Undefeatable – Ch379

Chapter 379 – What’s Considered Awesome?

“Where did another bumpkin like you come from?”

“Today, every one of you must die!”

Noble Tianyu shouted without fear and his confidence overflowing. The expression on his face showed smugness written all over it. He could already see an immortal sect envoy waving him over. He was currently thinking if he should choose the same immortal sect as Murong Wanjian or chase after his goddess, Li Xue’er?

Wild Blade’s gaze turned serious as his body released an endless killing intent containing a sense of madness.

The Blood Devouring Wild Blade in his hands started ringing and a red blade qi surged out.

Luo Tian’s raised his right hand and blocked Wild Blade. He then looked at Noble Tianyu with interest and said: “I really want to know why you want to kill me. Based on sound reasoning, you should have seen my strength already so unless there’s some sort of huge benefit, you wouldn’t have chosen this path. I really want to know.”


Luo Tian exploded forth with unparalleled powers during the time at the Dao Shang auction house.

He then killed Devil Monarch Skysoul half a month ago, causing all the experts in the continent to be wary of him. Luo Tian had the Heavenly Sword that even Devil Monarch Skysoul was afraid of, so there wasn’t anyone left unafraid.

It’s impossible for Noble Tianyu to not know about it.

Knowing this yet sending out so many peak Profound Venerate experts? What’s really going on?

There has to be a reason behind this!

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “I am someone that’s about to die soon so can you fulfill my wish before my death? I really want to know why you must kill me.”

Noble Tianyu smiled smugly and said: “You really don’t know?”

“That’s true…”

“Just based on your strength and the Great Tang’s strength, not knowing about this is also reasonable.”

“A bumpkin like you somehow stepped onto some dog shit luck and was approved by the immortal sects. They made an exception and gave you the qualifications to become an immortal sect disciple. A few days later or maybe even now, there might be envoys from the immortal sects waiting for you at Heavenly Sword City to bring you back to their sect.”

Noble Tianyu’s gaze was filled with disdain as he spoke up to this point.

He felt that Luo Tian wasn’t qualified to gain such prestige.

Luo Tian was stunned by this and said to himself: “How come I’ve never heard about gaining the qualifications to be an immortal sect disciple from anyone? And how come they didn’t even ask if I agree to it or not first? These so called immortal sects must truly think they are some awesome existence.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian then asked in confusion: “It was me that gained the qualifications to become an immortal sect disciple but what relationship does that have to do with you wanting to kill me?”

“The relationship is very simple!”

“Based on the rules of our Tianxuan Continent – when the immortal sects make an exception to accept a disciple, whoever can kill that person will gain their qualification. Now you should know whether this is related to you or not, right?” Noble Tianyu started chuckling in an evil manner, “Once I kill you, I will gain the qualifications to become an immortal sect disciple. A few years later, I, Noble Tianyu can wander the world unhindered! Hahaha…”

“I understand now!”

Luo Tian swallowed his saliva with an excited expression. “Damn, so I can actually get aggro in such a fashion. Awesome! This means all the youngsters in Tianxuan Continent wish to kill me. Then I should wait a bit longer so that I can at least earn a few more undefeated points, heh heh…”

Luo Tian smiled.

He was smiling in an incomparably wretched manner.

Who would’ve imagined that there would be such a rule? Based on Luo Tian’s personality, he will definitely swagger through the streets announcing it. The more, the merrier for those that wanted to kill him. It would be best if a few thousand people came so that he can instantly gather the last two bloodlines!

Noble Tianyu’s expression faintly changed but he still said with disdain: “You stupid bumpkin, what are you smiling for? You can still smile when you’re about to die soon? Humph!”

Luo Tian’s smile didn’t change. He swept his gaze around and felt murderous intent hidden in the darkness. He then said: “If my guess isn’t wrong, I believe there were many Heavenly Plume City experts ridiculing me half a month prior. Since you guys have sent yourselves over today, this daddy is feeling quite happy about it.”

When he recalled the mocking by those experts hiding in the void, Luo Tian’s flames of anger immediately surged up.

He was originally planning on taking the treasure from the Devil Sealing Array first before searching each and every one of them to kill. Luo Tian never imagined those people would run away and disappear without any news. But today… he found that there were at least two people amongst this group that had ridiculed him in the past.

Within the darkness.

Two dark shadows were faintly fidgeting.

Noble Tianyu coldly sneered and said: “Luo Tian, you will definitely die today. Grand Elder, make your move!”

He was too lazy to speak any further!

Seven people at the peak Profound Venerate realm released their powers at the same time. Their cooperation was superb as they were able to seal off all escape paths of Luo Tian and his group.

For a brief moment…

This was an escape-proof formation!

There was no path to the sky and no openings on the ground.

Feng Lei’s brows were locked; Xuan Yuanyi pulled out his sword, and Blindman Liu’s back had already started a minor transformation.

Luo Tian maintained a calm expression. He glanced over at Wild Blade and said: “Lord Wild, looks like we’ll be counting on you?”


Wild Blade started laughing loudly. He pulled out the Blood Devouring Wild Blade and burst of killing intent surged out. “I will let you guys see my strength and experience my, Wild Blade’s crazy fierceness!”

As his voice faded…

Wild Blade’s figured disappeared and reappeared in the air. He waved his blade and shouted: “World of Slaughter, come out!”


The color of the sky and earth started changing.

The surrounding area turned crimson red, and a million corpses appeared creating a river of blood. The environment was gradually enshrouded in a Shura’s killing intent. At this moment, everyone’s heart felt like it was sinking. They were all feeling an oppressive pressure and almost couldn’t endure it.

“What an awesome martial skill!”

“A spatial martial skill?”

“Dragon head, this Wild Blade guy is quite powerful. The first move he pulls off is already this big; it looks like many will die.”

The three of them showed expressions of shock.

Luo Tian started smiling because Wild Blade was very strong; extremely strong. He already knew that the World of Slaughter and the Void Piercing Dragon Technique were very powerful moves. Back then, he could only get a feeling for it but now he could personally witness the descent of the World of Slaughter which wasn’t your typical strong move.


Wild Blade was very strong so Luo Tian was naturally excited about it.

Noble Tianyu’s expression became a miserable look.

Luo Tian started smiling coldly at him and said: “Weren’t you going to kill me? Come, come kill me now!”

“Luo Tian!”

“A bumpkin like you should stop acting so smug!”

“With seven peak Profound Venerate experts here, I refuse to believe that we can’t kill you.” Noble Tianyu tried to maintain his arrogant attitude before shouting: “My seven Grand Elders, kill him for me! Kill Luo Tian first and talk later! As long as we can kill Luo Tian, I will become an immortal sect disciple. Then we shall see who would dare move against me!”


The seven of them made their moves.

Luo Tian smiled and unconsciously blurted out: “Lord Wild, remember the old rules!”



Wild Blade cooperated perfectly.

Luo Tian was naturally afraid he wouldn’t cooperate since this guy would most likely forget when he went crazy. These seven were peak Profound Venerate experts which meant they were a bunch of experience points and profound energy! This was something Luo Tian couldn’t miss out on!


The crazy killing intent from the World of Slaughter started moving.

A blade covered in blood slashed down from the sky with a shout: “Myriad Blade Piercing Void, die for me!”



The World of Slaughter suddenly shrank.

The power of Myriad Blades suppressed everything!

It was almost instantaneous when seven bodies dropped down from high up in the air.

Everyone was pretty much half dead!

Awesome! Way too awesome!

It was fierce to a complete mess!

Luo Tian smiled excitedly and said: “Now that’s what I call awesome!”

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