the national treasury!

With the profound energy inside the xuan weapons and treasures, Luo Tian came up with a corresponding array to combine them together to release their energy. This array was different from the Ancient Dragon Execution Array. The Ancient Dragon Execution Array was limited by his own cultivation level, so he wasn’t able to completely display the full power of it. While this new array he gave the name of Immortal Execution Array was clearly different because it wasn’t limited by the cultivation level of the person using it. As long as there was enough profound energy, then it could release an endless amount of super killing might!

If a God is blocking the way, kill God! If Buddha is blocking the way, kill Buddha!

Luo Tian hadn’t gotten the chance to try it out yet but it should work in theory. That’s why he really wasn’t sure if the array was going to be useful or not.

If it doesn’t work…

Then the loss of the national treasury would have ended up as a complete waste. So many xuan weapons, spiritual treasures, and magical artifacts would amount to the value in the trillions. This was the foundation of the Great Tang’s ten thousand years of existence. If those treasures really weren’t of any use, then Luo Tian would truly become the biggest sinner of the Great Tang.

“Oh oh?!”

“This kid knows how to engrave arrays? I didn’t expect this at all.”

“So what if he can engrave arrays? Does he think that by setting up an array to scare three year olds, he can resist the devil fiend army? He’s living in a fantasy world if that’s the case, and he’s really treating himself as Heavenly Sword City’s savior.”

“Wake up kid! You’re just a country bumpkin hoping to flip the heavens. You practically have all four limbs point at the sky already, just awaiting your own death! Hahaha…”

“It was because of you that Heavenly Sword City has accelerated itself to annihilation, and you want to pretend to be the savior? You are making people laugh themselves to death! You are totally playing the part of an executioner!”

In the void of space…

All those peak Profound Venerate experts along with Profound Saint experts were throwing out a variety of ridiculing statements.

Those voices were exploding around Luo Tian’s spiritual senses making him extremely irritated. It’s fine if they weren’t helping, yet they kept mouthing off sarcastic and irresponsible words off at the side! If they were in front of him right now, Luo Tian wouldn’t hesitate to release his most powerful move on them! He would smash them to the point of not even leaving a piece of underwear behind!

Luo Tian raised his hand at the sky, looked at the folded void spaces and made a single gesture!

He extended out his middle finger!

“Mocking me, huh?”

“Go ahead and enjoy your mocking! Let’s see if you can still continue laughing in a bit!”

Luo Tian roared out in rage.

Immediately after…

His figure moved and was now standing in midair. Luo Tian hiddenly clenched his fists as he watched dozens of golden glowing figures descend. “These are all commander level bosses so it has to work. If all of them can be killed, then it will definitely be extremely awesome. The loot exploding from their corpses will definitely be…”


“This daddy can’t wait any longer!”

His eyes were just staring at the shooting glows above the array.

The array was created purely by profound energy. It was supposed to have an explosive reaction whenever anyone touches it.

Death by an instantaneous explosion!

Luo Tian felt like this heart had risen up to his throat.

He cannot fail at this time or else Heavenly Sword City will instantly collapse.

And he really cannot afford to fail.

Everyone in Heavenly Sword City was watching him and putting all their hopes on him. If the array cannot resist the devil fiend army invasion, then that last string of hope the citizens were holding onto will completely snap. Their will to fight will definitely decrease to the lowest point possible.

This was exactly the joke that those experts hiding in folded void spaces wanted to see happen to Luo Tian.

They were waiting for Luo Tian to embarrass himself.

They were going to watch how Heavenly Sword City was going to be flattened, and then start mocking Luo Tian. They were going to ridicule his moves; how naive he was; how a mantis was trying to stop a carriage; and how laughable this country bumpkin from Jade Mountain City was.


This time…

Luo Tian felt like he definitely cannot fail!

Luo Tian’s heart was shaking as he looked up at the array without moving. He was silently saying to himself: “It has to succeed… it has to succeed… it has to succeed!”

“A mere array wants to resist our Devil Monarch’s divine might?”

“Break it for me!”

“Three thousand magical shadows, myriad divine thunder – descend for me!”

“Moving force of the blood sea, utmost paramount powers – break for me!”


All those golden glowing bosses were using their personal powers to smash their way through.

Each and every stream of martial skill was at or above the earth grade!

And their powers had an extremely fierce attribute!

It contained the rage of being sealed up for ten thousand years! This kind of power was something even Profound Saint experts might not be able to resist.

The sky darkened.

The devilish flames looked like it was trying to devour the sky and all living creatures on the earth seem to be trembling in fear.

Heavenly Sword City is done for!

The devilish flames were enveloping the light given off by the array. Thousands of devil fiends roared in unison and their morale practically shook the heavens!

At this moment…

Heavenly Sword City was shaking violently and everyone’s heart was shaking along with it. It was the same with Luo Tian. His brows were frowning tightly and his fists clenched and shouted into the sky: “Kill them for me! Kill! Kill! Kill!”

He roared out the word “kill” three times!

The grim reaper’s killing intent inside the array surged out like a flash flood!

The slaughtering array’s powers exploded forth!

“Everyone die for me!”

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