Undefeatable – Ch4

Chapter 4 – This Daddy Must Become Stronger

A sword came striking over!

The chill of killing intent went straight for Luo Tian’s spirit.


It was an almost instantaneous reaction by Luo Tian. Upon clenching his fists, the Thunder Tiger Fists surged out!

A pair of bare fists to block a sharp sword?

The eyebrows of the handsome young man quivered as he coldly shouted: “A trash like you wants to resist this young master’s sword? You’re simply courting death!”

The speed suddenly changed and a sword light flashed, directly stabbing towards the bare fists thrown out by Luo Tian.

“Watch me first cripple your hands!”

The expression of the girl changed as she raised her sword wanting to stop it, but everything had happened too fast and she couldn’t stop it in time.

Her heart couldn’t help but feel anxious for Luo Tian.

The handsome young man was called Luo Lin, and he was the Luo family’s number 1 in their youngest generation.


He used to be number 2 and Luo Tian of the past was number 1.

It was back then when Luo Tian hadn’t been crippled yet, and that Luo Lin wasn’t even qualified to fight with him.

But it was different now.

Luo Lin’s cultivation level had reached the Profound Pupil’s 8th rank. Not even mentioning his strength, his identity also underwent a transformation like in the movies. The acting Patriarch Luo Jianshan was his father, so he was now the Luo family’s real young master.

Luo Lin cultivated swordsmanship and his sword skills were extremely high. This sword strike of his was something all the clan members of their younger generation weren’t capable of blocking!

Luo Tian wanted to dodge.

But at this time, his body had been sealed by Luo Lin’s cold sword. He couldn’t hide or escape from the strike, so he could only clash against it.

Thunder Tiger Fists.

Left Thunder, right Tiger, both fists struck out together. As if his fists were fused with the power of thunder and a tiger, the imposing and ferocious momentum surged out!



A trace of lightning flashed out of Luo Tian’s left fist as it resisted the sword.

However, in less than half a breath, that trace of lightning collapsed from the sword strike. A surge of aura then directly slammed into Luo Tian’s chest.


Luo Tian flew off after being struck by this energy.

A chilling light flashed by Luo Lin, who didn’t expect that his sword strike couldn’t destroy Luo Tian’s hands. With anger seething in his heart, he then coldly sneered: “You damn trash, just you alone and you want to resist this young master’s sword? You should go take a piss and look at yourself to see what qualifications you have.”

His voice hadn’t faded yet…

Luo Lin’s figure turned illusory as he waved his sword and rushed at Luo Tian again. In a low voice: “You dog thing, let’s see where you can escape to now!”

Luo Tian’s eyes tightened as he clenched his fists.

There’s too much difference in strength.

A Profound Pupil 1st rank and a Profound Pupil 8th rank was too much of a gap. Luo Tian’s heart was seething in anger and his clenched jaws gave off “crack crack” sounds. He then promised himself: “Don’t let this daddy have a chance to survive this or else this daddy will beat the shit right out of you one day!”

With this sword strike, Luo Tian had no more strength to resist it.

In such a situation where one was powerless to fight back, the pain of being trampled on wasn’t something a person couldn’t bear with.

Luo Tian sat on the grass and stared at the incoming Luo Lin. The muscle on his face twitched and his face looked extremely gloomy.

A laugh escaped out of Luo Lin’s mouth, “You damn trash, go and die for me!’

The sword was stabbing towards Luo Tian’s Gate of Vitality meridian (head area). Luo Tian kept his eyes opened as he clenched his fists while his heart was filled with unwillingness. He then roared out like an evil demon: “If you have the guts, you better kill this daddy or else this daddy will pay you back a thousand times!”

Feel like crap?

Feel like complete shit?

What can you do about it?

This world was where the strong dominate, and the weak would be bullied and lead the life of an ant!

If you want to change that, then you had to become strong!

The moment before his death, Luo Tian almost felt the arrival of the Reaper.

It was also at this moment…

“Stay your hand!”

The girl’s sword flicked out, causing Luo Lin’s sword to rise up by 3 centimeters.

The chilling aura of the sword whooshed pass Luo Tian’s head, taking a few strands of hair with it. Luo Tian’s heart and risen up to his throat, and while ignoring his own image, he started crawling away. He had almost lost his life, so who gives a shit about image right now!

The facial expression of Luo Lin slightly changed and his sword shifted direction. Looking at Luo Tian’s embarrassing demeanor, Luo Lin couldn’t help smirking before mocking him again. “Trash is truly trash. I really don’t understand what reason you have for still living in this world. If it was me, I would have killed myself early on.”

“Luo Lin!”

The girl glared at Luo Lin and said: “He too is a human being, so I hope you would show a little bit more respect with your words.”

Luo Lin turned around to look at the girl and laughed in disdain, “He’s still considered human? In my eyes, he’s even lower than a damn dog.”

“Little sister Xue Er, you don’t know but…”

“He is the Luo family’s… that’s wrong; he is Jade Mountain City’s biggest piece of trash. It is exactly this piece of trash that has lost all of our Luo family’s face. In front of everyone in the entire Jade Mountain City, he was beaten by a beggar to the point he couldn’t even get up.”

“If it were me, I would have killed myself already!”

Luo Tian’s forehead tightened.

A memory came gushing forth.

First he was seriously injured by a mysterious person, then someone deliberately switched his spiritual medicine to a Dispersing Spirit Pill. Finally, he was led to the streets where he was beaten by a disciple of the Luo family pretending to be a beggar.

That day, Luo Tian’s energy was in disarray or else how would he let a beggar shame him like so?

On the dueling stage of Jade City Mountain, in front of all the citizens of the city, Luo Tian was beaten by a beggar to the point where he couldn’t even retaliate. He couldn’t even get up afterwards.

This was all a trap!

Even if Luo Tian thought with his toes, he knew that all of this was single handedly directed by Luo Jianshan. His dantian was shattered, and his cultivation was crippled. Even with that, Luo Jianshan didn’t let him go and created a scene where he lost all face in front of the clan, and the entire city. Luo Jianshan wanted everyone to know the former genius Luo Tian had now become trash, a trash that was even lower than a beggar.

From that day on, Luo Tian would suffer beatings almost every day.

Anyone in a bad mood would use him as a punching bag.

He then became the Luo family’s human punching bag. If they were in a bad mood, he will get beaten. If they were in a good mood, he would get beaten.

These scenes from his memory were playing back in Luo Tian’s mind. Luo Tian’s anger was like a volcano erupting as he said to himself: “What a dog shit family! This daddy has read countless novels but has never seen such a ruthless family. You guys just wait, as long as I can stay alive, this daddy will eventually take back everything!”

The girl glanced at Luo Tian and mumbled: “So he’s Luo Tian?”


“He is that huge piece of trash Luo Tian.” Luo Lin coldly smiled and said: “Little sister Xue Er…”

As Luo Lin was speaking, the girl started walking towards Luo Tian’s side, lowered her body and picked out a piece of grass from Luo Tian’s hair. Her eyes glistened with tears as she lightly asked: “Does it hurt?”


Luo Tian shuddered in surprise as he seemed to recall her expression. Her expression looked familiar but he couldn’t remember where he had seen it before. Luo Tian stiffly shook his head, “It doesn’t hurt.”

To the side, Luo Lin’s eyes looked like they were shooting out flames. The sword in his hands detected his killing intent and started giving off a buzzing sound.

The girl had never spoken to him so tenderly before.

What qualifications did the piece of trash Luo Tian have to receive this?

Luo Lin’s face clearly showed his killing intent as the muscles at the corner of his eyes started twitching as he stared at Luo Tian.

In a sudden reversal…

The girl turned around and coldly looked at Luo Lin before saying: “Didn’t you always want me to accompany you in practicing your sword skills? If you let him off today, I will agree to practice the sword with you.”


Luo Lin was surprised and immediately showed a smiling face before saying: “Are your words for real?”

The girl nodded, “As long as you promise that from this day on, you will never trouble him anymore.”

Luo Lin didn’t even glance at Luo Tian and said: “As long as you agree to accompany me with training my sword skills, why would I bother making the life of a piece of trash difficult? Haha…”

As he was saying this, Luo Lin coldly glanced at Luo Tian on the ground. He then coldly laughed in his heart, “I won’t personally cause him any trouble but it doesn’t mean I won’t send others to cause him trouble. That piece of trash eventually needs to die!”

The girl turned around and seriously looked at Luo Tian as a tear dripped down her cheek. She wanted to say something but held it back and said to herself: “Big brother Luo Tian, do you really not remember Xue Er?”

She wanted to ask that out loud but held back in the end.

She was afraid that she’ll attract more problems for Luo Tian.

Soon after, the girl walked away.

Luo Lin coldly sneered: “You dog thing, I will spare your life just for today.”

He then rushed after the girl after saying that.

Luo Tian was the only one left in the uncultivated lands. He frowned as he watched the back of the girl walking off and mumbled: “Who was she? She seems familiar but I can’t remember.”

“Forget it!”

“It’s no use thinking about it, my priority now is to level up!”

What had just happened had made Luo Tian once again realize the importance of being strong. One was lower than dog fart when one did not have strength.

Being pointed at by a sword, being overwhelmed with momentum, he couldn’t even control his own life. In the end, he had to rely on a woman to rescue him. All of this had deeply stimulated Luo Tian.

Become stronger!

He absolutely had to become stronger!

Only when one becomes stronger can they change everything, including controlling their own destiny.

Luo Tian raised his head to look at the sky as he clenched his fists. He then climbed back onto his feet and ran over to the nest of fiery ants. After watching them scurrying around, he viciously stomped down.

“Splat, splat…”

“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for killing a Fiery Ant, gaining 1 experience point, 0 profound energy…”


Both his feet were stomping around like crazy and the fiery ants were continuously being stomped to death. The System’s alert in his mind kept sounding off, and Luo Tian was occasionally bitten by a fiery ant that crawled onto him. It was quite painful but he completely disregarded it. Compared to the shame he suffered, this pain was considered nothing.

“Die, die, die…”

After 10 minutes or so, over a hundred fiery ants had perished by his feet. Luo Tian’s body was filled with red lumps and unbearable pain.


“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for leveling up. Your current level is Profound Pupil 2nd Rank!”

Leveled up!

Profound Pupil 2nd rank, this was two continuous breakthroughs in one day. No one could compare to this speed but Luo Tian wasn’t happy one bit. A Profound Pupil 2nd rank was still too weak, and won’t be able to even take on a single strike of Luo Lin’s sword!

After pausing a bit, Luo Tian once again went looking for the scattered fiery ants. He then shouted: “Again!”


Over 10 years ago in a small courtyard of the Luo family.

A little boy and a little girl were playing family together.

“Big brother Luo Tian, I will pretend to be a bride and you’ll marry me okay?” A little girl in pigtails wearing a white dress asked in a serious manner.

The other little boy was wearing open slit pants. He rubbed his runny nose and left behind a long smear of booger before laughing: “Sure.”

The little girl in pigtails started laughing and asked in a flighty tone: “Will you marry me in the future?”

The booger nosed little boy smiled and acted a bit shy before nodding, “En.”

The little girl jumped up in joy and quickly landed a kiss on the little boy’s cheek. She then ran away like crazy and happily said: “Big brother Luo Tian will make me his bride ‘giggle’, big brother Luo Tian will make me his bride ‘giggle’…”

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