Undefeatable – Ch368

Chapter 368 – We Can Now All Roll In The Bed


The sky looked exceptionally bright.

The entire Heavenly Sword City was quiet; this was a warm and peaceful quietness.

Imperial Palace.

“Ninth brother; before your father left, he asked me to support you to the throne. A country cannot be absent of a monarch for a single day, so how about you ascend to the throne tomorrow?” Luo Tian’s expression looked calm but his heart was a bit tight. He was filled with gratitude whenever it came to issues pertaining to Tang Zhanlong.

If it wasn’t for Tang Zhanlong, perhaps he would’ve already died under Daoist Huang Yun’s palm strike.

Tang Zhanlong was a truly righteous person.

He still personally led his troops even though he knew it would lead to his own death. Luo Tian had nothing but sincere admiration towards him.


Luo Tian couldn’t personally block him from going out there or save him from his death. This caused him to feel regret and a sense of blaming himself for the inadequacy.

Tang Jiu was hesitant.

The Crown Prince had died and there was still a Second Prince left, while he was all the way down to the ninth place. There will surely be many people unconvinced if he were to ascend the throne. Some uncles from both the paternal and maternal side might even step out to oppose it, so wouldn’t this be ruining the Great Tang’s customs?

Luo Tian naturally understood Tang Jiu worries so he said: “Don’t worry, no one will oppose you. If someone really dares to oppose you, then… heh heh…”

Luo Tian’s gaze swept past.

All the civil and military officials lowered their heads in silence.

The Imperial Palace Guards outside the audience hall shook the sky with their synchronized roar: “Paying respect to Your Majesty!”

Tang Jiu was able to demonstrate his abilities during the battle so all the palace guards were filled with admiration towards him. Not to mention Luo Tian, the 30,000 palace guards will be the first to not let anyone off that dares to oppose.

Luo Tian said with a faint smile: “Don’t refuse it; this is not the time for you to show hesitation. Show the characteristics of a true man – make a decisive action when faced with choices. Don’t worry because there will always be me by your side.”

Tang Jiu was feeling grateful and couldn’t help but comment: “Luo Tian… in fact, this country’s Emperor should be you…”

Without waiting for him to finish, Luo Tian directly interrupted and said: “The Tang lineage is the main line while I’m at most an in-law. Ninth brother, you cannot utter such words in the future. Moreover, you should know that I’m not a person restrained by titles or materialistic things.”

Becoming an Emperor?

It wasn’t a bad choice.

The imperial harem will have 3000 beauties and all the beautiful women in the country would become his.

This was the dream of all straight men.

Maybe back then Luo Tian might have agreed to it, but now there wasn’t a bit of attractiveness to it. What he now pursued was the power that could reach the apex, a power that can shake everything! He wanted the power that his brothers and women around him will never be threatened or injured!

The Great Tang Dynasty was too small!

Tang Jiu was clear about this. He was willing to let Luo Tian become the Emperor if Luo Tian really wanted it, except he understood this was an impossible matter. He could only smile faintly and say: “Luo Tian, thank you. I am representing the Great Tang in sincerely thanking you.”


“Are you not treating me as a brother by saying such words?”

Luo Tian started smiling because he understood Tang Jiu had accepted the position.

Tang Jiu started smiling as well and said: “I will ascend to the throne tomorrow. I will prove to everyone with my own strength. I know what needs to be done.”

“Now that’s more like it.”

“As for those so-called allied Sects and those forces that are trying to rob the Great Tang’s territories, I will give them a fair warning tomorrow. If they don’t restore everything to their original looks, I will have them all pay their price in blood.” Luo Tian started getting angry when the thought about those guys trying to pillage a burning house.

He was truly hoping those forces haven’t retreated yet.

If that was the case…

He could slaughter them all without any apprehension!


When those forces found out that Luo Tian had instantly killed Devil Monarch Skysoul, they were scared to the point of pissing and shitting their pants. Not only did they return everything they took, they even announced that they were troops here for support and left a bunch of treasures as compensation.

They also announced they would pay respects a few days later with some profound treasures.

As for those experts that were hiding in the void space…

It was even more tragic for them.

The moment Devil Monarch Skysoul died, their faces looked like they had been slapped to an inhuman look. They had no intention of staying where they were and directly ran off to hide in barren places where no one would find them.

They were extremely afraid!

They were afraid of that little golden sword of Luo Tian’s that possessed the power to kill an expert at the level of Devil Monarch Skysoul.

Fear rose in their hearts and created a mental barrier. Most likely they can forget about improving their cultivation for the rest of their lives.

As for the Outer Heavenly Palace…

Long Wang’s expression was incomparably gloomy. In just a short one month time, Luo Tian’s cultivation had gone from the Profound King 7th rank to a Profound Ancestor 2nd rank. This kind of speed was staggering, causing his heart to have a sinking feeling. “Ten years; saint realm. Damn dog thing, this daddy refuses to believe you will reach it!”


Sea Cloud Sect.

Daoist Huang Yun had a pale looking face as he strode back and forth.


Nangong Jue’s figure appeared with several Great Elders in tow. He coldly stared at Daoist Huang Yun and harrumphed: “Huang Yun, your courage is really great. The Great Tang and us Sea Cloud Sect have been allies for over a thousand years yet you dared to sow discord between us. If it wasn’t because I trusted you, I wouldn’t have sent our Battle Hall disciples down the mountain. Now you should be the party responsible for this mess.”

Daoist Huang Yun’s expression changed while trying to explain himself.

Nangong Jue instantly rushed to the front of Daoist Huang Yun and said softly: “The Heavenly Sword has appeared in this world again so we cannot afford to offend the Great Tang. Their dynasty’s overall strength is bound to increase by at least double, and you need to bear this responsibility. I can only sacrifice you. I will use your head to guarantee the safety of our Sea Cloud Sect and you will be considered to have accomplished great merit for us.”

As his voice faded…

Daoist Huang Yun’s expression drastically changed while wishing to escape.

But he was instantly killed by Nangong Jue’s palm strike. Nangong Jue then said in a serious voice: “Cut off his head and deliver it to Heavenly Sword City. Send forth 30,000 Healing Pills and 6000 grade 9 xuan weapons. Also, send out 2000 copies of spirit grade martial skills. You must do a good job of this or else you can just bring your head back to see me!”

Nangong Jue was worried!

He was really worried that Luo Tian would bring that little golden sword with him and kill their way to the Sea Cloud Sect.

No one will be capable of blocking him and by that time, the Sea Cloud Sect will forever disappear from this world.

Nangong Jue was saying internally to himself: “How the hell did we end up offending this malignant star? I just hope that Huang Yun’s head will be able to calm his rage.”

It wasn’t just the Sea Cloud Sect.

Southern Mountain Sect, Ardent Sun Sect, Heavenly Plume City, and various big and small forces were scared out of their minds.

Those Profound Saint experts had already disappeared off to who knows where. They understood that they weren’t qualified to be Luo Tian’s opponent.

They took initiative in offering treasures.

They took initiative in giving up large parcels of territories.


Soul Hall.

The Dark Cage was opened.

Li Xue’er’s expression was ice cold. She didn’t look at anyone present including her mother.

Her current gaze was like a thousand year old glacier.

Her cold expression was ten thousand times colder than Leng Hanshuang like she wanted to freeze everything over in this world.

The Soul King was hesitant to speak.

Li Xue’er walked away with a cold faint sneer. That cold smile of hers contained an endless amount of disdain and ridicule. She then coldly said: “You all have missed the opportunity and will pay an extremely heavy price for it.”

The faces of the people present were all burning stinging hot!

Very uncomfortable!

After saying that, Li Xue’er didn’t even look back as she left.

Leng Hanshuang quickly followed up and gave Li Xue’er a thumbs up. “Miss, you are too awesome.”

Li Xue’er burst out into a fit of giggling. Tears continuously streamed down her face as she looked off into the distance and said: “Big brother Luo Tian, Xue’er really misses you.”


Imperial palace, at a certain courtyard.

“Ah Choo~! Ah Choo~!”

Luo Tian sneezed several times in a row and mumbled: “Who’s thinking of me right now?”

Immediately after…

He looked over at all the beauties in the main hall and said with excitement: “We can now all roll around in a big bed!”

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