Undefeatable – Ch401

Chapter 401 – SSS-Rank Quest

A commotion was happening inside him.

The dragon egg was shaking in a violent manner!

It was like the precursor to its hatching.

Luo Tian had to be cautious so he quickly ran back to his house. He sent out his spiritual senses and was able to detect everything within a few miles of Solitary Peak clearly. Once he was sure no one was around, he took out the dragon egg.

Based on the system prompt…

Luo Tian had already dripped the last drop of blood essence half a month ago. The incubation level had already reached 10,000/10,000 but nothing hatched. It just silently laid there like usual, causing Luo Tian to be really confused.

He couldn’t find any reason as to why this thing was acting like this.

He could only continue waiting like usual.

He was also thinking whether the dragon egg was somehow affected by grinding Mo Long to death at the Spectral Forbidden Grounds. Is this the reason why the hatching time had been pushed later?

He really couldn’t figure out this thing.


He was really looking forward to it. He believed that the dragon egg will eventually hatch one day.

Right now, Luo Tian was watching it shaking violently on the ground. His heart felt like it had risen to his throat as he stared at it without blinking. He then said excitedly: “Is it hatching now? Is it really hatching now?”

He was excited!

If this was the divine Chinese dragon of his previous world, how cool would that be?

Riding a huge dragon, his hand holding a divine sword while wearing a divine armor. His whole body covered in divine equipment arriving at Shattered Sky City and pointing at Murong Wanjian’s nose while scolding: “Damn brat! You dare to move against my woman? Do you believe that I can instantly beat the shit right out of you?”

This scene would simply be too awesome!

Luo Tian’s excitement surged up ten thousand times from thinking about this.

He then started praying silently in his heart: “Hurry up and hatch. It would be awesome if a Chinese divine dragon could hatch.”


Just after he finished praying, the dragon egg became quiet again without any further actions.

It was an egg.

A very large egg that was sitting there without any changes. This pissed Luo Tian off as he started scolding: “F*ck! What the f*ck do you think you’re doing?! Are you messing with this daddy?! It’s time for you to hatch yet you don’t. Do you believe that this daddy will cook you over-easy tomorrow?”

The dragon egg rolled over a bit.

It was acting like it was scared or something. It then rolled back and lightly bumped into Luo Tian’s foot like it was acting cute.

Luo Tian rolled his eyes at it and said in astonishment: “It looks like you can understand my words?”

The dragon egg rolled over a bit once again.

Luo Tian chuckled internally before saying: “Where you scared just then? Are you going to hatch soon? You’ve already absorbed ten thousand points of blood essence. The time is up so why haven’t you hatched yet? What do you think your owner should do at a time like this?”

The dragon egg didn’t move.

Luo Tian sighed. His brows then scrunched up before asking: “Were you shaking around back then because of the words I said? About looking for the four region’s blood?”

The dragon egg started rolling about again.

The rolling was a few levels stronger than before like it was acting excited.

Luo Tian’s expression changed as he asked: “Is there a lot of danger involved?”

The dragon egg didn’t move.

Luo Tian then asked: “Do you need the four region’s blood?”

The dragon egg didn’t move.

Luo Tian continued asking: “Sky Palace’s divine race?!”

The dragon egg once again rolled around lively. The egg started giving off a red glow before turning the entire outer white shell into blood-red like it was especially excited.

Luo Tian couldn’t help being surprised while asking: “You need something from the Sky Palace’s divine race?”

The egg started rolling around.

At this moment…

The system gave off an alert tone.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for triggering a SSS-rank quest: Proceed to the Sky Palace’s divine race.”

“Quest one: Reach the Sky Palace’s divine race.”

“Quest two: ? ? ?”

“Quest three: ? ? ?”

“Quest reward one: Instantly gain one level and 30 million profound energy.”

“Quest reward two: Divine weapon – Sky Dragon’s Divine Sword”

“Quest reward three: Item – Divine dragon’s soul.”


“So awesome!”

“A SSS super quest! This damn thing actually triggered a heaven-defying quest! I… I… I’m about to cry from being so emotional! This is too overwhelming! So the dragon egg didn’t hatch because I hadn’t triggered the quest yet. It was fortunate that I came to Mount Hua Immortal Sect and started asking about the way to open the ancient battlefield, otherwise, how could I have triggered the SSS rank quest?” Luo Tian was excited to a complete mess!

He had been playing video games for many years.

Not to mention SSS-rank super quests in his previous life, it was already very hard to encounter an S-rank quest on a normal day.

Those SSS quests only existed in rumors and legends.

Luo Tian has never triggered that rank of quests before so he never imagined that having the dragon egg would one day allow him to encounter one. How can he not be moved by it?


The quest reward directly gave him a single level!

How many experience points was that?

There was no need to mention the profound energy. The item reward was a divine weapon called Sky Dragon’s Divine Sword!

There was also a divine dragon’s soul as well!

They were all items at the awesome level! Luo Tian started getting agitated just from thinking about it and immediately lifted up the dragon egg to give it a kiss. “Not bad, not bad. It’s a good thing that you haven’t hatched yet, hahaha…”


The dragon egg started shaking violently.

It looked like it was scared that Luo Tian was going to give it another kiss.

“Sky Palace’s divine race!”

“This big brother will definitely go there!” said Luo Tian filled with excitement. Now he felt like the dragon inside the egg will definitely become the Chinese type divine dragon because those types of dragons were at the most awesome existence level. He couldn’t help saying with a smile: “Murong Wanjian, what’s so great about being the son of a true dragon? Son of a true dragon means you’re the son of my dragon, hahaha…”


A night of silence without any words.

In fact…

Luo Tian was talking a lot during the night, except it was inside his dreams because he was simply too happy!

Early morning.

Luo Tian shamelessly ran over to Xu Shan’s residence to get breakfast.

After eating breakfast, Luo Tian went over to the Merit Hall.

The Merit Hall looked very similar to places that gave out quests inside video games.

Luo Tian started hearing a variety of shouts when he was still quite far away.

“A Grade C mission that’s just missing a healer! Senior brothers of the Healing Hall, come on over! You’ll get 70 merit points!”

“Ten merit points to purchase five Iron Wire Spiritual Herb!

“A Grade B mission that gives 300 merit points! Requesting seniors at the Profound Venerate realm to help!”

Various shouts and cries.

Luo Tian was watching this from a distance a felt a bit nostalgic because this was too similar to the video games he played in his previous life.

At this moment, he wasn’t clear if he was still in another world or if he was inside a game.

“Team Hurricane!”

“Everyone look! It’s the seniors from Team Hurricane! Last month, they completed three Grade A missions. The team’s merit points have already reached the highest in the outer sect. It looks like even if they don’t participate in the inner sect assessment, they can still redeem a position with their merit points.”

“No way, are you sure the merit points they have are enough?”

Merit points were similar to currency.

But inside Mount Hua Immortal Sect, merit points were even more valuable than currency. As long as you had enough merit points, almost anything can be redeemed here. Even the position of Elder can be redeemed, as long as you had enough merit points.

Luo Tian walked over.

This suddenly attracted the attention of several pairs of cold gazes.

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