Undefeatable – Ch378

Chapter 378 – Yo, We Meet Again!

Outside the Devil Sealing Array.

“Young master Tianyu, how come that kid still hasn’t come out yet? He couldn’t have died inside, right?”

“The sky is dark already. If that kid has really died inside, wouldn’t that mean we have wasted all our time waiting here?”

“Just now, there was a series of explosions down there. My guess is that they must have been eaten by the ancient demonic beasts already or else why wouldn’t they have run out by now? The other reason is that they have killed off all the ancient demonic beasts, but that’s an impossible matter.”

“I heard that the ancient demonic beasts inside cannot be killed because they will keep reviving. And their powers would double each time. Even a Profound Saint expert wouldn’t be able to survive down there or else why would so many of them run out back then?”

“How about we head over to take a look?”


Just as they were talking, the holy light surging into the sky suddenly disappeared.

This sign clearly meant someone had attained the divine treasure!

Noble Tianyu’s expression sank while his eyes showed his shocked emotions. “Could that country bumpkin have gotten a hold of the divine treasure inside the Devil Sealing Array? Even Profound Saint experts couldn’t stay there for too long, so how did he accomplish it?”

“The holy light has disappeared so the divine treasure has found its owner.”

“Noble, could that kid really have gotten a hold of the divine treasure?”

It wasn’t just Noble Tianyu and his group…

All the experts in Tianxuan Continent were shocked.

The holy divine light inside the Devil Sealing Array surged into the sky and attracted waves after waves of experts. But no one was able to survive in the Devil Sealing Array for too long, let alone glimpse at the divine treasure. The people here didn’t even know the exact location of where the holy light was coming from.

There were rumors that…

There were actually no divine treasures inside the Devil Sealing Array. The array had absorbed the profound energy from heaven and earth for over ten thousand years and was just releasing some profound light.

But now…

No one denied the fact that there was a divine treasure inside the Devil Sealing Array.

The holy light had disappeared so the divine treasure had recognized its owner. The hearts of all those experts sank, so they could only continue observing from the void.

Inside the Devil Sealing Array.


“I, Wild Blade finally have a fleshly body!” Wild Blade was ecstatic. His face was flushed red and his expression incomparably excited. A long time ago, he was killed by a supreme expert and only a strand of his soul remained hiding inside the Blood Devouring Wild Blade.

The hatred inside his heart was as strong and deep as can be.

He was planning on cultivating to the point of one day refining his fleshly body and killing his way back.


The heavens sent him to this world, directly into Luo Tian’s body. He was thinking of taking over Luo Tian’s fleshly body but now felt fortunate he didn’t go through with those plans, or else he would’ve really regretted for the rest of his life.

Following Luo Tian made his blood boil.

Ignoring his life and death at Jade Mountain City, the bloody slaughter at the Ghostly Mountain Range, going against the heavens in Dark Mountain Corpse City, demonstrating his divine powers at the Gnome territory, all of this was incomparably colorful to him. This kind of life was much more exciting than his previous life.

He had long desired a fleshly body so that he could accompany Luo Tian in going crazy on his travels.

He had been desperately cultivating with all his effort.


Wishing to cultivate a fleshly body with just a strand of soul was an extremely long process. It could take up to ten thousand years, a hundred thousand years or even a few million years. He really couldn’t wait any longer.

Once he laid eyes on Mighty Heaven Sovereign’s body, he was able to see a trace of hope.

Luo Tian’s generosity made him beyond touched.

Six hours later.

After a six-hour fusion process, it had finally succeeded.

This was a very long and difficult process because Wild Blade was undergoing the danger of having his soul destroyed. When he finally accomplished the fusion, tears were about to escape his eyes from being so emotional.

The golden body started moving and the gold light around it was pulled back.

The holy light disappeared from the sky.

Wild Blade stood up while he gently clenched his fists. When he felt the endless powers inside of him, he became even more excited. He walked over to the side of Luo Tian and kneeled down on one knee before saying in a serious manner: “I, Wild Blade have been overbearing my entire life and have never yielded to anyone before. Even that supreme expert who destroyed me was unable to force me to yield. Today, I, Wild Blade must kneel to you in order to thank you for giving me the power to be reborn. Thank you!”

His tone of voice was very serious!

He was like a rough old-fashioned middle-aged guy where every word of his was worth its weight in gold.

After saying that…

Wild Blade heavily bowed down!

Luo Tian couldn’t block him in time and quickly lowered himself. “Shit, Wild Blade! You’re not treating me as a brother by doing this! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t know how many times I’ve died by now. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to enter this place. All of our gains here are from your own effort.”

Luo Tian wanted to support Wild Blade up but his strength wasn’t strong enough.

When he was near, Luo Tian was able to sense a great power inside Wild Blade’s body. It was powerful to a complete mess!

Luo Tian was ecstatic inside as he said: “Your strength is way too awesome! Extremely fierce!”

Wild Blade grinned in excitement and said: “It’s not my strength that’s fierce; it’s the fleshly body of the Mighty Heaven Sovereign that’s powerful. I never imagined I would successfully fuse with it. Maybe because you were able to release his soul, so that made the process smooth for me.”


Incomparably powerful!

Just with the Mighty Heaven Sovereign’s fleshly body, Wild Blade’s cultivation had reached the Profound Saint realm!

This was extremely terrifying!

The two of them stood up. Luo Tian summoned the Blood Devouring Wild Blade and said: “This Blood Devouring blade should be returned to its owner. I believe that in your hands, it will definitely be able to exhibit its greatest powers.”

After saying that…

Luo Tian handed over the Blood Devouring Wild Blade.

Wild Blade didn’t hesitate and received the blade while trembling. A brief flash was seen in his eyes as he gently stroked the blade, “Old friend, we meet once again!”

It was like the Blood Devouring blade had heard Wild Blade’s words and started giving off a ringing noise.

It was just like two old friends who hadn’t seen each other for a long time.

Even though both Wild Blade and Blood Devouring resided inside Luo Tian’s body, they hadn’t physically interacted with each other in a long long time.

Immediately after…

Wild Blade made a gesture with his right hand and a golden battle ax appeared. He handed it to Luo Tian and said: “This is Mighty Heaven Sovereign’s Sky Splitting Divine Axe. Even though it’s currently sealed up and unable to release the divine powers capable of splitting the sky apart, there are still not many xuan weapons in Tianxuan Continent that can surpass it. You’ve been using a sword when you transform into Devil Sovereign Xingtian but I feel like those long-bladed weapons cannot completely release the full might of Decapitation Strike and Pangu’s Divine Slash. A battle ax should be the ideal weapon for a Devil Sovereign.”


The weapon that Devil Sovereign Xingtian uses was supposed to be a battle ax.

Xuan weapons like sabers and swords weren’t able to fully release its peak powers.

Luo Tian didn’t hesitate either and received it. Looking at the attributes of the Sky Splitting Divine Axe, his expression turned to shock. “The Blood Devouring Wild Blade had a weight of 1800 jins, yet this battle ax weighs 99,900 jins! This is too awesome!”


“Let’s go back to Heavenly Sword City!”

Luo Tian issued that rousing call before all five of them began walking out of the Sealing Devil Array.

Just when they exited the array…

Luo Tian grinned and said: “Yo, we meet again!”

Earlier when he used the Eye of the Ancient Gods, he already saw Noble Tianyu along with seven peak Profound Venerate experts keeping guard outside.

Noble Tianyu became excited when he saw Luo Tian come out. “You’re finally out! All my fellow Elders, kill them for me!”

Wild Blade blocked in front and said overbearingly: “Let me handle this bunch of garbage!”

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