Undefeatable – Ch349

Chapter 349 – Everyone Going Crazy


“You mustn’t do that!”

Luo Tian rejected it without hesitating.

The imperial qi from the dragon vein was the power of a country’s fortune. If he happened to accidentally damage it, the country itself might…

Luo Tian really didn’t want to imagine the consequences.

Therefore he directly rejected the idea without even thinking about it.

Tang Qingtian’s voice lowered as he somewhat shouted: “There’s no way I can exit out of closed door seclusion right now. And even if I can exit, I am not Devil Monarch Skysoul’s opponent. I can only rely on you for everything. I am very clear on how heavy the current burden is on your shoulders. Tomorrow will be an unprecedented big battle. If you lose, Heavenly Sword City and the Great Tang Dynasty will cease to exist. Since that’s the case, why are you still hesitating about it? Imperial qi from the dragon vein is something that was created since the birth of the Tianxuan Continent. It is extremely huge and even I am unable to determine how large it is. I am also unable to fully control it. I might as well let you control it since it should be somewhat useful on the battlefield.”

After consuming his life source…

Tang Qingtian was very clear that even if he made an appearance, he wouldn’t be Devil Monarch Skysoul’s opponent.

He was currently very weak and needed time to recover.


He made an appearance and then dies, the morale of the Great Tang citizens will collapse by a half. Even an old ancestor at the Profound Saint realm cannot do it, then who will have the ability to resist the devil fiend army?

Luo Tian opened his mouth in an attempt to reject again.


Without giving him a chance to speak, Tang Qingtian’s brows quivered and a stream of dragon’s might was released. He then sternly lectured: “Child, it’s about to begin. Harmonize your heart and mind as one, and don’t have any stray thoughts. I believe in you. The citizens of the Great Tang also believe in you. You will definitely save Heavenly Sword City, just like how I believe that you still step on Long Wang in ten years time!”


Reverberating into the sky was the sudden sound of a dragon’s roar from the depths of the imperial palace.

An image of a true dragon made up of imperial qi rose into the sky.

In a flash…

The huge dragon’s head directly descended straight for the top of Luo Tian’s head.




A series of explosions were heard coming from Luo Tian’s fleshly body while he was shaking from head to toe. The imperial qi was quickly modifying Luo Tian’s fleshly body, continuously making it stronger and stronger. His whole body was currently being enshrouded by a golden aura.

At this moment…

The golden aura suddenly shot into the sky!

The dazzling light was so eye-catching that the entire Tianxuan Continent could see this golden glow!

“He’s gone nuts!”

“That old fogey Tang Qingtian has truly gone nuts! He actually passed on the Great Tang’s imperial qi fortune to a country bumpkin! Did he lose his mind from getting so old? And what qualifications does this kid have to possess the country’s imperial qi powers?”

“Damn dog thing! That damn dog thing is simply too lucky! He actually received the Great Tang’s ten thousand year old fortune’s might! What gives him the qualification to get that power?”

“What the hell is Tang Qingtian thinking? Does he really think this piece of trash can save the Great Tang? From the way I see it, he’s gone completely bonkers!”

Sea Cloud Sect.

Daoist Huang Yun was faintly stunned before laughing uncontrollably. He was loudly mocking: “That old fogey Tang Qingtian has truly lost his mind! He actually passed the country’s imperial qi fortune over to a Profound King trash! Hahaha… it looks like the Great Tang is really going to be destroyed this time.”

Immediately after…

Daoist Huang Yun turned to look at Nangong Jue and said: “Sect Leader, it’s time we made our move.”


“You must take revenge for me! You have to kill Luo Tian with the cruelest method you can think of and then chop that damn whore Tang Tang into a thousand pieces!” It’s been a little more than a month now and Nangong Hao still had a pale looking face while his body didn’t seem to have any strength to it.

Daoist Huang Yun said with a faint smile: “There’s no need for us to make a move because he’ll still end up dying. Even if Luo Tian gains the country’s imperial qi fortune, he still won’t be able to resist Devil Monarch Skysoul. The city will definitely be broken through tomorrow and not a single blade of grass in Heavenly Sword City will survive.”

Nangong Jue’s expression turned cold as he said: “Send out my commands: All battle hall disciples will set off with me in one hour!”

Daoist Huang Yun smiled excitedly and replied: “Orders received!”

Nangong Jue stared into the night sky at the golden beam of light. His eyes turned cold as he said: “No matter if you can resist Devil Monarch Skysoul or not, the Great Tang must be destroyed. Your Great Tang in the Tianxuan Continent has lived long enough so it’s about time for it to fall!”


Around the same time…

Many different people and Sects had started taking action.

Once the disciples were gathered up, they would then set off towards the territory of the Great Tang.

And for those small countries that had been oppressed by the Great Tang for thousands of years, their commanders were similar to wolves as they killed their way across the Great Tang’s territories.

Soul Hall.

Soul King’s brows were lowered. He was in thought for a while before he softly said to himself: “Tang Qingtian, don’t you think your gambling stakes are a bit too big?”

Inside the Dark Cage.

Li Xue’er was able to sense the might of the country’s surging imperial qi fortune.

She was happy and sad at the same time. She was happy for Luo Tian because receiving the country’s might meant that his cultivation will increase greatly.

At the same time…

She was also sad…

Because of her mother!

Her mother had lied to her and didn’t ask the Soul King to send out reinforcements. Perhaps we can say the entire Soul Hall had no intention to save Luo Tian in the first place. She might just be one of the many chess pieces inside the Soul Hall, and this feeling made her really uncomfortable.

She was beginning to hate this place more and more.

This hate was coming from deep within her heart.


Li Xue’er wasn’t attacking the cage like before and was sitting down cross-legged. Starlight power started rising out of her body and drifting towards Luo Tian before mingling with the imperial qi.


Was trying to integrate starlight powers with the country’s imperial qi, so that Luo Tian could benefit from two unparalleled powers!

Luo Tian went crazy.

Tang Qingtian went crazy.

And now

Li Xue’er was accompanying Luo Tian in being crazy as well!


The country’s imperial qi of fortune suddenly gave off a comfortable moaning sound.

Tang Qingtian’s eyes widened. He became ecstatic as he said: “Kid, you have to endure it because someone is transmitting starlight powers to you. This kind of power is out of this world and is much stronger than the country’s imperial qi.”

Luo Tian was startled and immediately thought of Li Xue’er!

His emotions of missing her immediately gushed out.

“Xue’er, how are you doing right now?”

“Don’t let your mind wander!”

“Focus all your efforts on accepting these two powers and throw away all distractions. Otherwise, you will injure yourself and her, do you understand?” Lectured Tang Qingtian.

Luo Tian immediately ceased his emotional thoughts and relaxed his body, allowing the two powers to enter him at a crazy pace.

His fleshly body was constantly being transformed.

Internal organs, mind, sea of consciousness, muscles, bones, blood cells, and even his pores were crazily undergoing a metamorphosis. The tiredness Luo Tian was feeling was completely wiped away as his body felt like it contained an endless amount of energy.

These two powers…

One power was similar to the earth’s raging sea.

The other one was similar to the countless powers from a starry sky.

At this moment…

Luo Tian was completely boiling in excitement.

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