Undefeatable – Ch409

Chapter 409 – Who Said This Daddy Cannot Cultivate Immortal Force?

“It’s about to die!”

“There’s only 10,000 health left, 8000, 3000, 600…”

Luo Tian’s eyes were intently staring at the Tiger Ghostly Beast’s health bar. When there was about 100 health left, he suddenly rushed out. To the eyes of others, he was like a dumb idiot rushing out and smashing down with his fist.

The Tiger Ghostly Beast that could live for another few seconds had instantly lost its life!

Also at this time, the system gave off an alert tone.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Tiger Ghostly Beast. You have gained 25,000 experience points, 2000 immortal energy…”


“The experience is quite a lot! It looks like there’s hope for me to level up again. Wait a minute, what did I just gain?”

“It wasn’t profound energy but immortal energy… oh crap!” Luo Tian’s heart was shaking and immediately opened up the system interface. He realized he didn’t hear wrongly; it wasn’t profound energy and was actually immortal energy.


“Wait a minute!”

“Let me wake myself up!”

“This happiness has come too suddenly. Just a few minutes ago, I was lamenting on how I couldn’t cultivate immortal energy. I never imagined that immortal energy points would suddenly explode out now. Big sister system, this brother loves you like how mice love rice!” Luo Tian wanted to give the system a fierce kiss!

Too awesome!

Item: Immortal energy

Quantity: 2000 points

Tip: Can be fused into 20 points of immortal force. Do you wish to fuse it?


Luo Tian denied it as his thoughts started churning. “So basically, my crippled dantian cannot absorb immortal energy and convert it into immortal force. I can only use this fusion process, but this ratio is too little at 1:100. I have 2000 immortal energy yet can only exchange it for 20 immortal force. This…”

He was a bit unhappy about this.

If Luo Tian finds out that all the other immortal sect disciples could only get 5 – 6 immortal force from 2000 points of immortal energy, he would probably bloom flowers with his smile.

Even though Luo Tian was unhappy, his expression was still one of excitement. He was so excited that he wanted to scream out: “Who the f*ck dares to say this daddy cannot cultivate immortal force? Who? Who? Motherf*cker, stand up if you have the guts!”

The pressure he had been feeling was all vented out.

The dark haze of emotions was swept away and Luo Tian’s mood became much better. He then grinned and exclaimed: “That thing was beaten to death by me! Hahaha…”

Yun Ling and Yun Yi rolled their eyes at Luo Tian.

Yue Hua and Han Hai only faintly smiled in response.

Zhao Chen then said: “Junior brother Luo, you should go off to the side and take a break. Even if you didn’t make a move, that thing would’ve bled to death by itself. So how did it turn out to be you that killed it?”


“Fine, I can tell everyone is on edge so I was just trying to lighten up the mood.” Luo Tian grinned in a foolish manner.

At this time…

Yue Hua and Han Hai sat down in place to meditate.

Seeing how the Tiger Ghostly Beast had died, their hearts also felt some relief. “Zhao Chen, watch the perimeter!”



Yun Ling and Yun Yi also said in response with a nod.

The faces of those two were a bit pale. Luo Tian couldn’t understand why they would be so tired from just killing a single ghostly beast. With this kind of speed, how are they going to reach the Dark Abyss Cave? He then walked over to Zhao Chen and asked: “What’s going on?”

Zhao Chen replied in a low voice: “Consuming a tiny bit of immortal force would always be like this for them. Senior brother and senior sister’s cultivation of immortal force hasn’t reached the stage of controlling it with ease yet. Immortal force is simply too powerful, so consuming just a bit of it will push their physical body into an exhausted state. Under normal circumstances, immortal sect disciples would never use immortal force unless as a last resort.”


Luo Tian was surprised by this and then mumbled to himself: “I wonder if I’ll be like that as well.”

After resting for half an hour…

The two of them seemed to have recovered.

Yue Hua looked at Luo Tian and advised him: “Junior brother Luo, don’t rush out there in the future. If by chance the ghostly beast attacks you on its last breath, you will definitely lose your life.”

Luo Tian replied gratefully: “Thank you, senior sister, for your care. I will pay attention to it.”

Attacking on its last breath?

Luo Tian is constantly monitoring the health bar of the ghostly beast so naturally, nothing would happen to him!

“Let’s continue forward. Zhao Chen, focus on avoiding any ghostly beasts. If we keep consuming our powers like this, I’m afraid we’ll be dead before we even reach the Dark Abyss Cave,” said Han Hai.

Yue Hua was frowning. When she looked at the dark gloomy-looking valley, she couldn’t help feeling an ominous premonition in her heart. Compared to the last time they were here, the ghostly beasts were now much stronger. It would most likely be very difficult to kill them now unless they used immortal force. She was sighing heavily internally, “I hope nothing bad happens.”


Outside the valley.

There were a total of seven people in Team Skyvain.

The team leader was Mu Changkong, who was at the Profound Ancestor 7th rank.

Mu Changkong’s expression was ice-cold while a playful smile hung on his mouth. He looked at the gloomy valley and said: “Han Hai, Yue Hua: Today, this daddy will have your Team Skyfire removed from the outer sect rankings. If that’s the case, then my Team Skyvain will rise to third place, heh heh…”

The top three rankings would receive rewards.

The accumulated points of Team Skyvain placed them in fourth place, so they won’t be receiving any extra rewards.

The moment he heard that Team Skyfire was doing the Dark Abyss Cave mission, his heart was filled with joy. He immediately summoned his team members who rushed off right after his heels.

“An opportunity has come!”

At the same time…

Team Hades and Team Fourseas were all rushing in the direction of the Dark Abyss Valley.

They had no intention of completing the Dark Abyss Cave mission.

They clearly understood that this mission was impossible for outer sect disciples to accomplish.

Their goal was the same as Team Skyvain, which was to destroy Team Skyfire!


Outer sect, Zhang Kuang’s place of residence.

Zhou Feng said with a smile: “Team Hades, Fourseas, and Skyvain have entered the Dark Abyss Valley. Team Skyfire can forget about coming out of there now.”

Zhang Kuang frowned and said: “Did you pass my words along?”

Zhou Feng immediately replied: “I passed all your instructions to them. Yun Ling and Yun Yi cannot encounter any accidents while the others can be killed off. For a team to have three of their team members die means that the team has been destroyed. Their name will be removed from the Merit Hall rankings.”


“Yun Ling, Yun Yi; you two cheap sluts. Once you girls come out of there, this daddy will give you two some strong loving… heh heh…” Zhang Kuang revealed a perverted laugh as he had already lost his patience.

He had been chasing bitterly for so long yet still hadn’t even touched their hands.

Yet Luo Tian had directly kissed their cheeks, which made him extremely pissed.

He will no longer act the gentlemanly way as he did before. What he wanted to do now was to use the most barbarous way to molest those two and make them moan loudly with his lower part!

Immediately after…

Zhou Feng thought of something and said: “Senior brother, that damn trash Luo Tian has joined them.”

“Luo Tian!”

Flames of rage started simmering when he heard that name. That guy dared to touch his women? His gaze turned cold before saying: “Since he has to die anyway, dying now or later is basically the same thing. What qualifications does trash like him that cannot absorb immortal energy have, to compete with me?”

“Don’t worry about the minor things and directly kill him.”

Zhou Feng smiled evilly and said: “I will immediately go take care of it.”





“Damn! Sneezing three times in a row is definitely not a good thing. Who knows which bastard is scheming behind my back?” Luo Tian scolded while noticing Yue Hua and Han Hai had leaped to the side. Luo Tian then shouted: “Let that ghostly beast go and let me do it!”

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