Undefeatable – Ch359

Chapter 359 – Instantly Killing Dark God, Explode!

He died?!

Directly smashed to powder by Dark God?!


At this moment, the bodies of more than half the people in Heavenly Sword City weakened as they fell to the ground. The spiritual pillar inside their hearts had collapsed!

Luo Tian!

The last hope inside their hearts! If he was dead, then how was Heavenly Sword City supposed to survive?

Everyone’s heart turned dead silent as they watched Luo Tian’s figure turn into powder.

Feng Lei’s eyes turned to rage as his mind entered a state of madness. He then roared out: “Young master!”



Even An Chunchun shouted: “Big brother Luo Tian!”

Even she didn’t notice anything!

“We’re finished!”

“Completely done for.”

Despair. This was complete despair. There were no signs of hope. If they couldn’t even resist against Dark God, then who was going to resist Devil Monarch Skysoul when he arrives? Some burst into tears while some directly kneeled down with dull expressions and eyes filled with hopelessness.

Dark God started laughing into the air. He then so with extreme smugness: “Lowly humans wishing to fight with me? You’re simply courting death! Just tremble below my brutal path of slaughter!”

“Tremble your sister!”

As the voice faded…

A figure had appeared behind Dark God at an unknown time.

Luo Tian’s body was overflowing with his grim reaper’s killing intent while Blood Devouring Wild Blade was roaring in rage. At this moment, Luo Tian had stacked the three different powers inside his body together. His mouth formed a sneer as he raised Wild Blade in his hands. He then leaped up higher before chopping down, “Domineering Slash! Die for me!”

Blade qi soared into the sky!

The domineering power raged out as the blade looked like it was chopping up a stick of bamboo.




Continuous sounds of explosions were heard. Dark God’s eyes were extremely wide as he glared at Luo Tian. He really couldn’t figure out how Luo Tian had appeared behind him. His palms had clearly smacked Luo Tian into powder so how could he suddenly appear behind him?

He couldn’t understand it!

It didn’t make sense!

Dark God’s heart started trembling as he watched the huge blade chopping down. The grim reaper’s path of slaughter was even more violent than his brutal path of slaughter. And the domineering energy coming from the blade’s body was simply too terrifying!

The momentum of the world’s most domineering blade had been completely released!

A single blade sliced down!

“Bang~, boom~, boom~!”

Dark God roared into the sky: “Aghhhh…!”

The blade qi followed the path of his brains as it directly split it into two!

This was an incomparably gorgeous instant kill!


Devil Monarch Skysoul screamed out as the devilish flames on his body rose up like ten thousand barrels of gasoline had been poured over him. He instantly rushed into the sky in boundless rage!

Instant kill!

Instantly killing an existence like Dark God who was infinitely close to reaching the Profound Saint realm; this power was just simply too terrifying!

One needs to understand that Dark God was much stronger than Dao Shang Alliance’s Long Tian. Dark God was able to easily toy with Long Tian but he was still instantly killed by Luo Tian. These combined powers of his were extremely terrifying!

Luo Tian smiled in excitement.

He closed his eyes while silently waiting.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Dark God. You have gained 5,000,000 experience points, 600,000 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the energy of the brutal path of slaughter. Do you wish to devour it?”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the Violent Bear’s might. Will you be fusing with it?”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining Dark God’s bloodline. Will you be fusing with it?”


A series of alert tones sounded off!

Luo Tian was ecstatic while listening to the alerts of the system. He blanked out for a bit and asked himself: “Paths of slaughter are compatible with each other? Could it be that my grim reaper’s path of slaughter has to devour other paths of slaughter to increase its power?”

“Of course it’s possible!”

“The path of slaughter you’re cultivating is the grim reaper’s dao of killing. It is originally a killing dao that needs to devour other paths of slaughter to become stronger. The brutal path of slaughter can be devoured and then your path of slaughter would naturally become much stronger.”

“Of course, it’s still a bit weaker than my Shura’s path of slaughter, hahaha…” Wild Blade started laughing wildly. The feeling Luo Tian gave him was changing for the better as he felt this kid was becoming quite awesome.

The heavens weren’t treating him too badly.

This kid’s world is just too amazing.

Wild Blade was excited to the max!

“It would be even better if I could condense a fleshly body.” Wild Blade’s heart was agitated as he wanted to leave Luo Tian’s body. He wanted to follow Luo Tian and act arrogantly without restraint. He wanted to make this world tremble before their names!

Living one’s life with their blood boiling was too awesome!

Luo Tian could naturally sense what Wild Blade was thinking about.

Luo Tian already wanted to find a suitable fleshly body for Wild Blade but still hadn’t found one yet.


“My demonic beast blood essence! Today, I shall drink my fill!” Feng Lei was grinning from ear to ear. He was running over especially fast like others were trying to snatch his prey. He instantly arrived next to Dark God’s body and started sucking his blood essence out.

Each time he sucked a mouthful of blood essence, the scarlet blood glow around Feng Lei’s body trembled!

The power inside Dark God’s blood essence was quickly absorbed by Feng Lei.




Two explosive sounds were heard coming from Feng Lei’s body. His bloody pupils constricted before he started chuckling foolishly: “Hahaha… I continuously broke through two small realms! This is too cool! Hahaha… The power within the blood essence is quite pure!”

Instantly breaking through two small realms…

This fatty was too heaven defying.

Luo Tian faintly smiled as he was happy for the fatty.

It was the same for Xuan Yuanyi except he was clenching his sword a bit tighter.

Everything happened too quickly.

One second prior, Luo Tian was smashed into powder.

One second later, the person falling over was actually Dark God. So what exactly happened?

This was the question that was inside everyone’s heart.

It was the same for those experts hiding in the void; they too couldn’t see what had just happened.

Feng Lei sucked up another mouthful of blood essence before asking: “Boss, what happened back there?”

Luo Tian grinned excitedly and said: “You wanna guess? Hahaha…”

Shadow Clone!

This was the support of a powerful divine grade martial skill. When Luo Tian activated the skill, his clone looked exactly like him. The circulation of power and aura was exactly the same as the original body, that’s why everyone thought he had been smashed into powder by Dark God. In reality, he had already rushed to the rear of Dark God.

If his clone wasn’t smashed into powder…

Luo Tian would still be able to easily fall back to another position after making a move. This was practically a weapon for assassinations!

The originally chaotic Heavenly Sword City had started boiling up again.

They were all cheering.

They were using all their strength to scream out Luo Tian’s name. At this moment, Luo Tian had once again brought them all together and ignited their fighting will.

This was the strength of unity!

Luo Tian was the hope inside their hearts!

Seeing the sky covered with devilish flames charging over, Luo Tian immediately flew up into the air and shouted: “The final battle is about to begin! My fellow brothers; are you ready for it?!”

Strike while the iron’s hot.

It was the ideal time to motivate them and force all their potential combat powers out.

Everyone roared out in unison: “Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Their voices shook the sky.

Luo Tian smiled excitedly and joined in with their shouting: “Kill!”

There was still a faint worry in his heart because the War Leader System hadn’t leveled up yet. There was no way for him to summon out the Heavenly Sword, so what should he do?

Devil Monarch Skysoul was about to kill his way over!

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